This is the 2024 chevrolet equinox ev Music lets start with the headlines. Base price is going to be around thirty thousand dollars. Range will be as high as 300 miles, thats an estimate from chevy, and you can get up to 290 horsepower. Theres, of course, a lot more to it than that, but lets take a look first at the exterior Music now wheels. Of course, these are 21 inches in diameter and thats the biggest size you can get on the equinox ev thats on the lt or 2lt trim, which is what this version is now the base car will have 19s and the rs will come with 20s, but lets Take a look further at the size of the vehicle. This is a bit longer than the current gasoline powered equinox, both in terms of wheelbase and overall length, and that gives it a look thats similar but different as well. I, like the two tone: color appearance. The white roof reminds me of my own chevy, c10 Music, before we talk about cargo space and know that this is a prototype and a very much a prototype with a couple things that arent indicative indicative thats. The word of final quality, specifically, this liftgate, is going to open much taller when it is time for production. But we can talk about overall space. The only cargo figure that chevrolets provided is that, with the rear seats down youre going to get around 57 cubic feet of total storage space that is lower than the current gasoline powered equinox and part of the reason for that is that this has a slightly lower Roof line, the final version of the equinox ev is gon na, have a load floor with adjustable height in the storage area, underneath theres also gon na be a little carb out here for like a jug of milk or something from the grocery store.

The equinox ev is built on a similar platform as other gm evs, the ultim platform like the cadillac lyric and the chevrolet blazer, and like those vehicles, it comes with two different battery sizes, whats, the capacity chevy hasnt said yet, but we can tell you how theyre Outfitted in the equinox whats different about this is the small battery is only available with the base model that 30 000, roughly costing version and thats going to be front, drive only and get you 250 miles of range. All the other equinox evs are going to come with the large battery pack and thats going to get you either 300 miles of range with front wheel, drive or 280 miles of range, with dual motor all wheel drive as for on board chargers, the top of the Line equinox 3rs all wheel drive is available with a 19.2 kilowatt level, 2 charger thats gon na get you miles quickly, of course, but all other equinoxes are going to have a 11.5 kilowatt charger which, according to chevys claims, will get you 34 miles per hour when Youre plugged in all the equinox evs will accept 150 kilowatt dc fast charging which again, according to chevys claims, is going to get you around 70 miles per hour of charge Music. When you hop in this equinox, you immediately are greeted with these massive displays. Now this is again a more fully loaded example. A prototype example of what the nicer equinox evs are going to be.

Look looking like this center display here is 17 inches diagonally roughly around that size, its very big. It looks very impressive again in this prototype. All the equinox evs are going to have an 11 inch gauge cluster here, which again looks very nice in this setup, and i also appreciate theres a column shifter right here, which is a really nice touch, because it frees up all this space in the center console, Which well talk about in just a second, because i also want to highlight the one pedal drive in this equinox ev. Its functions like all the other chevy evs, including the fact that you have a little, looks like a shift paddle and you engage that it gets. You even more aggressive region than you already have in whatever mode youre. In now, as for uh, interior storage, theres, quite a few options, you have a center armrest here, of course, youve got cup holders here. Youve got a little storage area tray underneath here and then you have a pass through area underneath this whole piece here: thats going to be great storage, space for handbags, purses and so on. If you look up youll notice, theres a glass roof in this equinox ev its available its not the only roof option. Whats nice is theres a shade. It shouldnt be that obvious, but so many evs these days have these big glass, roofs and no shade, and its really nice that theres going to be one in this equinox ev, so thats it for our early peak at the chevy equinox ev.