Okay, so i drive the rivian r1t. You may or may not know that from watching my channel and the brother in law is demoing hes test driving the ford f, 150. Lightning. Ford f, 150, lightning, all electric pickup truck. It comes in multiple different models and for the purposes of this truck, this is the pro model. It starts around 41 42 000 and then they have the xlt theres. The lariat xlt extended range. Of course, why wouldnt? You have an extended range, lariat extended range and then finally, you have your platinum, extended range and that youre getting into about 92 thousand dollars and at that price point youre looking to compete with the ribbian r1t Music. First, look: your opinion is your opinion, my opinions, my opinion, its a cool truck, its nothing like fancy. It reminds me of a f 150 truck. I mean its pretty standard right, so so this is kind of cool if youre youre, the kind of guy that enjoys your your pickup trucks, you dont, want to stand out. I think the lightning would be the first way to go. This is the pro model again. It starts around 40. 41 000 come inside. We have a splash screen, pretty cool splash screen. I dont get any cool stuff like that in my caribbean and being that this is the kind of base model. Your seats are going to be vinyl handy if its a work truck. You know what, when that gets dirty, you can easily clean it up.

Theres a lot of foot room there. So if you have a huge work, boot or just a huge foot, it makes it nice and one thing i like to take a look at because im in plastics manufacturing is i look at the plastic parts so im looking at the plastic thats nice thats, going To be durable, you know its ford, you know its a work truck. This is hard plastic too. So if youre on a long road trip, you probably wont be, but if you are, it might not be so cozy and comfortable, but take a look at this. You have all of these different textures here, one two three. This is four probably different. Color same, you got four or five different textures plus you got this over here, its not a texture, but it looks like it all right. So lets go and jump in here. What do we see all right, im hot, were in florida. I got ta get this started, get the ac turned on Music, all right. It is dual climate control all right. We want to turn the temperature down. We want the fan, speed to go up and lets get that going im. Sorry, if you cant hear me as well, but ill do better talking louder. One of the things i saw was this goes down, so you push that button pretty sweet, but if youre gon na go and drive, youre gon na have to push that button, and you know manually put it put it into drive or reverse or neutral whatever you Have there another thing i thought was really neat is this is its.

I dont know what its used for, but i can actually put my phone in there its big enough its thick enough that my phone will fit right in there now. For me, its maybe not so convenient, i would have preferred that say right here, but you know it is what it is. I really like these cup holders too. You know its standard, durable, really strong cup holders, but again youre in a work truck so thats to be expected, and also you have two additional cup holders right back here, maybe for the guys in the back or the people on the back thats convenient. I saw in other videos that this had an actual area to charge your phone. I have an iphone 11 pro max its a huge phone, so this is a very generous area to put put your devices down there. You have a usbc and a usb type, a in fact we did a design for a client on on the light pipes and thats a pretty nice light pipe design, and you can see there isnt really a hot spot, and that looks really familiar. Another thing i saw on other videos is, you can push this button here or or this would actually fold down into a nice flat work top or table, and this one doesnt have it um. It has this really thick area, and you would think for whatever reason this this would actually be a storage area, but its just kind of a big take up space sort of thing.

So im not quite sure about that. Now. This looks like its a valet key thats, pretty cool, but it should all right so yeah exactly it locks now. I dont know if, on the key key fob, it probably has one of these built in this is a very generous storage area, and i see right down there usbc and usb type. A again look. How big this area is. How do i show you like that is a huge area, its pretty deep, its all the way to my elbow, if youre going to put you know anything a purse, i dont know what do you care nice area there? This infotainment center, i think, is like 12 inches and in other vehicles the the other additions, maybe the lariat, i think theyre going vertical, but this is really nice. Its very modern it doesnt appear to be too crazy. So i think getting in this vehicle its almost like getting into a cockpit of an airplane. You have two items here. I love this check that out that is so handy. You know for your napkins or whatever you want to hide up there and then, of course you have your glove compartment, your glove box right down there, its not very big but its available, and you can open it something else. You have a 12 volt over here. You have your normal 110 120 outlet that you would find in your house the seats they are manual seats, so you know youre moving forward and backwards, kind of a side.

Note there um and then youre only leaning forward and leaning backwards, thats it another thing. I do like is when you go to exit here, its really convenient. You got this handle, and then you got your your latch to open the door versus a two step system where youre over here unclicking it and pushing the door open. You put your hand there. You get out cool, you can actually put your devices there too. You have more more storage down here that that is so convenient to be able to put all of these items down there, and i saw something else right down here: additional storage, so this truck has so much storage built in it looks like it has trailer. I dont know if this is standard on every vehicle, but you have your trailer settings and i think in here you can also build the trailer in. I saw on other videos where they can actually put the weight and the size of the trailer, and you can name it too. That was pretty cool. Another thing i really like, i know its very standard guys i mean theyve, been doing it for 100 years, but you have your louvers here and being able to manually control. Those is really nice. Coming from the rivien, where theyre all electric i dont know how to explain it, but when its, when its electric in their software theres, always room for for errors and mistakes to happen and thats kind of challenging youve recognized these.

