This sportback is the sporty looking version of the regular. All electric econ suv and, in my opinion, this design looks extremely sexy. In fact, this sportback style is all the rage these days with buyers who want to stand out further from the crowd, but dont want to abandon the rugged high riding stance of an suv in the world of crossover suvs. The audi e tron sportback is what i would say one of the better looking players compared with the regular e tron. The sportback sloping roofline is hard to miss and will appeal to the style, conscious crowd. The model you see here is audis top of the line. Prestige package, which comes with everything the premium plus package, has such as the virtual, cockpit bang olufsen 3d sound system. Adaptive cruise assist ambient lights, but since it is the prestige model, you also get a heads up, display digital matrix, led headlights, power, soft closing doors, intersection, assist and manual sun shades for rear doors. Now this car always gave me a batmobile vibe, so you can see. I went for the black on black look and to give it that extra edge. I added the black optic package, which basically removes all the silver chrome in favor of high gloss black exterior elements, including the black exterior, mirror housings. We also get these beautiful 22 inch wheels that look absolutely fantastic, especially with the orange calipers. Now lets. Take a look at the interior. Despite its sleek looks the 2023 audi e tron remains a family friendly, five seater suv.

The front seats are greatly supportive and should keep its occupants comfortable, headroom and legroom in the front is more than enough for six foot tall occupants and theres also an abundance of room in the rear. Compare this with the regular e tron rear legroom is just as generous, although rear headroom has dropped by around 0.7 inches due to the sportback sloping roofline. This model offers 18 way power, adjustable front seats with 4 way, power adjustable, lumbar support, valcona perforated leather and the heated front seats. Now, since its the prestige version, it adds massage front seats as well, which all my guests, absolutely love and heated rear seats as well. In the rear you get this nice capacitive display for climate control and seat temperature adjustments. You also get a stunning panoramic sunroof and what i really like is the center console here in the front, because the center is so deep. Your beverage cups can easily be stored and not come in the way or be seen it gives the car a nice minimal. Look that i really appreciate. Also, you have more space when you actually open up the center storage space and a ton of space in the glove box as well. Now lets take a look at the infotainment system. Audis 12.3 inch virtual cockpit faces the driver and the infotainment systems. Multiple screens dominate the dashboard of the e tron to the right of the gauge. Cluster are two touchscreens: an upper 10.

1 inch screen for the mmi navigation and a slightly smaller touch screen for the climate controls below this sleek and contemporary design looks cool, but its also very easy to use this system works beautifully and offers all the latest connectivity features. Such as bluetooth, streaming with voice control, integrated navigation, high def, radio, sirius, xm satellite, an audi smartphone interface with wireless apple, carplay and wired android, auto and wireless charging, and i love how i can just slide my phone into this designated smartphone spot for it to wirelessly Charge as well now lets talk about the trunk and cargo space. The e tron sport bag is first and foremost an suv that needs to provide enough interior and trunk space if it wants to stay competitive in its class. The good news is that the e tron offers a solid amount of space behind the second row seats. This audi provides 27.2 cubic feet of space. Small items can be stored in the e tron sportback center console bin glove box front and rear cup holders and sizeable door pockets. You also get a front trunk, which is quite small when you compare it to the front trunks of tesla, for example, but its nice enough to store your charging cables and other smaller items. Now lets talk about the drive and performance. The sportback is very fun to drive with accurate, steering, strong grip and powerful brakes its not a small car, but its surprisingly easy to place on the road and park thanks in no small part to the various parking, sensors and cameras.

This e tron features three electric motors and provides a max output of 460 horsepower when boost mode is activated, and the 0 60 is just 4.3 seconds. So, in short, this is quite a fast car in and around town the e tron feels powerful enough for most driving situations, and while it is not as explosive as some evs like the tesla plaid, for example, it still delivers its power without any fuss which adds To its refinement, now electric vehicles weigh more than ordinary gas powered cars due to their heavier battery pack. Configurations more weight tends to mean inferior handling, but in the case of this 2023 audi e tron, its low mounted battery pack actually helps the car to feel more stable at speed and also aids in keeping body roll to a minimum when taking corners at speed. The e tron feels composed, even with the roughest of road surfaces with the standard adaptive air suspension, despite its large 22 inch wheels that comes in the prestige package plus you have multiple driving modes to choose from for your preference, which is certainly a nice touch. Now this brings me to range. To be honest, the range is one drawback of this e tron, because it falls short of expectations with just 212 miles on a full charge according to the epa and thats, with the stock 20 inch wheels. Now, if you get the bigger 22 inch wheels like the one that i have here, the range drops to around 190 miles audi does recommend that we charge the e tron 80 to preserve battery life and only to 100 for longer trips.

So when i charge it to 80, i only get around 160 miles of range now its not an issue for me because on a daily basis, i usually drive around 50 to 60 miles at most, but on long trips i can only imagine it becoming a hassle Charging it more frequently than a tesla model x for an example, but on the bright side, this e tron supports fast charging, so the battery will quickly charge from five to eighty percent at a public dc fast charger in just about 30 minutes now. Another thing i want to add is that its quite common for evs to use a one pedal driving system in which the driver accelerates by pushing the pedal down and decelerates by letting off of it. Audi. However, utilizes a two pedal system in conjunction with its regenerative braking system, it is capable of converting ninety percent of kinetic energy caused by a casual deceleration scenario into electricity. Furthermore, depending on the driving conditions, the e tron gets 20 to 30 percent of its range from this power recovery through braking. The e tron range of suvs marks audis official entry to the world of ev cars, but does that mean its any good? In conclusion, the audi e tron s, sportback, is absolutely impressive, with strikingly good looks and fantastic performance, and there should be no reason why people should not consider this car to purchase the e tron. As with most of audis.

Other offerings brings class and refinement to the table. The exterior is a beautiful example of contemporary crossover, suv design and the interior is absolutely luxurious. The standard technology on offer is also on par with the best and the standard e tron suv has proven that these cars are seriously safe. Thanks to audis wonderful driver assistance features the e tron sportbacks maximum range might be less than the competition, but it offers supremely refined driving experience with fantastic luxury and thats enough to go to match the show. So, in short, i love this car and i highly recommend it. Of course, there are tons of things i may have not been able to put into this review.