Now a lot of people are asking me about electric vehicles, these days theres, so many coming onto the market and with gas prices. So sky, high and volatile people want to know how to get into an affordable electric vehicle, and this is one of the best deals on the electric vehicle market these days. This is the 2022 chevrolet bolt ev. This is the 2lt. Now you may recall the chevy bolt from a couple of years ago. I drove one back from monterey to sacramento and i had a little bit of a range anxiety. I would have made it almost perfectly, but you just dont know when youre driving something new new technology like electric vehicle, but it did get me over 200 miles on one charge: electric only charge. So this is the 2022 chevy bolt ev. It has come back. It was out of service out of production for quite some time due to some mechanical issues. Now it is back in general motors is sweetening the pot by lowering the price on the chevy bolt so that it comes in less than 30 000. When you include the federal incentives that gm still has available, so the 2022 chevy bolt is really a wonderfully priced entry level. Electric vehicle Music now lets get into the nuts and bolts of what the bolt has to offer. It has a 120 volt charging cord that you plug right into your garage and over hours and hours, perhaps even days you can finally get it up to its maximum 259 mile range electric only again on a full charge.

Now, as youre driving your daily driving, you might go 20 30, 40 50 miles plugging in at night, youre going to recoup that range overnight, but if youre going from zero to full its going to take a couple of days charging at 120 volt outlet. Now this does have fast charging capabilities, so you could take it to a charger in a public space that is a dc fast charger plug it in speeds it up quite a bit. I still experience probably about three hours going from perhaps 20 percent to full in charging, so it does take some time. Take some planning to make sure that youve got yourself covered charging at a public charging station; Music Applause, Music Applause, Music, Applause, Music. So on my third try looking for a place to get charged faster than i was doing at home, because that was a slow, slow, slow charge over 24 hours and i gained maybe 70 miles of charge. So my third stop here, i finally found one available, although i had to take a ticket, this parking garage is going to cost me a dollar fifty an hour to charge here. In addition to what itll cost me for the electricity, okay, weve been gone in our ten minutes still charging the friend this is a 5.3 kilowatt ac shared were at 193.. We kept going like this now. It says: itll be charged completed by 7, 30 p.m. Its at 4 45 before so.

This is exactly the problem with evs in this particular day and age. I love evs. I love driving. I love the fact you arent burning any gas and i love their speed and quickness quietness. I dont love trying to find a place to plug it in so were not quite there yet, with ev charging infrastructure lets say: youve got that dc fast charging capability, thats much faster. If you plug it in and charge it at a public space. You also have one pedal drive mode which actually puts energy back into the battery when youre braking when youre slowing down really feel that you in fact, dont even need to use your brakes once you get used to the distance it. You could just take your foot off the accelerator slows you down to stop theres, even a paddle shifter that helps slow down even more more aggressive one pedal driving regenerating that battery, giving you more power more range in that battery. This has also some really interesting features. Like heated seats has remote start, has a 10.2 inch infotainment system has an efficiency display in that infotainment system theres also usb charging ports theres a wireless charging, port and theres adaptive cruise control in this 2022 chevy Music. This starts out at thirty four thousand two hundred dollars again, like i say you have to federal tax incentives, bringing it well down into the 20 000 mark as tested this chevy bolt totaled out at 36, 165 dollars Music thanks for watching.

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