You see what theyve done is taken the id4 and then made a bit more coupe light. So its cooler, though just like wearing crocs its never going to be that cool. Is it anyhow in this video im going to talk you around the exterior design of this car im going to show you the inside im, going to see how practical it is im going to try its technology and im going to drive it on a wide variety Of roads and, of course, im going to launch it to see how quick this id5 is from north to 60 miles an hour because im at watson and youre watching car wow and if you havent done so already make sure you subscribe to this channel and hit The bell icon to turn your notifications on that way. You wont miss one of these review. Videos buy sell car wow lets start this video by talking about the design of the id5, and the biggest difference of the id4 is, of course, the tailgate, which is a lot more swoopy, because its a four door coupe, you also get a spoiler, which spoils your View at the back window a little bit as ill show you later on. You also have id5 badging and a full length light bar moving down the side. You can really see the sloping roof line. I do think this looks better than the id4, its less blobby and in some ways, because youve got this contrasting roof bar here i can always picture it as a convertible.

Should they actually do this as a convertible, or am i mad put pink comment? You can vote. Let me know how i lost the plot anyway. Allow wheels start at 19 inches rising to 20s, which is what this car has moving towards the front very similar to the id4 at the front. No changes really at all so youve got a light. Bulb, which runs across the front here, theres no proper grille, because its an electric car and yes, this is what it looks like. Does it look like an expensive car to you, because it certainly is. It starts at just under 50 000 pounds this one, though, with the equipment on it and things like its getting up for 60 000 pounds. Thankfully, though, if you go on car, while you can save some money off one, so the average saving on an id5 through car wow at the moment is just over 1 000 pounds. Now, if you want to see how much money you can save on your next car, be a new car or a used car click on the pop up button up there for the link in the description below to get a car wow. Alternatively, if you want to do that at a later date, just simply google help me carl wow me and my team will help you choose the right card for you and get it for a fair price from one of our trusted dealers here on the inside, the Id5 gets these sporty seats as standard which is pretty nice, theyre, comfortable and theres, plenty of adjustment in them and theres plenty of adjustment in the steering wheel as well, and you can get a decent view out of this car other than that, though, its exactly the Same as the id4, so quality is all right, but there are some scratchy plastics a bit lower down im, not feeling the 50 000 pounds to tell you the truth.

In fact, i think that the interior of akira v6 does just feel a little bit more expensive. If you want to see my full index, video review of that car click on the pop out banner up there for the link in the description below, i think one of my biggest problems that i have with the id4 and the id5. This particular car is infotainment system, so you do get this big screen here. Another thing is, you have to use a slider for the volume control and these buttons here – theyre, not backlit, so theyre quite hard to see when youre driving at night. Another thing that i find annoying the touch sensitive buttons on the steering wheel, im, not sure if you press them or you just slide, i dont know it all kind of. Does my head im a little bit disappointed about the size of the digital drivers display as well? It does show you the speed and stuff like that, but theres not actually that much information on it. You can only switch between a couple of views and its all pretty small and youre driving select buttons there. That is actually quite handy because its close to where you have your hand on the steering wheel, so i do like that particular feature in terms of practicality. Well, youve got two cupholders here: youve got a storage area there, which you can use to charge your mobile phone because its also a charge pad two usb c ports.

There some cup holders spacery bits here which you can configure if you want to, and of course you can cover it over if youre not using it and my particular favorite thing, which i find very useful during my time with this car is the fact that the Seats have these armrests, so you can just like cruise along like that here in the back of the id5, you do have less headroom because that sloping roof line. Then you get in the id4 im. Fine, only very tall people will feel a little bit kind of like they have to sit slouched in order to deal with that. But you can slow it quite easily because theres absolutely loads and loads of knee room. And if you need to carry three people at once, because youve got a flat floor because theres batteries underneath here theres no internal combustion engine with like exhaust and prop shafts, and all that kind of nonsense. Theres plenty of room for everyones feet, loads of foot space. Now castle needs to be wider. You can fit three adults in the back. If you need to do that, if you need to carry a baby seat, youve got isofix and points here on the two outer seats and theyre very easy to get to, because youve got flip up, covers doors, open nice and wide as well put the child lock. On yeah id say: theyre open, nice and wide its so easy to get a big babysitter in the back end.

