I know I was shocked as well, not sponsored content, just impressive that for about forty eight and a half thousand dollars drive away. This 803 extended range is actually really quite good. Now, Im going to give you a full review of this car today. Well, look at the interior, the technology, the back seat and the boot and well take a drive in the byd 803 to see how it suits Australian roads Ill. Also, let you know exactly how much range this car has, because weve tested that scientifically as well, were going to kick off today, though, with the three best things and the three worst things about the 2023 byd 803, an electric car you might be considering before we Get started hit subscribe and the notification Bell the best thing about the 803 is the price 48 500 drive away or thereabouts here in New South Wales, before incentives for the extended range promising around 420 kilometers of range but Ill. Tell you how much it actually gets shortly, a bit like the German Supermarket Aldi. This Chinese made byd shows that cheap doesnt have to be nasty. Instead, it can mean just a little bit generic, but almost as good as mainstream rivals. The range of the byd 803 is more than acceptable for what youre being asked to pay for the extender range might have a wltp claim of 420 kilometers, but in the real world we were able to get 366 kilometers on the highway and approximately double what youd Get from a Mini Cooper, SE that costs 50 percent more than this vehicle plus handily.

The byd also gives you much longer range in the real world than the mgz Sev thats closest to it in price. One of the best parts of the byd 803 is that this vehicle is actually remarkably good to drive and that isnt always the case for affordable electric cars or even electric cars. Generally, they often ride really poorly, but the ATO 3 simply doesnt. It actually has very comfortable ride, quality partially because it has smaller alloy wheels and chunkier tires helping it to soak up bumps that are common here in Australia. The steering is acceptable. The body control is actually reasonably good. You can punt it down a country road with decent confidence, not something weve been able to say about the mg Zs EV in the past. Now, on a wet day like this, there is a bit of a problem with traction because the motor is relatively powerful, but that motor is smooth, refined and quiet. And overall, this car is not just easy to drive its actually quite satisfying to drive as well. While the Dynamics are overall, pretty good theres one weak spot and thats, the 803s tires theyre, actually fine in the dry, but here in the wet you try and put the power down and the car really scrabbles for grip. Now this isnt, a problem which is necessarily common to chinese made, tires its simply that a vehicle with significant torque, like the 803, really needs a premium Tire in order to be able to find Traction in wet conditions like this.

So if I was buying this car, the first thing I do is take it down to my local tire shop and get a good quality, Continental or Michelin. Bridgestone Pirelli. That sort of tire put on it spend a little bit of money and it makes the car better to drive. The interior is certainly interesting to look at, and the material quality is good too, but the technology is a little bit lacking. There are elements to the software which feel generic like a cheap, Android tablet. You might pick up on wish or something but theres. Also, no modern smartphone integration, theres, no Apple, carplay or Android auto in this car now theres been on and off promises from byd that Apple carplay and Android auto will be added to the vehicle in time, but Australian distributor, EV directors told me that they simply wont So, who knows whats going on either way this car deserves and needs modern, smartphone integration, but byd makes you service the 803 too frequently every year and at a cost of almost fourteen hundred dollars over the first five years for a dedicated EV with few moving parts That strikes us as rather expensive, jumping inside the byd 803 youll be astonished by the interior. Certainly, the design wont be to everybodys tastes and byd tells us that this sinewy sort of pattern throughout the cabin is actually modeled on human muscle tissue, which is original to say the least, and the color combination of navy, blue and white, maybe two out there.

For some, but I kind of over the week have embraced the weirdness, but while the design is, I guess rather subjective what is really good about the cabin of the byd 803 is the level of finish this card doesnt feel like a cheap piece of rubbish inside Anything but instead most surfaces are covered in soft materials. Making this vehicle feel up to its price of forty eight and a half thousand dollars drive away if it was a combustion vehicle and certainly much nicer inside than other entry level, electric cars that are on sale in Australia or are planned for release soon. This thing actually feels really up to scratch and I think youll be impressed now now looking forward at the dash weve got this interesting. Looking steering wheel theres a lot going on thats a recurring theme in the interior of the 803, but it feels decent in the hand. I think its vinyl. It doesnt feel like real leather but thats. Okay, then, we look at a small screen here, very similar to the one in the Volkswagen, ID3 and ID range, but you get your your speed, your range prediction, which is totally inaccurate by the way, its incredibly optimistic, the range prediction, the ranges Ive given you are Correct, though, state of charge trip computer and a power meter, a few other bits and Bobs of info are visible through this screen too, but this screen over here 12.8 inches in size.

