Then congratulations. You have good taste, but today, Im here to talk about Genesis, the premium Automotive brand, which is launching not one but three electric vehicles. This month alone, today were focusing on the gv60, which is the first Genesis model built on a dedicated electric vehicle platform, and it shares quite a lot with the qreb6 and the Hyundai ioniq 5.. But does the gv60 have an edge over its cousins were about to find out, but first you can skip ahead to any part of this review. You like and dont forget that my full detailed written review is online at the cast guide site right now, Music, since Genesis became a standalone brand a few years ago, its focused on value for money as a way to entice buyers away from the usual premium European Suspects and as a way to lure buyers up from mainstream Brands like Kia and Hyundai and Toyota, but just how competitive is the gv60 against its direct rivals. The gv60 is arriving in Australia at the same time as the electrified G80 sedan and a few weeks before the electrified GV 70 SUV. The gv60 will be offered in two distinct grades, starting with the gv60 all wheel, drive from 103 700 before on road costs and Topping out with the more potent performance all wheel drive for seven thousand dollars more at 110, 700.. Looking at other premium, electric SUVs of a similar size, the gv60 undercuts the likes of the BMW i X3 Mercedes Benz eqc and the slightly larger Audi e tron, its a good thirty thousand dollars more than a Hyundai ioniq 5, while the key or ev6 gt line, Which shares a Powertrain with the gv60.

All Drive is about 16 000 cheaper, comparing the specs side by side. The Genesis has more standard gear than its siblings, as it should. Some of the standard features highlights across both grades include a panoramic sunroof, a Wireless smartphone charger soundproof glass for a more hushed ride, 18 way, power, adjustable driver seat with a massage function, a 17 speaker, Bang and Olufsen sound system, a 12.3 inch multimedia screen and a Digital instrument, cluster of the same size and thats, just to start its packed with so much gear that the only option available is matte paint. Given you get such a generous smattering of standard features and its more affordable than the European Rivals, the gv60 represents excellent value for money, its really interesting how each of the models built on the egmp platform, so the key or ab6 the ionic 5 and the gb60 Looks so different, theyre all roughly the same size, but I think the designers have done a really good job, differentiating them based on their respective brand identities. Im a big fan of the Genesis, exterior design, and I must say I think the gv60 does look much better in the middle than some of those early press picks, but Im not sure it works so well on this shape of car compared to Something in Sleek. As beautiful as say, the gv70 SUV or the G80 sedan, but theres, absolutely no denying that this is a very eye. Catching car jv60 has quite an interesting interior design as well now theres quite a lot going on in here.

There are a lot of different materials. A lot of different colors and a lot of different shapes, like youve, got circular kind of things here for the door handles a more rectangular, rounded off Elementor 2 down here and its all very busy its, not necessarily to my taste so on this launch. We also drove the G80 electrified and that has a more understated, minimalist classic approach in the interior, thats, probably more My Vibe, but I also do understand the appeal of the interior of the jv60 inside theres definitely a familiarity about the interior design. Again, the three models have their own distinct flavor, but you can definitely pick the resemblance to the Hyundai in the Kia. The twin screens are housed in different materials, but still familiar. The gb60 adopts some Genesis. Interior design traits like the rounded off elements around the climate controls, the heavy use of brushed crime and the two spoke steering wheel. It also has what Genesis calls a crystal sphere Drive selector in the console when the car is off. It acts as a mood light but hit the start button and it flips to become the gear selector its a cute trick, but its a little gimmicky. The Genesis gv60 has yet another party trick and thats the fact that it doesnt have traditional exterior mirrors. Instead, its got two digital cameras that show up on a screen inside the car, very similar to the Audi e tron. Now, after a couple of days of driving the gv60, I did find it a little bit distracting and it does take a while to get used to.

However, if youre a Tech head, you might absolutely love this function, theres a real, upright feeling to the interior as well. The driving position is upright, and so is the dash thats, not necessarily a bad thing, its just very different from a sedan or anything like that. Its a very spacious interior, its got a very long wheelbase and theres ample space, both in the front and the rear which well get to shortly theres no shortage of storage options in the gv60 either. Of course, youve got the center console here, its not particularly deep, but youll easily fit a bunch of things in here. Uh mobile device charging right there, two decent sized cup holders theres a really Nifty little box down. Here you could fit a whole bunch of things. Maybe some shoes who knows and then under here this entire thing acts as a storage compartment. So it goes from the rear to the front and its quite secure. You wouldnt be able to see it if you were looking directly into the windows, so I think thats a very, very handy feature in terms of the bottle storage. You wont, get very tall bottles in the doors, but medium sized bottles are fine and theres. Some extra space for other things in there as well and, of course, another neat party, trick its a drawer glove box. Do you love it? I do. Genesis is focusing on sustainability quite a bit, so a number of the materials in the cabin are actually made from other recyclable materials which is fantastic to see.

These seats are gorgeous in the back as well, obviously not as bucketed as the front, but theyre still very comfortable and would be lovely on a road trip. I also quite like the look of them with the perforation, although you can probably get a few crumbs in there in terms of space theres next to no toe room but thats, because theres so much functionality in those front seats it just wouldnt fit. So it kind of makes sense as to why theres no toe room but theres heaps of knee and leg room and Ive got ample Headroom. If I put my head back too far, Id be starting to scrape the top of the roof, but Im six foot tall. So thats kind of to be expected. This is a 60 40 split fold rear seat and it has a handy little armrest with a couple of cup holders. Here youve got your two USBC ports there and again youve got access to this fantastic storage compartment here, which I absolutely love and a little nap to hold things in if youre going fast in boost mode, for example, um, not a huge amount of space in the Doors for the bottles similar to up the front, but youll fit some small ones in there for sure, and what I love is air vents here on the pillars, as opposed to down here blowing on your face that way, this is a much better way to stay Cool or warm in the rear, good job Genesis, the gb60 has a decent sized boot without necessarily being class leading you dont get a spare wheel.