You can even fit the wrist facing ones without too much trouble, because theres so much room back here. Are there areas of practicality? To note? Oh here look: we have some composters here, some through loading there. You also have these really handy little pockets there, where you can put your mobile phone and like, and if you want to watch something just along there like if you like a bit of vertical watching like i do, and you have some old pockets here as well. Your climbing controls down there and two usbc charging ports. I like this look not again ow spread my head. This is a disaster, but anyway look the rear windows go all the way down. Oh, i was like the fact that this car comes with a panoramic glass roof as standard shut up beeping, mind you. That is one of the reasons for the fact that it costs quite so much. This is terrible. Lets move on sorry to interrupt the video, but i need to tell you about the car wow september. Sale. Weve got over 800 amazing deals with an average saving of 1500 pounds, so click on the pop out banner up there for the link in the description below to go to carlo to check out the sale but move quickly, because the offers end on the 30th of September now lets move on to the boot, so the capacity of the id5 is pretty good. Its 549 liters, which is actually six liters more than the more boxy id4 dont, know how that is anyway.

The boot itself is a nice square shape theres, a few tie down points here and there well carry longer items its leaning, unfortunately and um fold the seats down because theres no release handles here in the back. You dont get a completely flat floor because it does raise up ever slightly, but its smooth enough that you can slide things to the front underneath here. You have some charging cables. Look at this yay charging cables. They might be wondering why have you got them under there? Surely theres another place where you could store them. This is an electric car after all, and that brings on to five and nine things about the id5 you see, even though the id5 and its sister car, the id4 are built from the ground of electric vehicles, somehow or other volkswagen managed to engineer some storage space Under the bonnet, like you get on many other electric cars, which is the perfect place to store your cables, epic fail the glove box on right and drive. Cars is half the size as it should be, because volkswagen can be asked to move the fuse box from here over to the side when they move the steering wheel across a cheap stunt that the french manufacturers used to pull but have now stopped thanks for that. Volkswagen also, while the door bins are large, look theyre, very large holes, big bowl, the way theyre designed they actually recess further back than you can see and as a result, you often just lose things in there.

So you think youve left your keys around the car. Do a quick check, you swear to partner that youve checked the car properly and then eventually they go out and look properly and dig all the way back into the door and they go lucky idiot there they are, you did my head in were getting a divorce. The reversing camera on the id5 is mounted quite low down here so in when to get splashed in row grind. There is a little washer for it there, which does help, but on the id3, which is a less expensive car, the actual reversing camera pops out of the volkswagen badge, so its always kept hidden until you need it. So its always clean when you want to use it, imagine youre driving along and your child just puts down the rear window and you get that effect where it just really hurts your eardrums as the air goes, and you want to put the wind up really quickly. Well, its easier said than done here from the drivers seat because for some reason volkswagen have got rid of the rear window switches for the driver. So what you have to do is first press this button here to toggle these switches to operate the rear, and then you can put the window up. That is one of the most stupid ideas that ive seen from any motor manufacturer in the past 10 years. You cant quite fit the load cover underneath the false floor.

You think you might be able to think oh yeah, surely its going to fit. Surely it will but nah it doesnt. You know what that means. Yes, this is getting heated now. Ive been teleport manufacturers for doing that, and so weve had to employ a low cover catcher anyway, that moves on to five cool things about the id5. A lot of manufacturers are fitting their cars with flush door handles because they look better. However, some can be a pain to use in the way they pop out im. Talking about you mercedes, i like this solution from volkswagen, though, because its flush yet looks and operates like a normal door. Handle theres, actually a switch just inside there. So when you pull on it, the door opens easy. These seats may look like theyre, leather and sway, but theyre actually made from dead animal skin theyre constructed from recycled materials, which is perfect. If you fancy doing a bit of virtue signaling, the car has something called the id light, which is an led strip that runs across the front of the dash by the windscreen, and it gives you various information such as when you plug in charging. It shows you how much charge youve got and that youre actually charging. It will also illuminate when you activate the id5 assistant, the voice commands and when youre driving using satellite navigation. It will also signal when you need to leave at a certain junction. You get proper keyless entry and go so not only does the car recognize when the keys in your pocket, let you in you dont even have to press a stop button.

