There is a new equinox and its electric yeah thats right. So we have some more details on the new 2024 equinox ev were going to talk about the the trim lineup, some of the features, the estimated range, that kind of thing yeah and, of course, were going to go into in depth. Everything you ever wanted to know. Probably more than you want to know about the equinox thats coming, especially when its coming, because i got a lot of notes here so lets just jump in tommy right into the deep end. So the equinox ev reimagines, the equinox name, which has been around for several generations, and the new crossover is going to be built on gms ultim platform, which is underpinning uh most of general motors new evs yep and lets start with. Where everybodys looking not at the screen but of course at the styling yeah, so the styling is pretty futuristic and i think it looks very cool, so lots and lots and lots of styling cues that are in vogue for modern day. Electric cars, like long continuous light, bars um, so we have an led light bar across the front and the back and theres this cool little pattern in the rear light bar, which kind of you know, breaks it up a little bit, and it also has a welcome Animation when you walk up to the car, where the light bar illuminates and on mid range and higher trims uh, where the light bars are available, of course, so theyre going to be two distinct looks lt and then the sportier rs 19 inch wheels come standard.

So a pretty big standard wheel and then 20s or 21 will be available depending on the trim and then theres an available two tone: white roof on the lt or black roof. On the rs yeah. We had a big conversation. I said it looks a little bit like the mazda mx, 30 and tommy says it looks nothing like the mx 30, but we can talk about numbers tommy, so the 2024 equinox is actually larger than the gas powered equinox. Yes, we got a couple. Sorry equinox. We got a couple inches low, a couple inches wider 7.4 inches longer overall, but the big news here is the wheelbase has been stretched by nine inches, so its got a huge wheelbase increase um, but, interestingly enough, the overhangs are about an inch and a half shorter. So theyre doing that classic design profile thing where they stretch the wheels or the corners of the car, which is always a great idea. Yeah like the ionic 5.. Exactly like that, all right, powertrain dude, you can get a front wheel, drive version of the 2024 chevy equinox ev, its 210 horsepower and 242 pound foot of torque, but theres. Also an available e all wheel drive system with a dual motor setup, so it bare. I borrows the rear motor from the blazer ev, not the evss motor or the lyric, but uh the standard, blazer ev um and thats gon na develop 290 horsepower and 346 foot pounds of torque combined.

Now, of course, people are thinking thats, a good amount of power for an internal combustion engine, its not huge for an electric car. But what about range? Dude? Well, thats going to be the big news right range and charging capability so range is going to vary between 250 and 300 miles, depending on which trim and motor setup you get. So i think its going to be a pretty uh good amount of range for most folks, especially on a daily basis and gm did not get super specific on the battery capacity. But we do have some information on the charging times yeah. You know once upon a time if youre a gear head, you were more interested in 0 to 60 times now, if youre into evs youre interested in charging times. So what are the charging rates and times so? The standard level two charging rate is 11.5 kilowatts, which is very impressive. You know the first crop of uvs were typically right around six or seven kilowatts and they jumped up, and now the uh equinox cv is gon na have 11.5, but theres. Also, an available 19.2 kilowatt ac system. So if you have a professionally installed 100 amp charging station, you can be pumping in up to one point or 19.2 kilowatts into the car 51 miles of range game per hour, which is crazy, crazy, crazy, crazy, fast. Its also gon na and take some pretty professional wiring yeah. You know i was just looking at that charging station.

We got from ford when we bought the lightning yeah thats an 80 amp right, and i thought that was pretty quick and pretty fast. It also has the two dc plugs on the bottom uh and the cable itself. I got ta say its like the size of a silver dollar its that thick, but the reason it has the two plugs at the bottom. Yes, is for bi directional charging. I believe so im not sure that the 19.2 kilowatt charger on the equinox is gon na, have that uh, but well have to wait and see and then dc fast charging. This is where things are a little bit: less impressive, uh about 150 kilowatt of peak dc, fast charging, so 70 miles of range in 10 minutes according to gms estimate. Now that is quite a bit lower than like the hyundai ioniq five, which is up to 230. I believe, and the kia ev6 yeah um its kind of right on par with, like the ford mustang machine, its a little slower now than some of the latest volkswagen 94s. But the cool thing is is that the ulti battery is an eight year. 100, 000 mile limited warranty in addition to the standard bumper to bumper warranty. All right lets talk about the different trims uh. There are actually four trim levels available, but before we get into that tommy, what does it start at base? Price? Is gm announced that no official pricing yet, however, gm says that pricing will start around thirty thousand dollars, thats a quote for the base model, so theyre pretty confident they can still hit that price at launch, even with recent supply chain issues and higher material costs, which Is very cool to see a new ev in the thirty 30 000 range, especially one that has enough as much space and versatility as this yeah.

I, like the look of it. I love the fact that you know theyre jumping on the different colored roof bandwagon. So the 1lt tummy will come with standard range front, wheel, drive, 250 miles a longer front, wheel, drive model will be available, 300 miles and theres an all wheel, drive splits the difference at 280 miles. Now you get an 11 inch. Infotainment screen comes standard 11 inch driver in formation center digital instrument, cluster manual, adjustable seats, 19 inch machine face, aluminum wheels, thats, probably not those uh and no front led light bar on the base model, but then theres a 2lt. What does that get? Well? First of all, i want to say that i think thats a lot of standard features, especially the screen sizes for 1lt, very cool, to see 2lt only uh the longer range front, wheel, drive the 300 mile version and the wheel drive will be available. You can power seats, heated front seats with a heating steering wheel. Still, the 19 inch wheels front led light bar roof rails and heated side mirrors so that cool light bar will be on that model and then interior uh, with blue or black accents or cool sky gray and theres going to be some optional features such as an Enormous 17.7 inch screen um its got a presence based liftgate, which will open when it detects. The key fob is near adaptive. Cruise surrounds uh view, camera super cruise, even on 2lt thats, the uh, 400 000 miles of highway, hands, less driving technology and then two tone roof and a sunroof.

