This is something that people are gon na buy because, ladies and gentlemen, its been a long time coming, so this is mahindras. First, ever electric SUV, its called the XUV 400 youve – got this sort of coppery Twin Peaks logo differentiated from the normal internal combustion engine, so lets take a bit of a closer Deep dive into what the XUV 400 is all about: Music. Okay. Now, obviously, this is based on the xuv300, so there are tons and tons of similarities, and there are of course changes that you would expect from an electric car like, for example, it doesnt have an engine under the Bonnet here. So you dont really need Cooling and big radiators, so the Grills been blocked off, but, unlike other cars, who completely block off the grill and give sort of this smoothened out feel mahindras gone ahead and put like these little X, indents in the grill that make it Look like its a grill sort of thing and then of course, youve got these little copper bits and pieces that break up the design in general and make it look a lot nicer. Now. This car is also slightly longer than the xuv300, because the sub formula rule doesnt really come into play for electric cars, because the gst8 for electric cars is a completely different bracket, so its not going to make it a lot more expensive than what it would be. If it was just a sub 4 meter or three nine, nine, five, three nine nine nine mm, but overall in terms of design again get into this.

I like the way theyve used these copper bits on the bumper on the grill in the wheel, sort of design and, of course, on the roof and thats, not something that we regularly see. Because if you talk about a two tone roof you normally see the blacks and the whites and the silvers and the Grays. But a gold or a copper. Color is something that I havent seen since the American cars of the 50s and the early 60s. So thats. Something thats cool and, of course, A lot of people are going to buy a white Mahindra SUV, isnt it its like a staple color. For them there are more colors. The blue is nice, the blacks behind us. We talk about them a little later tomorrow when we actually drive the car and we bring out that review or that video on the 11th. But overall, what do you think about the way it looks? I think it looks rather nice, but now lets talk about the big thing you guys really have come here to watch and see and hear about those specifications. So lets quickly talk about the specs before we actually get inside its a 110 kilowatts thats about 150 horsepower and 310 newton meters of torque battery figures, ‘.4 kilowatt R and it is ib67 rated. So its got a decent amount of waterproof and dust proof. Resistance, uh 0 100 gets done in just 8.3 seconds 0 to 60 is Just 4 seconds and you get an arai range of 456 kilometers, Which is higher than the Nexon ev.

Even the newest Nexon EV, with the extended range so also gets fast charging capabilities. So 0 to 80 on a fast charger takes just 50 minutes and thats great, because 50 kilowatt charges are something that we are seeing more and more of, and you get a limited top speed of 150 kilometers per hour. Overall. These figures are quite impressive, but lets talk about the inside because thats something that really needed a change on the xuv300 everybody. Okay, now one of the biggest things that weve been all screaming about with top of our voices from all the rooftops since the xuv300 came into the market, was the fact that the interior just looks dated it looks older as compared to all its contemporaries. It just doesnt doesnt, look as fresh as modern as it should for a car in 2022 or even a couple of years ago. They have changed bits and pieces. What theyve done is change. The color palette overall design, though, stays the same, and that is a gigantic opportunity. Loss Mahindra. Why have you done this? Why dont? We have a much larger screen. Why dont? We have a completely new sender, console thats, something that could have been done, thats money that should have been spent instead of spending it somewhere else. Even if this came at the overall price premium as compared to whatever the car will be priced in when the prices are announced in January, this disappoints me. I mean yeah, fine, okay, if the copper bids, all around copper, colored bits all around like the new Twin Peaks logo or the copper sort of finish on the AC knob and the volume controller and the BMW like shifter, has a bit of copper on it.

But overall its an EV, it needs to scream and shout deck, and this doesnt Scream and Shout dead its just a little underwhelming. No, in fact, you know what Im not going to be mild with my words here, its very underwhelming. This is a giant opportunity lost for Mahindra, Music. Now, of course, this is just a first look of the xuv4 Down Below. We will have a more in depth review of the car, including driving Dynamics, Etc, and how just it feels like to drive on the 11th of this month in a couple of days, so stay tuned for that. For now, though, this has been a bit of a mixed bag.