With this all electric compact utility vehicle Music, the equinox eevee, is the latest product in the bowtie brands. Salvo of battery powered cars and trucks, which also includes the blazer ev utility vehicle and silverado ev, pick em up truck, which you can see off on the screen. Right here, as for the electric equinox, think three, because gm is targeting a maximum range of 300 miles and a base price of just around 30 000, which is practically value menu pricing in 2022 – maybe you havent noticed but its expensive. These days simple and clean, the equinox ev wont win any awards for over the top design and thats a okay 19 inch wheels are standard, but depending on trim, you can get 20s or even 21s a hands free power, liftgate and two tone paint jobs are on The menu as well overall, this chevy resembles any other suv, which should help trepidatious drivers of conventionally powered vehicles transition over to an ev. Now in news that will surprise absolutely no one. The 2024 equinox ev is built on gms nearly ubiquitous altium platform, which should provide a solid foundation and decent charging speeds. The chevy will come standard with front wheel drive which is good for a gm estimated 210 horsepower and 242 pound feet of torque. Naturally, all wheel drive is available, which should deliver a good bit more oomph about 290 horses and 346 pounds of twist five trim levels will be offered range is estimated at 250 miles for the base model and 280 for versions with four corner traction.

An optional front drive powertrain will provide an estimated 300 miles between charges. I suspect this version will have a slightly larger battery pack, but gm has not shared any specifics at this time. No matter the model, the equinox ev will dc fast charge at up to 150. Kilowatts, which is table stakes in 2022, but hardly competitive with hyundai motors egmp vehicles, which max out at a thundering 235 still 150 in the equinox, is enough for this ev to absorb 70 miles of range in just 10 minutes. As for level 2 charging the vehicle can take in juice at up to 11 and a half kilowatts, which should add about 34 miles to the battery per hour. Even faster 19.2 kilowatt level, 2 charging will be available on the 3rs e. All wheel drive model which is expected to get you 51 miles of range per hour, matching its exterior. This chevys cabin looks as wholesome as a loaf of multi grain bread and it should be highly functional too theres room for five people and the equinox ev offers 57 cubic feet of maximum cargo space. An available 17.7 inch infotainment screen is sure to grab your attention, but this chevys, most important optional feature is supercruise gms hands free driving aid that works on approved sections of highway, an industry leading technology. It is great to see the automaker popularize this groundbreaking innovation by putting it in more affordable products beyond that, a head up display and an ever useful rear camera mirror are offered too.

Of course, there are plenty of standard safety features, amenities like lane, keeping assist automatic high beams, rear parking, sensors, reverse automatic, braking and much much more stuff. I aint going to list because i dont care the 2024 chevrolet equinox ev is expected to be the most affordable electric vehicle in its segment when it goes on sale, which unfortunately wont be soon. This thing isnt scheduled to arrive at dealerships until the fall of 2023. So about a year from now it may be a compact suv, but with up to 300 miles of range and a base price of just 30 grand the equinox ev sounds like a pretty big deal. Additionally, this vehicle is going to be assembled in ramos arizpe mexico, and that is something i will happily drink to anyway. Thank you so very much for watching this video make sure you give it a thumbs up and if you havent already subscribe to the evie pulse youtube channel, because every little bit helps cheers.