And then you jump up to the three lt yeah. I told you were gon na. Do a deep dive here, so the 3lt might as well go through those options as well same range situation as the 2lt six way: power adjustable passenger seat. In addition to the 8 way, drivers seat, tommy, front heated and ventilated seats, rear heated, outboard seats now were talking like hyundai levels of uh standard features well optional. In this case, if you go with the three lt standard, 17.7 inch infotainment dual zone, climate control, heated wiper park area – keeps the wipers from freezing up in cold weather. How cool is that thats? The first time ive heard of that option? Huh yeah its got 20. Well, some, i think well range rover. Does a little uh heated swimming its actually pretty common yeah. I was just in an 06 subaru forester that had it yeah, he the where the windshield wiper the rest was a little heating out pad. Well, let me keep going and then you do the two rs: okay, a 21 inch aluminum wheel, standard presence, based power, liftgate adaptive cruise control and hd surround vision, available features, our heads up display and digital rear view, camera bose premium, audio system, sunroof and supercruise, which Is uh you know something were testing right now and andres, comparing it to fords blue crews, so be sure to go to If you want to see that video, because thats going to live, i think on the truck channel, what else is available uh on the two rs tommy yeah, so were done with the lts now to the sportier rs, so basically the same as the lt.

But you get different wheels, um interior black, with red accents and then a flat bottom steering wheel. And then, when you jump up to the 3rs same range estimates right so 300 front wheel, drive 280 oe drive again pretty much the same as a 3lt except you get different 21 inch wheels. The heated flat bottom steering wheel – and this is the model that comes or you can get with the 19.2 kilowatt ac charging capabilities is the only trim where you can get it otherwise, its 11.5. So if you want that crazy, crazy, crazy, fast ac charging capability got to go for the three rs yeah and its, not even that crazy fast, compared to like some of the things that are out there right now, but i mean ac charging yeah. It is fast racy charging. I dont know if theres a lot thats faster out there right now. Yeah, like i say the lightning, i think, is 80 amps thats the highest thats out there yeah uh, and that only comes on the higher trim levels. Otherwise, youve got to pay for in mind. Your house needs to be able to have a main circuit, breaker thats yeah. You know i just found out. We have 150 amps at the ranch thats pretty good thats, pretty good yeah 200 is getting up there. So how about standard safety features? Yes, you get chevy safety assist which is automatic. Emergency braking, follow distance indicator forward collision alert front pedestrian.

Braking lane keep assist lane departure, warning and automatic high beams, theres also rear park, assist reverse automatic braking, which is always good. Safety alert um for the seat when it lets you know like its gon na vibrate when you hit something rear, cross traffic, braking and blind zone steering assist. Now. This is gon na be a 2024 model tommy, which means it goes on sale next fall of 2023. So were about a year out, which is a long time again, theres no firm pricing at give or take 30k starting and thats going to be finalized closer to launch uh. There will be, of course, a limited edition, two rs um to kick off uh and, of course, other models coming after that yeah. So gm will build the equinox even mexico, at the same plant where it builds the current blazer um, and i want to say i think that this is a much more attractive package overall than both the bolt and the bolt euv. It offers pretty decent charging. It offers pretty decent range and if they keep can keep the price between like 30 and 50 grand, i think theyre gon na have hit on their hands. What does it compete with? It competes with the tesla model y, of course, tommy. The ford mustang machi, the volkswagen 94, the hyundai ioniq 5 nissan aria. He forgot zach wrote this up. Thank you. Zach really appreciate it. I think he forgot the uh kia, ev6, uh and, of course, other models coming next year, um, so that crossover space is getting mighty crowded with electric vehicles yeah, but its what people are buying its what people want.

I think that this is a very attractive package, with some very cool standard features and some interesting ac charging capability. So let us know what you think in the comments below hey tommy. Did you know that were starting up tfl bids again yeah thats right? So we got some cool vehicles up for sale, um, including our fj40 land cruiser from 1976. yeah, and if you want to submit your own vehicle to sell over tfl bids check out thats all right before we wrap this up uh. You know i just read off all the comp competitors to this out of all of them, uh, which would you buy right now? Well, currently, my favorites, the ioniq five yes, but well – have to spend some seat time in the equinox ev. I think thats a very attractive package. I, like the uh, i like the design. I think the performance is gon na, be pretty good, not quite as crazy as like the blazer ev in terms of performance, especially if you get the ss laser ev right but uh. I like what gms doing theyre starting to kind of jump back into the electrification world in a big way, and you know whats really cool, unlike uh, some internal combustion engine cars theres just a boatload of competition here in terms of their numbers right for the longest Time because uh the segments were so stratified uh, the cars were almost identical and wed be talking about things like well.

Does it have heated seats or does it have a heated steering wheel now were talking about real performance? Things like you know. How fast is a charge? How much horsepower does it have? You know how much battery does it have, and these are all really cool things that are heating up the war and electrification and really pushing the technology and thats exciting to see that kind of head to head technology war going on right now with the automakers. Absolutely well see in the next video thanks for watching yeah, thanks for watching, remember, alltfl.