We are now driving the all new mahindra xuv400. This is mahindras, first ever electric suv, its going to go on sale in january 2023. Uh, the customer deliveries will also start around the same month. The prices are not out yet, but we are here at mahindras suv testing track, so we are going to be driving this thing so lets find out if this electric suv can live up to the hype now no prizes for guessing. This is, of course, based on the xcv30, but this is an electric car now its called the 400, and there is a little bit of difference because this car is slightly longer than the xcp3 double o now uh xuv300 is 4 meters, but this car is 4.2 Meters, but the wheelbase is exactly the same at 2600 millimeters, the width is also the same. The height is also more or less the same. Now. What has changed is, of course, at the front you get an electric motor now and that is rated at 110 kilowatt. That translates from 147.5 vhp and it reaches 310 newton meters of torque now uh the motor sits here. So that means this is a front wheel. Drive car now uh in here at the center, is the battery pack. Now the battery pack is a ‘.5 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery, it sits right here and it weighs, of course, quite a lot, so it has been placed low down now. Uh again, you can see the wheels uh, they are also 16 inches.

This is the top end variant and you also get a very nice. This copper treatment. Now this is going to be a signature dish on all electric mahindra suvs. In fact, the logo at the front. Also it has got the copper treatment and on the roof. Also, you can see it comes with dual tone paint finish, and it has got that copper finish. If you come around the back, the design again, its very familiar but uh, these are new, led tail lamps. These are clear, lens tail lamps and the logo. Like i said it has got that copper finish now. It comes with a lot of lively, color options, so if you are looking for a car of that sort, if you are a young guy, i think youll, like the color options that are available with this car. So overall it looks quite proportionate. There is nothing new new as such, it is based on the xcv300 platform, which has been modified extensively to fit the electric architecture thats about the design. Now lets hop inside and see what has changed now. The interior is a familiar place because this is again based on the xcv30, but it has been refined and revamped thoroughly. Now, as you can see, this has got new instrument cluster, but the speedometer is more or less the same. You have got this digital mid over here and youve also got uh this thing over here, which tells you how much battery youre consuming how much power youre taking.

So this has 50 power mode 1900. It has got three modes: three driver modes, so you get uh fast, fearless and theres fun mode, so fun mode is basically the most subdued one in the sense. This is where you will get maximum range out of this car. A fast mode is sort of fast. It is quite spritely, but wireless mode is where all the power is unleashed so well talk about that in detail later, once you get to drive this car in terms of features and equipment. Of course it is quite decently. Getted out you have got the same. Seven inch touch screen that you see in the thar, as well as the scorpio, the new scorpio. It comes with android, auto and apple carplay connectivity thats, why its not wireless and the interior. You have this nice piano black finish over here and again. This copper treatment is back because this is an electric car on the volume control, as well as the aircon control thats about it. The buttons are all familiar. The quality looks slightly better, but there are still hard plastics all over and even on the steering wheel. You can see the paint quality is not that great. The paint is sort of dripping, and the finish is not that great. But you have got this leather wrapped steering wheel, it looks quite cool and there is also this new gear lever, which is quite a nice touch. It looks quite up market and clean practicality, wise.

Of course, this is a nice cabin youve got these storage bins around. Here you can put your knick knacks over there. The ac vents are big. It also comes with these copper treatment and the seats. Well, they are perforated, but not ventilated, like how you see in the tata, nexon ev in terms of features and equipment. Of course, this is the top end variant. It comes with six airbags as well. There are rear disc brakes as well, so it is quite nicely packaged uh. You also get this sunroof, which is part of the kit, so, overall in terms of premiumness in terms of luxury, this is a decently carried out cabin but yeah the quality. At many places there are a lot of hard plastics, so you can make that out. It is going to be a 20 lakh rupee car, so you might feel that its not up there yet now, apart from this, it is a very spacious cabin. You sit here. Quite comfortably, like i said earlier, it is a wide car, so you can sit here comfortably. Even the rear seat is quite comfortable. Three passengers can sit in comfort. There is no transmission, hump assad, so third passenger can also sit quite comfortably. The seats are larger. The seat squab has got a lot of support. You have got good under thigh support, so it is overall, a very practical car. Now, as for the boot space, this car has a big boot, which is of 418 liters, so thats again because of the size.