This is the real party piece of the 803s Interior because, as you can see at the moment, its in portrait orientation, but at the push of a button you can make it go landscape which is really cool. And you can imagine that being quite useful. If the car had integrated navigation, but it doesnt, nor does it have Apple, carplay or Android auto, which is a big Miss for a new car. In 2022. Now, Australian distributor, EV direct says that byd zone software is just as good as Apple carplay or Android auto, but that is completely false, because the software feels a little bit generic, its at least responsive and quick and easy enough to navigate around. But settings menus are sort of buried in illogical places, as I said, theres no navigation. So if you want to navigate somewhere in this car, youve got to just have your phone on a mount on the windscreen or something like its 2008. That should have been fixed before deliveries of the car commenced here in Australia, and it may still be fixed if byd deems it the right decision to give the car Carphone Android auto at a later date. Still one great thing about the system is that the car has a Dirac premium, stereo, which sounds very decent far better than the stereos in other EVS that you would get at this price. So if you like, your music youll, enjoy the stereo or perhaps a song of your own, making from the guitar strings that serve as I guess, little barriers for the door, bins, so thats, something a little bit different.

This car is quirky its weird. It feels French, actually its no bad thing down here. Weve got these sinewy vents for the climate control. The climate control system fills up to scratch, at least at the moment, but this week hasnt breached 20 degrees in Sydney. So we dont know what its like in the heat of Summer here in Australia, its quite practical, though weve got wireless charging a standard, big cup holders, a really deep bin here between the seats and a big storage place here, because the floor is flat. This is a dedicated EV platform, its not like a Hyundai Kona electric, which is a converted combustion car. The seats themselves are reasonably comfortable, particularly in the backrest. The seat base is a little low and you can actually change the thigh adjustment, but the seats do have electric adjustment, which is pretty cool and after a few hours, I got out of the car feeling fine relaxed enough in these chairs. But a final word on the interior and thats at the spec level is very generous for the money. Weve got an opening sunroof here. The tech is obviously quite cool, quite interesting. Electric adjustment for the seats wireless charging find me another EV thats as well equipped as this car for the money. The 803 is actually usable to transport, five adults, which is a real shock, and it doesnt even have a similar problem to lots of other dedicated EVS. Where the floor is too high, as you can see here, my legs are supported by the seat base.

Ive got sufficient, Headroom Im six feet. Tall leg room is really good behind my own driving position and because of that flat floor, you could actually get someone on this Center seat as long as they werent too tall, because its a slight hump, but even that is a fairly minor issue. Weve even got stuff like more air vents back here: additional USBC ports, lots of pockets. On the back of the C, the soft materials on the rear doors I mean byd – is actually just schooling, mainstream manufacturers with the quality and the level of amenity in the back seat of this car, its a real surprise and a pleasant one at that, weve also Got a flip down armrest here on the seat back nice view out of the opening panoramic sunroof big Windows. Somebody asked in our call out for questions about this car, whether the back windows go all the way down, not quite but further than something like a Toyota CHR. I guess which is quite good – and you may have noticed these funky controllers here – to open the door again, another quirky and weird design element, but you learn how to use them quite quickly. Youll also find you can get a couple of baby seats into the back of the ado3 without too much of an issue, because the wheelbase of the car is long, and so the interior space is decent, but still coming around to the rear angle of the 803.

You find perhaps the most odd and slightly embarrassing element on the vehicle and thats that byd it stands for build your dreams, which is just not quite right in how we conceive of marketing in the west. I guess – and this is written out on the back of the car – build your dreams so as well as taking the car to the tire shop. First thing out of the dealership. Id probably get my hair dryer and a bit of tooth floss and get rid of that, because the rest of the rear end is handsome enough, particularly in this blue color, and for our money. We also get a power tailgate, which is a really nice feature at this end of the market, and that opens up to reveal a deep boot one thats, reasonably efficient and practical weve done our soccer ball test on it to see how this compares to other small Suvs youll also find you get a nice hard case for your charging cables and underneath the boot floor. No spare wheel, unfortunately, just a goo kit which will limit the appeal of the car in country, Australia, but if youre mainly buying it as a Runabout or to take on major highways. That probably wont be too much of an issue charging. The 803 can be done at up to 80 kilowatts. Officially, though, we did see speeds of approximately 90 kilowatt Peak, while charging the vehicle ourselves and independently. Now you have a 60.