You just sit on the seat, put it in drive and then away you go. There are icifix anchor points on the front passenger seat, so if you need to carry three baby seats at once, you can do the id5 has a 77 kilowatt hour battery pack and a claimed range of 316 miles. You can charge it on dc at 135, kilowatts or ac at 11 kilowatts, you get two motor choices with the standard rear, wheel, drive car 174 horsepower or 204 horsepower, which is what this car has. You can also get a dual motor gtx model, which has an extra motor on the front axle and that has 299 horsepower, but which is my favorite choice and trim level of id5 well im going to configure my favorite now using the car, wow configurator ive already Configured it im not doing it really now, but if you want to see what the car is in the trim level and the saving through car wow click on the pop up button up there for the link in the description below to check it out. Right lets see what this id5 is like to drive starting off with in town. So what im going to do is put the car into b mode, which gives me more regen braking. So when you lift off the accelerator, it slows down fairly quickly, but what it never does is come to a complete stop. If you want to stop, you do at some point have to press the brake pedal.

I prefer it when you get full one pedal drive and you can come to a complete standstill when youre, just driving around town by lifting off the accelerator dont know why they dont do it in this car. You know you may as well just forget that added regen braking and just drive it normally, where you get kind of engine, braking like a normal internal combustion engine car and then use the brakes, because the brakes actually are pretty smooth, sometimes with electric cars theyre a Bit grab you when you first press them, because theyre not very good at blending that regen effect with the actual friction brakes, but vw seem to have it nailed. Another thing they have nailed with this car is the turning circle, because its just 10.2 meters look im going to do a ue here. The car behind me probably isnt, expecting it because its quite a long car this ones gon na make it all the way around. Without curbing the wheels look at that its so maneuverable, the only complaint that i have about it really is the rear visibility. Because of that sloping, roofline youve got a small rear window. Its got like this spoiler across the back, which is pointless on an suv such as this, and these pillars are quite chunky as well other than that, though, the slightly raised driving position gives you a good view forward and youve got some big door mirrors right. Lets see what the id5 is like to drive when you go on a faster road, such as a dual carriageway motorway.

So imagine youre joining one. You need to accelerate from about 40 to 70. lets. Do this im gon na floor it check out the pickup. You know its adequate now when im going slightly quicker, im noticing theres a little bit of wind noise from around the door mirrors other than that its really quiet. This car seats are comfy as well, but what about the efficiency im averaging 3.5 miles per kilowatt hour when you do the mass based on the battery capacity of this particular car that works out to 288 miles of real world range, its a little bit off the Claim 316 miles, but not by much really. However, if you want to go further, you might want to test the model. Why click on the pop up button up there for the link in the description below to watch my full in depth, video review of that car right lets see what this id5 is like on a twisty road, so im going to put it into sports mode. So thats sharpened at the throttle response made the steering a bit heavier and it stiffened up the suspension on this particular car because its got the adaptive setup. So that should mean that it doesnt lean quite so much in the bends and yep. It does stay pretty flat. I dont know if you could hear that, then the tire is squealing. If you push this thing too hard, it does run out of grip in the bends, but you do have to be pushing quite hard for most people.

Most of the time, this thing will go around corners. Well enough. Now one of the things about being in sports mode when youve got the adapter dampers is that it does make things a little bit more choppy when youre going over bombs, especially if the road is badly surfaced like this one. So really youre going to be better off. If i can do it when im driving, i wish that sport mode was on the steering wheel going to comfort. You notice that difference already its much smoother now so yeah heres the bend im in comfort mode im easily catching this slow hyundai up in front of me. Look. You can drive this car as fast as you need to its easy, its relaxing and its very, very competent those three words pretty much sum up: the volkswagen brand in general dont. They notice i didnt use the word exciting. The id5 is not exciting, but thats. Fine. Now lets see how quick this car is from not 60 miles an hour. Volkswagen says it will take 8.4 seconds im going to put into sports mode lets. Do it just going to floor, the accelerator put it into normal drive no brake assist. Here we go three. Two one go its quite slow off the line actually, but its building whats it gon na be Music. Ive got an 8.84. Now lets check out the braking performance of this car from 60 miles an hour im going to do a full emergency.

Stop? How long will it take to stop Music 34 meters thats, actually pretty good Music? So then whats my final verdict on the vw id5? Should you avoid it, consider it shortlist it or just go right ahead and buy it? Well, i reckon you should consider the id5 its quite a nice electric car, its just a little bit expensive for what it is. I hope you enjoyed the video if you did give it a like.