I will talk you through some of the main exterior and interior features of your brand new cup, hopefully trying to address some questions. You may have, but also having this video to refer in the future. If you have any questions or forget how to use some of the features of the car, starting from the front, we can see these stunning led headlamps which give the car quite quite an aggressive, modern, modern look. It has a very nice stance on the road. You will not miss the front grille because theres none being an electric vehicle – and you will see here – we have the front mounted camera, because this car comes with both 2d 3d and 360 camera which well see in just a bit how to operate. And next to the batch, on the left hand, side we have our charging port, simply press on the right hand, side inwards and it opens. And then let me come closer heres, where youre going to plug your charger at home, simply press this button to the right hand, side and it just opens you – can plug your charger and when youre done simply unplug. It push this inwards and this inwards and you are done moving on to the side of the cab. We have this lovely 17 inch alloy wheels and also uh, both the um, both passenger and main drivers door uh come with keyless entry, so you can simply press the button in the car locks or unlocks on its own without the needs.

The need of a key moving on to the back in order to open the the rear boot. You put your fingers on top of the mg logo or batch and press inwards and then push it upwards. And here we go plenty of space for your day to day activities, big or small luggage. There is additional space to the right and left hand side, and if you pull this upwards theres a bit more space, but also this is where youre going to find your charging port along with the inflation kit, you can also um. You can also decline. The the passenger excuse me the rear seats uh in order to extend or expand your um, your rear boot space. If you need to carry larger items, to do so, come to the rear, seats, open them and at the back of the seats there is this little lever here, press it upwards and push the seat downwards. Same applies to the um. To the left hand, side of the seats, and essentially it just increases massively the space you have for your boot to carry items to close the boot. Simply uh put your put your fingers here and then just press push it downwards. Excellent lets now move in the car. Again, as ive mentioned, the car comes with killer sentry, so i can lock, as you can see, ive just locked the car press once more and unlock the car indicated by the windows, um opening or closing starting on from the drivers door.

We have our central locking, so click this button and all all doors are now locked click. This one and theyre all unlocked below that. We have the front wind electric windows and the rear electric windows and some space for um for cup holders. Moving on to your seat in order to adjust the seat and move the whole thing upwards press, this lever upwards, and vice versa – if you want it to go downwards to move this section here, that is the lever here, push it upwards. If you want to, if you want the seat, to go, lower, push this upwards and use the weight of your body to push it down or if you want it to move forward, press it upwards and it will automatically come on its own towards you and just Use your back to find the perfect driving position for you now, if you want to move the whole seat to the front or to the back, there is a lever down down here here we go press this upwards and then use your body to push it um Towards you or um away from you now to open the bonnet below the steering wheel on the right hand, side there is this lever here, just press it towards you and the bonnet opens now moving on to um to adjust your mirrors to the perfect position. For you behind the steering wheel on the right hand, side we have these buttons here you will start on zero position to adjust your right hand, side, mirror press it um or switch it to the right, and then you can go upwards to the left downwards and To the right, when youre done scroll this to the left and perform the same activities so up left down and right and when youre fully done put it back into zero whenever you park, and you want to fold both your mirrors, have it in zero and then Press it downwards and your your mirrors will come down and if you press upwards uh, they will come up now.

Moving on to the steering wheel, let me actually just show you quickly how to start the cup uh, simply press the brake pedal and behind the wheel on the left hand, side we have our start engine, just press up and the car comes to life as you Can see now uh on the steering wheel, we have the main functionalities on the right hand side here, you can use all of these buttons to navigate through your main screen. We have our voice commands and our aesthetics. The car allows you to apply any function that you find helpful on that asterix and as soon as you press that it does exactly the function you want it to do. On the left hand, side we have our radio radio button, so you can increase or decrease the volume skip to the next track or go to the previous one mute everything you can answer calls with this little button here, which has the phone logo and then src Allows you to toggle between dab radio fm and am now to adjust the overall steel steering wheel position. If you move to the back um behind the steering wheel at the bottom, youll find this lever here, press it downwards, and then you can take the steering wheel upwards downwards. Until you find the perfect position for you and to secure it, just get the lever and push it upwards and its now secured on our screen. Here you can see uh the power youre using and also the miles per hour, youre actually driving at this point.

In time um, you will see here the remaining battery. Currently, what are 98 percent? Our cares um system, the level that were using, which were going to talk in just a moment and then the driving mode youre in currently very normal and the remaining range in order to if it, if it rains, and you need to use your wipers behind the Steering wheel on the right hand, side we have the lever press it upwards to go once the more intense, the rain press, it upwards and upwards uh. So the rains of wipers are more intense and then downwards when you want it to stop while youre driving. If you want to indicate that youre going to turn to the right, there is a lever, on the left hand, side of the steering wheel, press it upwards to indicate youre going to the right press it downwards to indicate that youre going to the left for your Cruise control behind the steering wheel on the right hand, side. There is this lever here, while youre driving you can set by pressing uh this button here, the the selected speed you want, you want um to be cruising along and to increase the speed, push it upwards decrease the speed, push it downwards. Moving on into the middle section of the cup, we have some cut holder space here, some more additional space um over here, and then this is with the p logo. This is our electronic handbrake um so up to to secure the car, essentially to move uh the handbrake up down to push it down.

