My name is derek reilly and we are back in the mg zacc the 2022 refresh model with the bigger battery and were doing a coaster coast. Obviously the thumbnail has let you know that uh, where we take a care from from belmont belmonton, county mayo and the festival started this week. So i was asked to say visit belmont. If you want to find out more about the nice tourism that weve got going on around here, its my hometown and my home area, so im very proud of it and lots of amenities, etc. So if you havent already visited the mullet, make sure you do um, and so we take it from bermuda, encounter mayo all the way up to dunleary and south county dublin from west coast to east coast. The length of the journey is 318 kilometers and is battery. I am at 99 battery telling me ive got a range of 461. I charged all the way up to 100 for the long journey option, but the standard would be 80 and thats just for battery health, etc, and so in essence, i know i wont have to stop, but i will stop somewhere along the route to get something to Eat and i will give you the update as to what the usage rates are, etc, etc. Um on the actual car itself, we can see what the current journey is. I turned it on 12 minutes ago just to set up cameras and stuff like that, so ive, only driven literally over one and a half 1.

7 kilometers um and my kilowatt hours has been 23 just for the start, but um overall, its been driven nearly 95 hours. You can see there, hopefully uh just about four and a half thousand kilometers. The average speed has been 47 kilometers per hour and the average kilowatt hour has been 17.7, so theres. The cumulative total of all the other uh motors german motoring journalists that have had it uh. Since this came on the press fleet and then its gone, i will be able to give you my journey of it so yeah. The reason i was down by mother was uh leave insert reunion uh 25 years, since i did the leave insert so im going to meet up with the lunatics um and catch up with everybody again time. Doesnt belong flying by um, so yeah its good to be home number one and number two. I havent done this. One ive done ive had this car a couple of times on the channel. Obviously, if youre looking for a full review, if youre looking for um, i did a range test in it and wltp kind of a thing uh which it it will get the 400 plus what people wanted. People have asked about doing this coast to coast because they know versus other models theres a playlist on the channel as to when i do belmont ii don leary and how well certain types of vehicles, sizes of vehicles etc. Do so stay tuned, make sure you, like the channel or sorry subscribe to the channel and were on a drive to getting to 10 000 subscribers by the end of 2022, if youre watching it within that year, um leave a comment below.

Let me know what other vehicles would you like to see doing this coast to coast challenge and um yeah share this video with somebody that thinks that evs cant do long range. I suppose is the the story behind why i set up this playlist so check back in roughly around halfway when i stop for something to eat ill, give you some data and some stats thanks: Music, Music, hello and update number one. We are 100 kilometers into our journey, so we have 218 kilometers left um, some totals we have. If you remember correctly, we were on 17.7 cumulative for the four and a half thousand kilometers and with the driving that ive done and its been at um max or speeds that i havent been holding back, ive been air conditioning has been on, but the uh. These are national primary roads, so theres a bit of town driving and theres, also um 100 kilometer an hour maximum, so the average is 64. weve done 100 kilometers but 17.2, so its definitely starting to come down. The way um range were at 317 after 100, kilometers um and so yeah temperature is currently at 18 degrees. As expected, um we wont have to stop for sure and we, but i will be stopping to to get something to eat anyway. The one thing about the mg – and i havent had it a couple times now – is the lane keep or the lane assistance lane guidance, not sure exactly what they call it and its aggressive like if you veer, if youre anywhere near mid la middle lane or theres, The the side lane the boundary line of the road, it will jerk you back in um and if youre, if youre, not ready, first, its definitely jarring, not that youd be veering off but yeah.

It is super sensitive and im just wondering if there is something that can be turned off with regards to um settings, so ill have to do a bit of rooting around inside in the in the actual um vehicle settings to see. Is there something that you can turn off? I presume you can the um otherwise its pretty the sunroof blind is good on the likes of today with the suns after coming out as we leave mayo and head into our scumming, but otherwise yeah nice, easy drive. Listen to up with a couple of podcasts um but other and thats the the update from 100 kilometers so ill stop again in another 100 kilometers um. To give you the update on the usage thanks very much back into the settings, and so sorry the screen is flashing just because ive got it at 24., so we presume its a vehicle and youve got the customization button, uh mg pilot. So lane assistance. Are you sure? Yes, i am um weve got front collision assistance, which is good lights up red and we have pedestrian im, leaving that on blind rear driving assistance. Blind spot detection was good lane change, assistance and cross traffic and then speed assist to speed warning. So hopefully, lets see if that makes a difference with regards to the lane, keep and ill. When i get out to get some food and go back in ill see if it saves it or just do it every time, but if youre an mg zs ev owner, let me know in the comments if you leave it on or if you think its a Bit aggressive like i do, thanks: Music Music do Music update number two.

We are just coming into raton, which is a village just after longford uh in west meade, and we are down to 113 kilometers left to go with plenty range. Weve got 229 kilometers worth of range battery wise. We are at 55 battery um cumulatively, were down to 17.6, but on this journey, um im after getting the kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers down to 15.8, just over 200 kilometers gone were three hours driving and again the average speed driven is 69 kilometers an hour because Its been either towns or national primary roads here in ireland, which is 100 kilometers an hour, maximum traffic is heavy. Today, as you can see, it is a sunday. People are moving around its good weather, potentially going back up to dublin um yeah i was able to, as you saw, switch off the lane, keep a much smoother drive than the car trying to fight me to get out of the middle of the road um. So i will give you an update once i get to donaire, which is in about an hour but time uh i havent stopped threatening to eat yet so ill. Probably do that now soon, but i said id drop, stop and give you an update. Another 100 kilometers in and weve only 113 kilometers to go thanks very much Music. Here we are at dunleery harbour where we always try and finish up on this coast to coast and stats. Are we finished on 15.

6 kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers average speed was 64 kilometers an hour. Total was 316 and a total journey time of five hours thats, including a stop in bangladesh, um really good. As always, we knew it was going to do us number. One number two thats giving us: then a real world range at 22 degrees with a bit of motorway, mainly national primary roads of 107 plus 316. So 423 approximately thatll be a bit lower in the winter time, but very impressed its a very capable electric vehicle for the price. The value, i think, is phenomenal, excited to see the mg4 coming out, not sure if im going to have driven it by the time. I put this review out, but there will be a review coming on the channel of the mg4. Hopefully, youve enjoyed this coast to coast, make sure youve subscribed to the channel leave like the video leave. A comment to. Let me know if theres another type of vehicle that youd like to for me to do the coast to coast, and then i can go away with that list and and go to manufacturers if youre an mg zs owner yourself, what kind of range youre getting what Type of kilowatt hour per 100 kilometers. Are you getting efficiency, wise id love to hear all about it and remember if you think an ev is for you leave it to me and ill review.