The architecture will support multiple body styles moving forward and it offers incredible cabin and boot space like a lot of new ev platforms, its predominantly rear wheel, drive but can support all wheel drive. We can also achieve a 50 50 weight distribution which is great for vehicle road holding and handling, and the architecture can support multiple battery capacities so initially well offer mg4 ev with two battery capacities: a 51 kilowatt hour standard range and a 64 kilowatt hour long range. Well, offer two specifications, the se trim, which will be available with the standard and long range battery and the trophy which will be available with the long range battery performance figures for the long range battery. Well: 150: kilowatts of power, 250 newton meters of seamless electrical torque and 0 to 62 in a shade under 8 seconds. All new mg4 represents a bold new direction in terms of design for us, its completely different than anything weve seen before its very modern, its contemporary and its high tech and weve also got a number of great styling features with the new mg4. We have this flowing. Two tone: roof the rear privacy, glass, twin aero, rear spoiler, and this full length light bar with the rear cross hatch lighting design. The boot has 363 liters of capacity with the adjustable loading floor on the trophy model and 1177 litres of boot capacity. When you fold the 60 40 rear seats Music, so the interior is very contemporary.

Its minimalist, simple, usable functional, but most of all very high tech, so tech is a word, were going to be using a lot with all new mg4 ev. The interior is dominated by two screens. We have a seven inch driver display which is fully configurable and reacts in real time. With the 10.25 inch widescreen infotainment system. We have the ability to show five menus at one time, but just simply by touching one of the menus will take it into full widescreen functionality. We have slide to select technology which will take you to a number of vehicle menus. We also have these hard piano keys below which will take you for shortcuts to the ventilation system, hazard, warning, light, the home screen and the volume control for the stereo. So how do we access the ventilation? Well, you can use the shortcut keys down here or we can access through the vehicle menu up here, so that will take you to the ventilation screen. So we can power it on up here we can adjust the fan, speed and the temperature or the heated seats. And one thing i love the heated steering wheel. The other thing youll notice, is this floating center console which houses the rotary gear selector and that will enable you to engage the vehicle in reverse, neutral and drive, but what are about powering the vehicle? Well, if you look around youll notice that theres no conventional stop start button, so to turn the vehicle on, you simply sit in the drivers seat.

The car will recognize the key. You push the brake pedal and that will turn the car on into ready mode and youre ready to go. So we have six new, distinctive colors for all new mg4 ev. We have two solids in arctic white and holborn blue two metallics in black pearl and camden grey and two tri coat metallics, the volcano orange. You see here and dynamic red, so we have a number of innovative features on all new mg4 ev, some of which are new to mg. For the first time, we have multiple drive modes, five in total, for different road conditions and for driver enjoyment. On the long range battery, we have an active grille shutter system which regulates the airflow according to the vehicle requirements, improving aerodynamic efficiency, particularly at motorway speeds and improving range. Both cars use intelligent car connectivity. We have online maps online, music, voice, control and remote control using the ismart, app and another layer of tech includes voice control. You can control the navigation, the radio, the music, the phone and even the climate control using your voice. Ismart is a function which we introduced on all new zsev last year and allows you to control multiple functions of the car, using your smartphone. So from the comfort of your sofa, you can program navigation instructions into the car. You can set charge management and you can also do a number of systems checks. You can even lock and unlock the car using your phone, so we have a plethora of advanced safety features using mg pilot camera and radar based technology on all new mg4 ev.

For those customers who upgraded the trophy, this will also include blind spot detection, rear cross traffic, alert, a door open warning system and lane keep assist so the door open warning system uses the cameras that are mounted in the door mirrors and they detect, if a cyclist Or a motorcyclist is approaching you and you havent seen them. You try and open the door. The warning sound will go off to advise you not to do so.