Here we have this a logo. This is your auto heal hole control. So, while youre on a hill, the car will just stay there, uh, assuming that you have the handbrake on, so you can just press the um, the energy, the gas pedal and it will go straight on uh, so the car wont roll backwards essentially to select gears. This is our gearbox here in this fancy. Uh fancy little way, always press uh, the brake and then were currently in neutral in order to put it into drive, you scroll this wheel slightly to the right hand, side and then to put it back in and its slightly to the left and to reverse slightly Um to the to, to the left hand, side in order to put it back in parking, simply press this button inside when you press the button uh the parking button, the electronic handbrake automatically comes up now, moving on to these three uh buttons. Here we have our mode, which, let me allow me just to bring you here were currently in normal. I can go into eco mode by pressing the mode button lower and then i can go into sports mode by pressing uh the mode button once so. We have eco, normal and sports mode and, as you will see from the from the miles there, depending on the mode youre youre youre driving the car assumes that youre going to have less miles the sport here you drive now moving on to cures which stands for Kinetic energy recovery system, uh curse, is essentially you can see it down.

There were using uh the maximum amount, so, as you may know, electric cars due to not having a petrol or a diesel engine uh they do not automatically slow down on the road. So kinetic energy recovery system essentially creates the uh that that engine breaking that a normal car would would have, and you can select the intensity um of the feel essentially of the braking and then last one battery. If you click that were immediately going into our screen to see all of the battery information, we need to have now moving onwards. We have a 12 volt socket there. We have two usb ports, one normal usb and one usbc port and moving on to this lovely touchscreen infotainment system on the top right hand, side. This is our home screen. On the top hand, side top left hand side. Excuse me: we have our uh battery um information to to go in simply press in it, and this is where we see everything about the cup uh. We can see the remaining level of the battery and also the remaining range im currently in sport. Hence why its at 240. so now im in eco, so 265, as you can see um also down here when you charge the car you can select if youre in a hurry – and you are say: 10, you can select the percentage you would like the car or The battery to charge two so say, 50, and then it just stops automatically uh.

One thing that is very important to to notice here is that on this car, when youre charging it in order to stop the charging, you do not just unplug the cap. You need to come inside the car start, the start. The car overall come into this screen and then select stop charging. This will then stop the charging and will allow you to unplug the charger. If you do not do this, you will not be able to unplug the cab moving on in this screen. We have our apple, carplay and android, auto which to access you will need to be um connected with usb in the middle. We have our radio. So if i click here as you can see, we have our radio station and you can select between dab, fm and am also always regardless of the screen. You are in order to go a step backwards or to the home screen. You can either press the home button here or within our shortcuts down here, select the home button and we go back. Then we have our satellite navigation system, which looks very much like google maps. If you ever use that uh now, you can to to go or find a new route simply go on the top right hand, side corner onto the search button and apply um the postcode or the address um you want, you want to go and the the car Would simply find that address um quite quickly, apologies im, just going to put the postcode where currently at here at last comes there we go and then start the journey as simple as that.

We can also stop the destination by clicking on the top left hand, side corner just stop stop the journey. Moving on, as you will see down here, we have our air conditioning quick buttons, so you can increase intensity or decrease it, and then our the temperature of the cup, but also we can slide this main screen to the left hand side where we have more settings Where you can access your air conditioning as weve done before going back, we have our vehicle information. This is essentially where you can apply the aesthetics i mean i mentioned earlier to perform any functionality you would like to to have you have information about the mg pilot? So you can enable or disable lane your lane assistance and other, as you will see here, other security or safety um safety measures. The car has within mg pilot now youll see this button here says 360.. This all always applies when you put the car in reverse. So you will see, i have a few screens here and like down to the right hand, side, we have a number of um number of screens, we can see or views, so you can simply just touch what you want to see and the camera changes automatically. This is currently the 2d view if i want to, if you want to use the 3d view uh, there is a little button here, press the 3d and were now in 3d view and again you can select the camera angle you want to see which helps you Essentially, just park even at the tightest spots moving on, we have our settings down here where, essentially, you can change along just a second to go back to general.

You can select the brightness. You can make this dark dark screen being light. So with with the white, i prefer the dark one um and, on the left hand, side theres a number of settings. So simply you can just scroll up or down to find the setting you want. You will see bluetooth here, so you can just select and start pairing your your phone to bluetooth. You can play with them with all the sounds on the car and last but not least, we have our uh bind vehicle, this being the mg zv. It comes with the mobile application, the mgi smart application, so you can essentially pair your car to your phone and perform some remote activities with the car uh, and this is where you can access. Essentially, the the bind bind my vehicle for your mgi smart application. This pretty much now concludes the overall screen of the car on the right hand, side on the passenger. We have our glove box and then we have our electric windows for the front, and this is pretty much overall, the car, the main functionalities of the vehicle. I hope you have found this video useful and informative um. If you did please, please let us know, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call here at last comes as were always happy to help and address any any issues. You may have with the cup.