Today, weve got for you a solid lineup of newcomers from the us, great britain, germany and south korea. These cvs embrace modular platforms developed by the automotive conglomerates and introduce unification that will inevitably reduce production costs and therefore prices so subscribe to the channel and lets start exploration of the all new electric cars of tomorrow enjoy the ride. Cadillac celestique once a brand of luxury and president level sedans kerry will be trying to come back to its roots, with the upcoming celestique four door revealed as a show car. It reconciles the brands 120 year long heritage with the futuristic design elements and modern electric technology. The car borrows inspiration from caddys pre world war ii, w16 coaches and the flagship 1957 el dorado prom. The long cut is paired to the low sloping roofline plus there is caddys new headlights and grill from the lyric. The car is said to be underpinned by the new ltm platform, so four wheel, drive, 400 miles of range and smart crews are on the table. The interior of the model carefully combines a wraparound five screen, cockpit, with the elements from caddys past. Those are a large diameter steering wheel with metal, accents wood panels and seats modeled after 1950s eames chairs. Finally, the company promises that each of the upcoming celestique units will be hand built at the historic technical center in warren michigan, ford, f, 150 lightning, pro ssv ford. Already serves over 12 000 police departments across the us, and with this model they will try to hook them on the worlds.

First and only law enforcement righty electric truck available with both battery sizes, the special service vehicle gets standard, all wheel drive with 452 or 580 horses. It can perform high speed pursuits accelerating to 60 and 4.5 seconds, carries 2 235 pounds of payloads and can tow a boat or a trailer weighing up to 10 000 pounds. The truck will wear any police delivery according to the departments. Requirements plus it can be optioned with red, blue or amber white, led warning beacons mounted on the roof. The interior of the cv lifts features from the f 150 police responder and boasts police crate. Heavy duty seats, steel, interiors and plates built into the front seat backs plus vinyl floors and rear seats, Music, chevrolet, blazer ev. The return of the blazer as a unibody crossover, instead of an iconic body on frame from the previous century, caused quite an outcry. As expected, though, consumers quickly accepted the newcomer and now the mid size will also debut as an electric model. In this case, the ltm platform will have from 247 and up to 320 miles of range. This architecture allows to build standard front or available rear and electronic. All wheel, drive versions of the suv and four trims. The flagship blazer evss has the 557 horsepower dual motor powertrain with under 4 seconds, zero to 60.. Unlike the lower grades that ride on 19 or 21 inch wheels, this performer gets 22 inchers with brembo brakes. The interior introduces chevys new generation, 18 inch, infotainment and 11 inch driver cluster.

You would also get performance, seating and a flat bottom steering wheel. Music rolls royce spectre. Rolls royce. First played rounds with an electric car variant of the rear. Wheel drive phantom back in 2011 and named it 102 ex, which stood for experimental only a decade. Later, though, the brits are returning to the ev niche, with the plans to fully electrify the lineup by the year 2030.. The spectre was built on the modular platform of the latest generation. Rolls royce phantom itll be a two door coupe with a split headlight design. Its track coefficient is just 0.26, despite retaining the illuminated old school grille and the spirit of ecstasy figurine, since rolls royce, is currently owned by the bmw group. The spectre is likely to get a 102 kilohertz battery pack recently introduced by the bmw i7 and a 600 horsepower dual motor powertrain. The interior will be cavernous and the company plans to offer a specific set of bespoke luggage for the model. Hyundai ioniq 6. hyundais ionic, electric sub brands continues to impress the public with unorthodox. Yet beyond good. Looking designs, the six is an elegant four door coupe with a swooping teardrop silhouette, low position, bumper and retro styled pixel led headlights that all contribute to the low coefficient of track of just 0.21, underpinned by the same platform as the aeonic 5. The sedum is likely to arrive in two variants: a 168 horsepower single motor rear wheel, drive power bay, 54 kilowatt hour battery and a dual motor all wheel drive with 321 ponies and a 77.