4 kilowatt hour lfp battery in this car being lfp in chemistry. You can actually charge this vehicle to 100, all the time with very minimal degradation, its better than lithium ion in that way, and what will it cost to charge this vehicle well at home? It would cost you around 15 to go from Flat to full with current Energy prices. However, if you charge it on, say the chargebox ultra rapid Network, which costs 60 cents per kilowatt hour, youre going to be looking at a charge of closer to 35 dollars to top up this vehicle. Of course, few people charge from completely dead to completely full. So your actual costs will tend to vary with the vehicle. There is a five year warranty and a longer warranty than that for the high voltage components. Of course, depreciation is hard to speak about. Given this is a new brand, though byd promised they have many many orders for this car, so we should see quite a few of them on the road here in Australia. So what about driving the byd 803? The first thing that comes to my mind is that this thing is actually pretty good to drive, and that was honestly a shock. Byd is a no name brand here in Australia, but its likely that were going to be hearing a lot more about it soon and overseas, particularly in China. Byd has been a big deal for a long time, so its not a brand new company, nor is the 803 its first ever car.

Australia might be receiving this as the first byd that youve ever heard of, but its just the latest in a long line of model progression at the Chinese company, and you can tell that because this vehicle doesnt feel like a first effort. Instead, it feels like a car thats received reasonable attention and at The Proving Ground there are still some flaws in the Dynamics of the vehicle, but there are far fewer flaws in the way the ATO 3 drives than a vehicle like the mgzsev or even some cars. From mainstream Brands like the Mitsubishi ASX, certainly the 803 is better to drive than that car and thats a real credit to byd e. But what are we dealing with mechanically? Well, weve got a single electric motor on this vehicle mounted on the front axle, so the 803 is front wheel, drive and thats the case for a lot of affordable electric cars. The motor makes 150 kilowatts of power, which is plenty and 310 newton meters of torque. So its about as muscular as a decently sized four cylinder, turbocharged petrol engine and thats the way it feels getting down the road. The 803 is nippy, though the throttle can be quite doughy in the cars eco mode that helps you extract maximum range. Put it in sport, though, and this car has excellent throttle response and its actually, remarkably quick and agile and fast to drive on a country road, but leave it in Eco, except the doughy throttle response and youll be able to extract half decent range out of the Car, the consumption is really lineable, with most Rivals line ball with a Tesla Model y on the highway, if not quite as efficient in town.

Although something like a Hyundai Kona electric is more efficient again and slightly better to drive when it comes to ride and handling the 803 is very comfortable. The ride quality is soft and cushy, and I think most Australians who live in cities with potholes are going to appreciate that byd have made the 803 comfortable rather than sporty, and indeed on a country road. You actually can get this vehicle down the road quickly. Once you just learned to balance the body control which just slightly tips the car over as you turn into a corner, but then it settles on its outside Wheels nicely and in the dry, traction and grip levels are high, but in the wet the atlas tires fit Into this, car are not the best and, as I said at the start, the first thing I do is get decent tires fitted to the vehicle to eliminate that problem, particularly when the motor has so much torque the car just scrambles for grip from time to time. The steering also feels a little bit artificial, just just odd sort of steering feel like any car. You get used to it quite quickly, but particularly when youre driving fast and you turn into a corner. The steering feels a little bit digital and disconnected to the front wheels, but its by no means unlivable. In fact, its largely fine refinement is also good inside this car. The cabin is quiet, and the stereo, as I was mentioning, is very good, so you can turn that up and listen to your music as well.

Even the safety features are well calibrated, the adaptive cruise control is smooth, and while the lane keep assist is two interventionist and annoying at low speed, so I found myself turning it off. You can turn just the automated steering back on on the highway without Lane keep assist, holding the car in the center of the lane and that works really well letting the car take over those functions from time to time when youre on the highway. But without annoying Lane keep assist at lower speeds, however, the steering wheel is not capacitative. So when youre using Lane centering on the highway, you do have to occasionally Wobble the steering wheel to remind the car that youre still here and still awake, theres, also incredibly clear cameras on this car. Some of the best reversing cameras Ive ever seen on any test Chasing Cars is done. This should be something thats simple. Camera technology is so cheap. So why do so? Many cars still will have awfully grainy reversing cameras. The 803 does not. It also does not currently have an end cap crash rating. However, byd says its comfortable that it will get a five star rating, but until that actually happens we just dont know. So those are my opinions of the new byd 803, its simply hard. To conclude, this review with anything other than the opinion that this car is exceptionally good value for money, is it the best small SUV on the market? No, is it the longest range EV on the market? No, is it the cheapest? Almost second cheapest point is for the spend that you are asked to cough up here.

The 803 is as good as it gets right now at the affordable end of the EV segment in Australia, and that is a massive achievement for a brand that has barely existed on this continent until now. So it certainly makes us wonder what the next gen EVS from byd will be like. We know, theyre coming out with a Tesla Model, 3 Sports sedan competitor in the coming year or two here in Australia, so were excited to drive that vehicle. But for now, if what you want is a cheap, EV Id probably be signing up to buy neto3 and Im just as shocked as you are. Can you know your views Down Below in the comments? Let me know what you think.