What we have over here is the xuv400 mahindras, first, all electric SUV that is about to take the market by a storm. Now, by the looks of it, it does look that its based on the xuv300, which has been quite a popular SUV in the Indian market. Now there has been quite a lot of changes, both mechanically and electronically, to make this Eevee a great one. So we are here at mahindras SUV, proving track outside Chennai to test this electric car to its limits. So without further Ado lets take you around the car, show you whats on the outside and on the inside and then well. Take you out on a drive through the different tracks. At mahindras facility lets go now Dimension wise. There have been quite a few changes, but well start off with the width. The car Remains the Same. It is at 1821 mm, which is quite wide and its the widest in the segment right now the length has been transformed a little bit. This is running at 4200 mm of length, which is very close to Hyundais Critter. Now this has been done to accommodate that battery on the inside and some cooling systems also aesthetically. This looks a little longer with a longer overhang at the back. Now the side profile looks more or less the same as the xuv300, but when you come at the back, there are these beautiful bulges that come out. This looks like an extension to what was there the xuv300.

This has gotten that Botox treatment that has given a bit more definition to the rear end. Now you have this Twin Peaks logo at the back, which is in Copper. The entire roof is in Copper. There are these little copper details with a lot of X and cuts again all copper. There is copper in the Twin Peaks logo that is there in the wheel caps. There is a long copper line over here in the side profile of the car, and there is a lot of copper in the front copper lines in the bumper copper line in the lower end. There are these copper Xs, which have these Arrow style designs and a massive copper Twin Peaks logo in the front as well, and you wont be mistaken for anything else. When you see this in flesh, when you see that there is so much of copper going on around this exterior, but otherwise the exterior of the xuv4 developed does look quite handsome, but its also a little controversial. Considering its all copper here in the front. Cabin of the xuv400 things look quite similar and darkened out, so we have seen the xuv300 with the black and beige combination here we have it in all black theme, plus these Chrome inserts now there is Chrome, almost everywhere, which does look a little dazzling, but its Not to everyones taste, now we have a changed steering wheel with perforated sides. There is a Twin Peaks logo in the center, which is also in Copper.

We have blue stitching sort of accents out. The seats are quite comfortable. These are black leathered seats with blue stitching. Again, we have the center console, which is exactly the same as this xuv300. The gear levo looks like it has been lifted off a BMW, EV. It looks luxurious and not out of place in this car. The touchscreen infotainment system Remains the Same. It just adds on some of the EV features. We have twin physical instrument dials with blue needles, and there is also a positioning setting for your steering. Now this interior looks somewhat what weve already seen theres nothing too fresh that you might experience, but still it is one of the most ergonomic cabins, because each and everything falls into the access of the driver. There is a good amount of buttons for each and every setting that you want. You have a fast charging USB. You have your USB for Android, auto and apple carplay. You have your temperature settings over here, your infotainment settings over here. Your cup holders are placed over here. There is a good enough space for your wallet. There is a massive cubby hole where you can keep all your trash, a sizable glove box as well, which is cool. There is a place to keep a little amount of knickknacks. There is, or day and night mirror over here and your sunglass holder, and what Indians love a massive standard sunroof. So the interior spec looks pretty much okay now here in the back seat of the xuv400 seat belts.

First, because its always to be safe. The space on the back is quite good. Im five feet: eight inches tall, the front seat has been adjusted to my driving position and Ive got good amount of knee room. I have good amount of Headroom, but anyone whos above the height of six feet and six feet two might feel a little cumbersome, but otherwise the seat cushioning is good. There is a good amount of cushioning on the ombres as well. Although there is this cut out Style cup hold over here, which does hurt your knee a little bit, but otherwise there is good amount of shoulder room, good cushioning for the rear and for your lower back. There are three headrests on offer and there is good amount of visibility that is coming in from the side windows as well. The back seat experience feels incredibly nice. Mine is the fact there are no AC vents for the rear passengers, which is quite a miss Music. So we are on mspts Highway circuit, which basically replicates how the best quality highways in India would be like because of the lower center of gravity that the xuv40 below Joyce, already incredible chassis, has been upgraded by this entire Dynamic menu. Now were going on a concrete surface which replicates something like the yamuna expressway and although we are running on very low resistance tires, which are very good for long range driving, it doesnt have that sort of noise that filters through inside the cabinet.