You bought volume down volume up speaker. You got your cruise control settings. Obviously, nothing new here looks like lane keep and lane assist thats, pretty standard and coming in this vehicle. You know its its really nice to have you got your telephone forward and backward probably for music, and then you can probably toggle between a couple of different settings there standard airbag and then looking inside here you have different settings for your mileage. You can see how many miles you have you know its really kind of unique in tesla and in rivien you cant actually see how many miles you have on the vehicle without going into the infotainment center im, not sure why or what theyre trying to hide. But i really like it: you know its your standard vehicle. You can see that its kind of nice to see how many miles you have in your car, so you can take a look at. I dont know you dont have oil changes. So if you have maybe tire rotations and scheduled maintenance, thats thats actually pretty pretty handy to know the mileage there uh you can have different lets see. Can we push this button here yeah? So you have different settings here. Lets see truck info power distribution. You can see how its on on the tires, which tires are getting at seat belts, seat belts, um, oh, okay, cool! You can see whos fast enough, thats, pretty cool, guys buckle up, told you were not gon na go anywhere.

Wait! Just me: okay, Music, all right! Anyways this truck it can do 230 miles range. You can do up to 320, depending on which battery pack you get. It has a lot of storage. Lets. Take a look at the cameras. You can push these buttons, you can zoom in you can zoom out and check that out. You can see where the steering wheel is turning and, of course, if you put it in reverse – and you have it over here – thats really handy – you have it in your vehicles automatically. You already know that lets go and put it in drive. Now, in my vehicle you just hit the gas you dont have to actually do too much there, but i notice when you push the accelerator, you dont stop you just keep rolling and, of course, in a normal vehicle in a normal gas car, thats thats pretty standard. You push the gas pedal and you go and then you stop when you push the brake, but an electric vehicle like in a tesla. You have basically this regenerative braking. So basically itll push the brakes for you. So when you push the gas and you let off it, it automatically breaks and the rivian it has that same feature too. So im sure that theres a setting in the in the lightning here where you can automatically do regenerative, braking or have it to break for you automatically, but its kind of unusual in in this vehicle.

But i guess, if youre switching over from a gas vehicle to a ford lightning, then you know you can assimilate a little bit easier. So so thats quite interesting to me. If youre thinking about towing, you can definitely tow with this vehicle, and you can tow up to 7 700 pounds and in the premium models you can tow up to around 10 000 pounds. You have drive modes here were not going to get into all the different drive modes, but you have various drive modes towing. You might be interested, you know electric vehicles, if youre towing, you know, i dont know they tow, but theyre, not really the best four towing. You have payload in this vehicle, its around 2000 pounds and in the extended range vehicle they have a route at 1800 pounds. These are the keys, very standard forward keys and you have a couple of ways of opening the front. If we double click it here front will automatically open for us. Maybe oh you know what its not opening, because im in drive. Okay, so oh heres, something i found out earlier, okay were in drive lets say: oh, i forgot to uh check that out. So you, you open the door, it knows youre in drive, it says: hey buddy, put in park, it puts in park and now lets go to the front, double click there we go and you can charge on this vehicle from 15 to 80. In about 44 minutes.

I think i did something like that in my ribbon. It took me about 35 minutes. I was surprised so ive been in here a little bit earlier. I was so so so surprised when i went to lift this up. How heavy this is. I dont know what this material was, but this material is super heavy. Like guys, i dont know how to tell you thats, solid okay, so a couple things we see in here. I think my favorite thing in here are the hooks. So it has four of these hooks. You can hang you know. Kind of bags in here maybe have your groceries whatever, but thats convenient. Secondarily, i love the fact that you can actually access this without having to reach reach over you. Can you know, set your butt here and slide in if you need to thats really convenient, and since we have this open lets talk about this? This is your charging cable. So if you wonder how that how that charges, you dont have to have some sort of fancy sort of configuration, just have a 240 volt outlet installed in your house here it looks like theres, actually a drain for water, so uh. I think this is around 400 liters and thats what it said down here right there, 400 liters 400 pounds. I dont think this is 400 pounds, obviously, but i think it could probably hold around 400 pounds up here in the front area and the name frank.