4 pack. The range parameter is likely to be around 185 and 300 miles respectively. The flagship, ionic 6 will feature relaxation comfort seats, a 12 inch, dual screen: dashboards, interactive pixel, interior lighting, digital side mirrors and a column type shift by wire. Finally, this model introduces hyundais highway driving, assist ii, remote smart parking and navigation based smart cruise control. We hear that the electric car sales are still rapidly rising, despite the impending doom and gloom of the financial crisis. Yet so the full transition to electrics is still far ahead so make sure to support the electric vehicles revolution by smashing. The like button lets proceed. Music, alpha ace, the california based alpha motor corporation, rejects the idea that all electric vehicles need to be weird and futuristic. Looking so, the upcoming acv takes inspiration from the sports cars of 1960s and early 70s reveals in production formed the spring. The car arrives and depends by the modular electric platform that grows in length by almost four inches and becomes slightly narrower and lower than the original project. Now the a series is supposed to consist of three models base performance addition and super race. The entry level ace gets single motor rear wheel, drive with 6 seconds zero to 60 and 250 miles of driving, while the performance model adds an additional motor for all wheel, drive capability and a quicker 4.6 seconds acceleration. The super ace packs remain a mystery, but the track ready beast is demonstrated to have a huge rear wing custom forged wheels by rotiform and a new front spoiler vwid arrow, the sixth model from the companys signature id family is also volkswagens.

First, fully, electric sedan, the four door stretches over 16 feet and gets an extremely aerodynamic design with the claimed track coefficient of 0.23. Contributing to the latter are the arrows front and styling with a thin grille and new side. Air intakes, as well as a curved roof and flush fitting door handles vw, is yet to confirm power options for the upcoming model, but they do promise that this meb, underpinned model will be capable of 327 miles on a single charge. If outfitted, with a 77 kilowatt hour, battery smaller battery packs, are planned to be offered as well, the platforms recharging capabilities have been also upgraded from 150 to 200 kilowatts in the real worlds conditions. It means that zero to eighty percent replenishment can be done in less than thirty minutes. Buick wild cat, the wild cat name plates that used to be attached to the full size buick from the 1960s is likely to make a compact as an electric two door coupe. If not at least it will serve as a design, inspiration for the upcoming buick electro family that will be coming out after 2024.. The wildcat ev concept has a long wheelbase, two plus two seating and rides on striking 18 inch jet age turbine wheels. The front is dominated by trapezoidal grille and sharp headlamps with micro led lighting, while the rear gets a large, transparent, glass and oversized tail lights. The cabin features skeletal seats too many screens for the camera mirrors and a single piece dash display.

The wildcat also uses biometrics to determine your condition and moods accordingly, adjusting cabin lighting, aroma and sounds Music mg4 ev, scheduled to start sales since september 2022. The third electric car of amg belongs to the class of compact hatchbacks. It is built on the all new modular scalable platform that supports single and dual motor drivetrains and is claimed to bmgs most advanced architecture. Yet the mg4 also debuts. The companys latest design developments a tesla like grill, less front slim headlights with multiple led units and nearly vertical drls on the sides. Its rear wheel, drive, powertrain, gets two battery options, standard range, 51 kilowatt hour or long range 64.. The ladder supports dc charging at 150 kilowatt and packs up to 281 miles of driving. Two trumps will be on offer the entry level se yet 17 inch alloy, wheels, rear parking, sensors automatic climate, seven inch, drivers, cluster and a 10.25 inch infotainment with android and apple compatibility. The trophy adds leather, seating with heating, heated steering, wheel and navigation. Many ace man, the next generation many countrymen – will grow bigger. Therefore, the vacant niche of a subcompact crossover is likely to be filled with this 13 feet. 4 meters, long aceman, the electric cv, maintains many signature dna but embraces the first expression of the companys, so called charismatic simplicity, design, language, a classic two box shape, employs an ic sunglow green body color. That is contrasted with metallic british racing, green roof and dark green side skirts at the front end.

The traditional hexagonal grille is upgraded with an octagonal unit. The ladder gets an illuminated surround and additional led illumination that can show a union jack pattern. The mini ace man rides on 20 inch wheels and will be offered with either standard front or optional. All four electric all wheel, drive by the way. The head of many design confirms that the ace man as well as all the future models will feature no lather on chrome during production Music here on the rn 22e in the foreseeable future, the 800 volt egmp platform is likely to underpin all the hyundai groups. Electric cars therefore koreans plan to test its potential to the limit on the rolling lab code named rn22e. In essence, this racer is a two door: ionic 6 with a lightweight 3d printed aerodynamics kit and an enhanced powertrain. The rn 22e is staying true to the three pillars of the unperformed sub brands, corner rascal, racetrack capability and everyday sports car. It is the first and all wheel drive model with 577 horsepower and 546 pound feet of combined output. The system is enhanced with an electronic torque vectoring by twin clutch, and the drivers can customize torque and power to enjoy the undraft. The rest of the track focus kit of the hyundai around 22e includes four piston mono black calipers and 400 millimeter discs enhanced cooling for the battery any smart, leveling suspension Music. What is the most anticipated electric car of 2023 within your personal rating? That comments section below the video was specifically designed for you to express your thoughts so see you there.

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