The sound insulation, as well done in a very good way, although we are in a very, very quiet environment, we barely have any traffic around, except for an xuv400 in the front and an xuv4w at the back that we are testing. It still feels very, very quiet. Now lets take it to about 100 kilometers an hour. Everything – and you still cannot feel this surface filtering inside interior, which is quite remarkable, were hitting this corner at about 70 kilometers an hour, though Im making small Corrections to the steering, but its just to increase that surface area of the front tires. I need to have the maximum contact now, although we were driving on The Fast Fun mode. Up till now we have moved to the TLs mode, which is the highest power mode in the xuv400, were doing about 100 to 120 kilometers an hour. We have a jump over here, really really good. No taking this corner at about 80 dont feel as problematic as we would have thought. Pretty brilliant lets say its talk. Input in The Fearless mode is added speak, which would make you have a little bit of a physical modulation that you need to do the accelerator pedal. Just look at that. There is quite a lot of talks here. Thats happening were currently doing about 120 kilometers an hour. Oh the flyover. The xuv400 fuse pretty planted 140 kilometers an hour, pretty solid in terms of its handling and riding characteristics.

Now this is a Hot Corner, tipped off tip accelerate. You can have a drop of fun in this car and its just gotten better, because the center of gravity is so well calibrated. You see single handedly cornering this car at about 90 kmph, and it just goes now lets see what top speed we can achieve on this concrete surface. 140 150 160 were running at 160 kilometers an hour, and I can single handedly drive this car, its so beautifully engineered and even at this speed with low resistance tires on this concrete surface Im, not hearing too much of noise filtering inside the cabin, which is such A boon the suspension doesnt feel like its Gon na Roll about and cause you any harm or the car is going to roll too much. Just look at that fluidity in the steering input such a brilliantly engineered package. This car is, I mean if Mahindra is able to train well. This is going to be one of the most fun cars to drive that wont cost you a lot to run every day, absolutely brilliant, just cant stop driving through this truck Music. So we are now testing out the handling track, which has been newly built in the MS BT. Now there is a good amount of Music corner over here. Although we are running on Lower resistant tires, we see there is a good Music uh. You know line that this car is so we take the outer FX, we take the inner Apex and although it has low resistance tires, it does the job really well just look at the way the 40 roll is taking care of its pretty damn brilliant.

Although the friction coefficient of the surface is on a lower side, which is actually lower than the average of the normal Indian roads, but still it does have quite a lot of character when youre taking those Corners hard Music. Now Mahindra is using value. Siemenses battery management system, as we see here – and this is the motor and BMS combination right under the hood. The best motor produces 150 PS of max power and 310 newton meters of torque, which is class leading as of now. Now this entire packaging of the battery and the motors is done in a very neat way and for a person who is an engineering freak like I am, it would be very easy to understand and keep this thing in a very intact position. Now this entire package helps the XUV 400, do a zero to 100 time of 8.3 seconds, more of which youll see ahead in this video. Now this battery is a ‘.4 kilowatt, an hour battery, which is a tad bit lesser than what you get in the Nexon EV Max. But then Mahindra is claiming a range of 450 kilometers plus, which is quite substantial, well have to see it for ourselves. When you take this car out on a long drive and really figure if mahindras claims for that range is true enough now, this xuv4w is running on britstones 205 65 R16 tires now. These tires have been specifically designed for use on EVS.

It has lower rolling resistance and they they do help get this car achieve the range that they want, but on the flip side, because of the lower rolling resistance as youll see when we go through this track, there is a bit of a compromise when it comes To the overall handling characteristic, now you get disc brakes in the front as well as at the back, although there is only abs and EBD on offer right now, there is no ESP or traction control, but Mahindra says as and when the update comes. They will install the hardware to add the ESP and the traction control system as well. Foreign were about to see whether our tracking equipment, which is based on the GPS, which is GPS signal, is okay, if mahindras claim of 0 to 108.3 seconds actually works. This is me who is about 70 kilos? Aryan is 100 kilos, which is 170 kilos on board plus 20 kilos of our back. We will check 0 100 timing with this weight. I am sure its going to be about a second second and a half slower than what my other claims air conditioning has been switched off. We are on Fearless mode, which is the highest power boards in the XUV 4w hard brakes, hard foot on the accelerator Music. It touched about 150 kilometers an hour and uh slowly, breaking switching on the air conditioning. We have achieved zero to 100. in 8.9 seconds Music. So what do you think about the Mahindra xuv400? We think that this is quite an interesting youthful and quirky.

Looking electric SUV, this will attract a lot of young buyers based on these Chrome accents and the different shabang colors. That Mahindra is offering packaged with this car. Now this has a lot of faces. It is quite an interesting car, enthusiastic car to drive, but at the same time there has been some compromises made thanks to those low resistance tires. But if you get those tires sorted and if you are an enthusiastic driver, this 150 PS Moto is quite an interesting bit inside this car. Now Mahindra is betting big to capture the EV SUV Market at this price bracket, and we are are speculating anywhere between 15 to 18 lakh rupees X, showroom price for this one if Mahindra hits it at the right spot. This is the winner in its hand, and it will sell within a lot of young buyers. I hope you liked the video please share it with your friends. Do subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our Instagram handle to know more about the xuv4w. We will also be posting the full text review on our website. Theracemonkey.Com. Please go and read it for yourself. If you want any extra information that we could not include in this review. Thank you so much for watching.