How much that comes before? Is it reliable? Is it quick? Is it agile, is it safe? Is it convenient? Is it versatile? Does it look good? This brings us to fords mustang machi, the electric mustang. This version is the gt and more on that in a second. But the answer to all those questions is the same. Yes. Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes, as you see it here, the price tag for this maki mustang is 90 hundred and ninety dollars, thats with taxes, fees and a big bundle of options, thats. What youll pay for the ritzius machi electric vehicle, which consumer report says, is the best of its breed and a best seller very, very much in demand. In all honesty, no one saw this coming, not ford motor and not tesla, ceo elon musk. In fact, the machi replaced the tesla model 3 as consumer reports top rated ev ford has just reopened the order banks with a price increase. Of course, the base model now starts at fifty one thousand four. Ninety five before you start adding extras. The maki gt starts at eighty three four. Ninety five range 418 kilometers estimated all wheel drive. Yes, of course, thanks to dual electric motors, one for each axle power, its crazy theres, a kilowatt hour battery and the actual output comes in at 480 horsepower and a whopping 634 pound feet of torque. All that juice nails down a zero to one hundred kilometer an hour time of listen up three point seven seconds.

My tester also has the very best self driving technology ford has to offer its called ford. Co pilot 360 driver assist technology and its standard for all mock e models and then weve added blue crews, hands free driving and a 360 degree camera. This package of options adds 2 545 dollars to the base sticker. Its fords answer to teslas autopilot, but ford is quick to say that a camera monitors your face to ensure youre paying attention to whats ahead theres plenty of g whiz built into the marquee, but the story isnt all about numbers im talking about the curvy muscular shape Its delightful and evocative inside here the huge center mounted lcd touchscreen swipes, like your smartphone, putting all sorts of information systems and features at your fingertips and in your eye line inside the 10 speaker, bang olufsen sound system is free, bird ready, leonard skinner would approve. There is also a useful wireless phone charging pad front and rear power points, various storage spots and well done. Activex perforated, seating surfaces, the seats deliver above average comfort and support as a driving machine. This mockee gt is something like a bullet riding on four rubber wheels. The experience here is in model s territory, tesla model s territory, which is enough to make anyone in a petrol supercar weep with envy in motion. The maki gt feels substantial, yet lively and nimble in corners. If youre in the mood to dial up some changes in the suspension, steering and throttle response, you can punch up any one of three self evident drive modes.

They are unbridled, engage and whisper unbridled firms up the ride and flattens out the corners. What you get with the other two is obvious: the maki, as you can see, is tall and wide, but the interior dimensions are not as cavernous as the ev power train and the exterior dimensions might suggest the front seating area is generous enough, but in the rear, The seating and the cargo area at the very back are both tighter to be deadly. Honest 418 kilometers of range is in this day and age. Pretty mediocre were talking about the range of a chevy bolt, not the 629 kilometers of range of the best tesla model. S ford also needs to up its charging game. The best dc fast charger capability here is 150 kilowatts, a hyundai ioniq 5 300 kilowatts, ford motor says it wants to be a global world class electric vehicle manufacturer and the maquis mustang suggests that ford is deadly serious about that commitment. That said, theres some improvements that could be done here and i expect to see them in future versions of this electric vehicle and all the rest of them in fords lineup, thanks for watching im, jeremy cato – and this is katocarguy.