You me collectively for the sake of a better tomorrow for the sake of a better today and its the same with cars in the early 60s. Mr bond. Could waste passed his villains in a db5 doing 0 100 in just 8.3 seconds and in the 80s you could be peak miami and pretend to be a mr pablo, while getting into your lm02 and do 0200 in 8.3 seconds. Now, though, you need to be neither a super villain or a super spy, and you dont have to have a shouty car either, because this, the first ever electric suv from mahindra the xuv4da below mahindras, beacon of progress, the flare thats showcasing the future of one of Indias most loved and liked auto makers, the 0 200 in just 8.3 seconds Applause. Welcome, then, to the quiet future, where the only smoke mahindra will ever belch is when those tires are getting tortured, welcome to mahindras, first ever, electric suv Music. So let me get straight to the facts: 150 horsepower 310 newton meters of torque front wheel, drive ‘.4 kilowatt hour battery pack and a top speed of just 150. Should we give that a check Music and here are some more facts. It has fast charge capabilities zero to eighty percent charge in just 50 minutes on the 50 kilowatt quick charger, and that makes this car very usable, but the most important figure of them all. Four: five: six kilometers of range and thats, a figure thats gon na – be annoying the data next on, because that is just 437 kilometers of range and even more facts, its bigger than the 300 200 mm bigger, although the wheelbase stays the same now.

This is a brisk car and yes, in an open space like this, you might not get the sensation of speed, but on the road amongst traffic, you will see how quick this thing is when it gets off the line really quickly or when all that talk comes In and it sort of does through traffic, when you really wanted to, funnily, though it doesnt really like corner carving that much and in fact, if you do throw it into a corner, there is a bunch of understeer and then, when you do lift off theres. Just a little hint of oversteer as well, so honestly, not something that you would take into the hills and go flat out with, but in the city, which this of course is meant to be or on general sort of commutes. This thing will be a quickish thing. Lets squeal and torture those tires just a little bit more, shall we but it has its flaws. All i ever wanted the xuv 3w to have was a nicer looking interior, one that looked a lot more modern, a lot more contemporary one that had a bigger screen. A better screen – and i really thought that mahindra would do this for the xuv400 and they havent still that exact same design, and that looks at home. If you are in 2012, not in 2022, even the copper accents havent been able to help, and there are quite a few of them around the badge.

The volume knob the large knob in the middle that controls how hot and sweaty you get and even the gear lever which, by the way, looks like bmw, made it. And yet the screen is too small. The buttons are all over the place and just in terms of design, this is an instant no go. After all, this is the view that all of us sitting and driving this are going to have. But what about the view that everybody else on the road gets to see Music? It is still very mahindra and obviously still very xuv300 just longer, and without that ungainly cut off rear end its smoother too, and with all these xs involved. It sort of reminds me of the internet history of someone. I know they have got it right here, though these copper accents make it look so much more expensive. You know i have a gut feeling that this color combination, this signature, color combination, is going to scream out your holier than thou ev status more than any green number plate ever. Will it just generally stands out its cool in its own little way? Music. Okay. Lets be realistic. This is the first time ever. The nexon ev has real competition. This has the capability of knocking the nexon eevee off its top step. That has been enjoying a free reign with for a while now on paper. The xuv is better far better, but on the road well know when we drive them both back to back and unleash them on the street.