I didnt invent it. It has these these uh, straps or excuse me. Has these tie downs thats pretty convenient, so you can tie stuff down. It comes with a net here and the base model truck. You get the net, you get the charger and this cable uh. It wasnt so intuitive to me when i bought the ribbon, but it comes with this, and so i wasnt sure if it would come with that or not, but this this definitely does pick up. This super heavy thing, its not super heavy, but i was surprised and do you have access to the 12 volt battery, so i saw another video dude broke his those are actually im surprised by how much that flexes. So if he broke his im, sure thats going to be a problem in the future plastic. So lets see speaking of plastics. What do we know about this? Its made out of polypropylene normally theres a mark in here saying january february december and what year, but they didnt actually mark this im a little surprised there, its marked with ford interesting. So we have a 12 volt battery back here and another thing i saw right over here was you have grounds so probably somewhere over here. It tells you im not sure where, but you can connect to a ground, maybe yeah. Actually it has plus and minus. So you can do plus and minus right there for for jumping another vehicle lets.

Hope you dont have to jump this up here. You have four, not one, not two but four 110 to 120 volt outlets, which are the same standard outlets that you have in your house as well as a usbc and the type a usb, probably push that button. There you go, and you know that its on push that button and you turn it off inside my rivien. You have to go inside click, some buttons on the infotainment center before itll, actually give you access ac 110 120. You get 20 amp maximum and then we have 2.4 kilowatts maximum. If youre stuck in here, this is glow in the dark. You push that button and itll. Allow you to get out and push this button. We have lights above on and off pretty convenient and take a look at this, so this is plastic. We know that in this kind of gray, hazy color they have glass fibers in there. So its probably a lot of glass fibers to really give a lot of reinforcement behind here, get the ford logo and you have a button. You push that button and i have a feeling its going to automatically come down on cue and, of course, being an electric vehicle. The vehicle is actually really quiet. Its really. You know youre not going to hear a whole lot and what youre normally going to hear is this area down here, which is the air intake and i think, its, the uh air conditioning.

I have more of these for towing and it wasnt so intuitive. I was pushing this a little bit earlier and i wasnt sure how to open it. You literally have to push quite hard and well presto there. It is. There is your charger and if you happen to be out on the road, oh thats funny, if you happen to be on the road, you need a fast charger there. You go thats for the fast charger manually. Well, push that back again. This is the base model of the truck. There is no dampener here, so its a little little surprise, thats kind of heavy. I love this feature. You push the button, pull this out its manual and you can step up here and by the way. This is pretty much waist height. You can see that so its pretty tall youve seen this in the other vehicles manually comes out and, yes, you can get yourself up there. You have a couple of different charging areas. This is a 240 volt. There are one two. Three four 110 volts here and i love the on and off button here, thats really nice. It kind of helps you out and im, not sure if these are lights or buttons or fuses, im, not sure what those are so well have to kind of. Take a look at those and come back at you with what those are the back of the bed is, i think, its a six foot bed, maybe its a five five and a half foot bed, but it appears to be a six foot bed and then you Have tie downs here and up right in the middle there, so thats kind of unusual, normally theyre at the top or normally at the bottom, but there its right in the middle.

Another thing i saw – and i really really really like about this – is right here you have these tie downs as well, and theyre called tie downs right yeah. So you have these tie downs here and if you have a 4×8 sheet of material or plywood or something you can put, your strap here, strap it over top of your your material and then come on the other side and and strap it down. I guess, with these shorter beds, thats really handy to have really nice and you have a kind of a tape measure here. You got metric and you have imperial thats kind of interesting im, not sure why you need that. You have this on both sides, so you have a clamp on this side spring loaded and you have a clamp on this side. If you have clamps, you can clamp down your work piece, hang it over the edge and then cut it off so thats, pretty cool. Really interesting, you have some sort of reddit metal inserts in the back of the vehicle, so thats, probably for various attachments to go in here. I see a camera at the very top there. There is no window to to get inside it, doesnt open and closes just a static window. There no big deal and then again this doesnt have a dampener but its not too heavy to lift up, and on the back, you see your camera and, i believe, thats an led and thats pretty bright led coming back.

Here we have the tow package, which is obviously pretty nice to have, and then you have the options here. I know a lot of vehicles also have that as well and then, if you want access to your spare tire, well, its locked speaking of spare tires as we jump under here. Look at that full size, spare thats, pretty handy and by the way, its aluminum. This is what it looks like underneath the truck. What did i get there glue? What are you gum and you dont have a huge clearance compared to the ribbon, but thats pretty cool. You still have uh a nice clearance driving a electric truck. You can actually see the battery pack right below the vehicle thats it right there and its its very pronounced. So if youre up close to it, you can bend over. You see that whole area right there is that battery Music. Let me know what you think.