Instead, you do get a tire repair, kit, theres, some underfloor storage, but that is generally reserved for the charging cables. Now. Theres 432 liters of space to play with in here, which is about 80 liters, less than a BMW, ix3 and 50 liters less than the Kia ev6 foreign Music electric vehicle under the Bonnet, you wont find an engine. You will find a bunch of electric powertrain bits. It also has a frunk or fruit or front trunk, whatever you want to call it, but its a little storage space, usually for the charging cables. You could also fit a very large lovely handbag, some shoes, a bunch of other items in here. The all wheel drive has a total system: output of 234 kilowatts of power and 605 newton meters of torque, while the flagship performance all wheel, drive, pumps out 360 kilowatts and 700 newton meters when in boost mode. That latter figure is enough to propel it from 0. To 100 kilometers an hour in four seconds and thats about a second quicker than the Kiara ev6 GT liner will drive both grades come with adjustable regenerative braking foreign. Both gv60 model grades come with a 77.4 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery, but they differ when it comes to driving range and energy consumption. The gv60 all wheel drive has an official range of 470 kilometers, while the performance all wheel drive, can be driven for 466 kilometers. Before needing a Top Up, thats slightly more than the BMW ix3 and slightly less than the Kia ev6 GT, liner will drive, but quite impressive figures.

Nonetheless, energy consumption is rated at 18.8 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers for the all wheel, drive and 19.1 for the performance. Both variants have charging capacity of 350 kilowatts and it will take you about 73 minutes to charge from 10 to 80 battery capacity, using a 50 kilowatt fast charger or just 18 minutes on a 350 kilowatt Ultra rapid charger included in the gv60 purchase price is a Choice between a five year charge Fox subscription or a home AC charger and installation. The Genesis gv60 has a very neat party trick: its got whats known as vehicle to load charging, and that basically means it acts as a mobile power source. With this included, adapter, you can just plug in a regular household plug and youll, be able to charge a number of things from power tools to even plugging in a kettle to make yourself a cup of tea. On the go Isnt that cool foreign ly driving the gv60 performance, all wheel drive, it is the performance Flagship of the range now as if the all wheel drive version, which is the entry level version wasnt quick enough. This thing is properly fast, like sports car fast. Perhaps unsurprisingly, given it is an electric vehicle and theres no internal combustion engine, the gv60 is very, very quiet. The only real noise I can hear really is the tires on the road and Genesis has done a very good job in insulating this cabin to try and keep as much of that out as possible.

The steering on the gv60 is heavily weighted and weve also driven the electrified G80 sedan on this launch, which is a very large electric sedan, and I found the steering in that to be a bit sharper than in the gv60, but its still pretty Direct in terms Of visibility, the gv60 has a split window on the tailgate, so you Vision out. The back is a little bit compromised. Its also got some very big pillars: the a pillar, the b pillar and the C pillars. So if youre kind of looking behind you to do a bit of a parking maneuver or something like that, you will have to rely on sensors and cameras, because there is a blind spot or two when it comes to handling. I think the gv60 could be best described as more than capable its a tall SUV. So when you corner, you are absolutely going to feel some body roll and you do, you can still hit a tight Bend pretty quickly, but its not a hot hatch and its not pretending to be one. The tires provide enough grip, but in the wet there is a little bit of slippage, theres something a little bit floaty about the ride of the gv60, and I dont mean that as a criticism, but the suspensions been tuned for dynamic driving, so even in Comfort mode. It is a little firm and you will feel some of those corrugations and potholes along the way now theres very little to complain about when it comes to the inline performance of the gv60.

However, if youre after an extra little dollop of performance – or you want to overtake in a hurry, then on the steering wheel down the bottom, its got this little boost button. That does this. The gv60 has just been tested by and cabinet received. A maximum five star rating, covering both model grades comes with a very long list of standard safety gear as well, including an extensive forward collision avoidance, assist system that has car pedestrian and cyclist detection and an advanced turning and Crossing function. It also has a front center airbag check out my written review for all the details on the safety Tech in the gv60 Genesis offers a five year, unlimited kilometer warranty for the gv60 and the high voltage battery is covered for eight years. The servicing intervals are every 12 months or 15 000 kilometers. Whichever comes first and Genesis is doing servicing a little differently to its Rivals. Servicing is complementary for the first five years, meaning you wont, pay a cent also depending on where you live. A Genesis representative will come and collect your gv60 for a service and, if its, your first Genesis model theyll, give you a free courtesy vehicle. While the car is in the shop thats all round a very impressive offer foreign. The Genesis gv60 is designed to grab your attention and theres, absolutely no doubt that it does that very, very well. Its also likely to get the attention of EV buyers thanks to a very generous standard equipment list, thats very hard to beat in this segment.

The gb60 is fast and its fun, and while the ride and handling is a bit of a mixed bag, it is a welcome addition to the electric vehicle segment in Australia for more information on the Genesis gv60 head across to the cars guide site.