This car is stretched in the sense it is 4.2 meters, so those 200 extra millimeters that you get that shows in the boot space. So overall, this is the top end variant. You get all the bells and whistles here. So that is the thing with this car, but there are going to be lower variants which are going to be slightly less expensive. It comes with a 12 volt socket as well, but the usb port is the regular one, its not usb type c. I think more and more manufacturers are now switching to type c, because that is going to be the future, so this might uh not work in the future. This might be obsolete by the time this car comes out, and this is something that you will notice, because today the cable that i am carrying, it is also c type. So yes in the future, because this car comes out next year. So i think this could have been changed or there should have been that type c, port yeah, but again thats a very minor nickel. Now the steering wheel, uh, what it doesnt get is it cant be adjusted for reach break is available, but reach is not available. So thats a missing feature because that is offered with the xuv300. These are some of the things that are missing. I think there shouldnt have been. There is also no auto dimming mirror. This is your regular mirror so day night mirror its going to be all manual functionality.

So considering this is an expensive car. There are some features that you might miss, but overall it is a very practical cabin and you get all the features that you will require or need on a day to day basis. So we are now driving the xuv400. This is mahindras first electric vehicle. So let me quickly tell you the specs whats on offer. It has a ‘.5 kilowatt hour battery pack, it produces 110 kilowatt, which translates to around 147.5 bhp and it produces 310 newton meters of torque. That is a lot of power and talk on offer and on the go. It definitely feels like that, because this is an electric car mantra, claims that it can do 0 200 in 8.3 seconds, and it actually does that. I mean today we didnt get to record the time, but yes, it does feel quite sprightly once you push that throttle. Pedal now it comes with three modes: it has uh fun fast and fearless, so fearless is where all the power is unleashed and thats when you get full performance out of this car, so we drove this car at mahindras high speed test track, where the claim top Speed of this car is 150 kilometers per hour, and it does it quite effortlessly. Actually, this car did 160 kilometers per hour. Speedo indicated now that was in fearless mode, but if you drive it in other modes, the speed is limited to 120 kilometers per hour.

I think fast mode and uh in fun mode, its limited to 95 and the throttle response is quite subdued in those modes other than that. Well, of course, the high speed stability is phenomenal. The only thing uh that you have to be a little cautious about is the steering it has got good heft. It is hefty at high speeds, but because the nose is so light, it definitely feels a little lifeless and, of course, theres decent feedback from the steering wheel, but at high speeds you do feel that it is a little lifeless in that sense, its not because of The steering, i think, because theres not a lot of weight, the whole engine has been removed from the front end, so it just gets a motor up front. It is a front wheel, drive car still, but yeah theres not a lot of weight, so it has that sort of lightness. It also turns quite quickly as compared to your xcv 300. It is quite agile. In that sense, and to be frank, uh, we didnt get to drive it too much today, because we had limited time but around the racetrack. There are some high speed corners and it could take them quite confidently dynamics department. Yes, it is a good car. It feels quite light on its feet. The only thing is uh the tires. Well, they kind of run out of grip quite soon, and you start to understand as soon as you just hit that gas pedal so uh thats the thing, but again its a mass market.

Car you cant expect it to corner like a sports car. So on that front also, i think it is quite nice, like you, can hear the tyre squealing so thats what happens with this car as soon as if mid corner, you press the throttle, bottle its going to just understand and the tires start squirming and screeching. So uh thats one of the flaws of an electric car, because the power delivery is just instantaneous its just like an on off switch, so it is quite spritely in that matter. Now. The ride quality is also quite good. Im surprised because usually electric cars, they do feel a little uh stiff and the ride is always jittery. But this thing, of course we are driving on very smooth roads, but over these undulations over speed breakers, it is quite absorbent and it doesnt feel uh like theres. A compromise on that front, of course, well have to drive it in real world conditions to see how it operates on our road conditions, but uh first impressions were very, very positive. Now uh, if theres one thing that im not quite impressed with is the brake pedal feel because it is a little inconsistent and it has got region modes. But even then i i think the brakes they could have been better because they do feel a little inconsistent. At times and yeah, because this car is also quite fast, so you want that braking performance. You want that braking confidence, so i thought my first impressions when i was driving at the track at high speeds.

When i had to brake, i didnt quite have the sort of confidence that id want in a car like this. So these are our first driving impressions, so hopefully well be getting the car very soon to drive on our roads. A real world test so lets see. Well, drive it in the real world conditions and see if this can uh, you know, live up to the hype that mahindra has created already first impressions. Well, yes, it definitely feels like a very well engineered product for its segment and considering this is going to be a c segment product uh its going to sit between nexon and zsev.