K4 version of it is just over 43 and a half thousand euro. The original quote of that was over 45. now, its still just over eight thousand euro of a gap between this and the kia ev6. So this is a 64.8 kilowatt air battery. The one in the ev6 is a little bit bigger. The car is a little bit bigger. The car is a little bit sleeker looking, but thats still enough of a gap, particularly if youre using finance to pay for your car. That will have a significant enough effect on the multi repayments. Anyway, its a good start, the car is cheaper than we all thought, so you got k3 and k4. The range is about 480. According to kia, i can kind of go along with that, because looking at the information since ive been driving, it ive done almost 300 kilometers and theres 145 kilometers left in the guesstimator battery usage is without really trying 16.1 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. So if youre wondering how much does that cost to charge? What are you playing per kilowatt hour at home, multiply that by 64, and that will tell you from empty how much it will cause you to charge your car interesting enough as well. The plug in hybrid version of the nero which ive reviewed here and an early look at the full battery version here also ill leave links at the end of the video the gap there is really quite small, and for about 5000 euro you can get into the Full electric version of the car and that really might kind of hurt the plug in hybrid, in my opinion, because it wont take you too long to get that five grand back.

If you were to keep the car over uh three to four years k4 cars come with absolutely everything blind spot head up, display, cross traffic monitoring, all the safety stuff that you would expect its included, and you get air cooled seats and heated seats, and this brighter Contrasting color, i think, is nice – does does a nice job of the cabin also, the other thing about contrasting when it comes to the nero is that pillar that can be a different color for 700 euro, its not on this car, and actually, i think, its fine. Well, well, mad in this color. I am mad about the fact that they have the charging port at the front of the car. So you have your ccs charging. You will get to uh 80 in under 40 minutes. If you find the right charger in fairness to kia, they really do decent speeds. When it comes to charging. There is space in the boot underneath that shelf that you can drop a little bit for your type 2 cable theres, also a granny charger in there. I heard a funny story recently on a trip away where car companies quite regularly get complaints from actual grannies over the term. Granny cable. They find it ageist. So there you go. It is a strange name for i dont know where the hell it came from. If you know, please do leave it in the comments down below, so you still have the charging parts at the side of the seats theres a flat floor, theres a charging socket at the back, just underneath the bench here.

So you can charge devices really really quickly using that, but theres still plenty of usb and usbc charging options going on its quite enough from the outside world, its very smooth it doesnt necessarily feel the weight. It probably should. One thing i was definitely interested in compared to the previous inero, because its not called e anything its just nero now the front wheels did like to spin up quite a bit in the wet. I find this new model of the car. It does hold traction a little bit better, but having said that, get the sense that if you really were hammering it away from a satellite or a stop start stand still, then you probably know all about it said torx. There isnt really a thing, so they definitely worked on that issue, and i was just that was one thing i was interested about, seeing because its fine, when youre away the roads are smooth. There are a lot of times. It can be dry, the weathers good, but actually get it onto home soil. It seems, like you know, on irish roads and its always a good indicator. Then, when you get to test out the car and theyve definitely made theyve made improvements over the previous model. No doubt about it at all: good use of interior space, i mean the door. Pockets could probably be a little bit bigger, but center console certainly has loads of space and under the armrest, as well good options there again with the k4, you get absolutely everything so knob is built in android and carplay is all there.

You can set up departure times for charging your car. You can set how high in terms of percentage you want to charge the battery. Maybe you dont want to go 100. All the time you can adjust exactly with a slider and instruments are easy to use very kia, esque very kia friendly. They havent really changed actually, which i kind of like theres, a bit of consistency there you could be in a sorrento. You could be anybody. The sport hatch, but the dials still look the same, even though this is a fully v version of ikea. I havent had to charge the car at all this week and its definitely a case of we always think we do more driving than we do. Ive got 136 kilometers left now ill charge it just for the sake of dropping it back tomorrow with a full battery, but really there wouldnt it wouldnt be something that i need to charge even once a week. If i was to buy this and if youre doing just the usual work commutes and a bit of motorway driving collecting kids going to the shops, all that stuff, if thats, your kind of weekly routine youll, be charging this car, maybe every 10 days, maybe every two Weeks, do you work from home a bit theres, you know loads of variables in there, even at motorway speeds, its still far more efficient than an awful lot of evs out there thats thats. What i find interesting about the car.

I really think if you behave yourself a lot and really exercise restraint with the accelerator. Youll get this thing down to 13 14 kilowatt hours 100 kilometers easily. So i got ta say its well put together. 200 horsepower plenty of torque its nippy enough. Its good range and kia are one of the most honest brands when it comes to energy and economy and theyve been doing it for years, where theyre kind of what they say you get is what you get, and now these more modern cars with more and more Technology theyre getting more and more efficient and yeah im really really impressed with the uh the consumption of this car. This car is really putting it right up to the volkswagen id3. Its been a massive success for volkswagen in ireland. Waiting times on them is is substantial. Lets not say hey, you dont have issues either if youre going to try and order uh an ev6 on the website. It says that the gt line is currently not available to be ordered and itll be 2023 before you can and that could get pushed out more. So i dont know what the availability is like on a nero uh. Sometimes you can actually go down to the dublin docks and just see them stacked up there on top of each other side by side. So you get an indication of how many are coming through to the truth of the country, while the nero may not be the best looking car in the world and again beauty is in the eye of the beholder in this case, as with lots of cars, as An ev package: is it really good? Well yeah, it is if youve got any comments or questions about the car.

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