How many miles do you have on your mini after having it for 13 months yeah? So as it sits right now, it has exactly 2021 miles on it and 700 of those were just getting it home from florida, which is where we originally purchased it um. So you can do the math ive put 1300 miles on it in a year, so thats largely the reason were getting rid of it, and we should talk about that. This car has 114 mile range so that works out to charging probably one of the shortest range. If not, the shortest range evs on the market, once a month, roughly yeah, and especially now so we used to live slightly outside of the city we live in charlotte um, we used to live slightly outside now were more in like the center of the city. So most of those miles were when we lived outside the city now that were actually in the city, i drive it even less, because i we have like a grocery store within walking distance. I walk to work um and anywhere that anywhere else. I really need to go like we can just plan accordingly, like we probably go together most of the time, because i dont like going places alone, because i have social anxiety, um, so yeah yeah, because previously, when we lived near like wiley, we actually had to kind Of have a car because you couldnt really do anything without a car, but now that were closer to the city, you dont really need a car and youre basically just driving the car.

At this point i drive it because i feel bad because you yeah you drive it for sake of driving it not because you actually need to drive it anymore um. But how would you summer up your overall experience with the car? Is it pretty good? I mean i love the car, but i mean im kind of biased because ive always loved minis, um and ev, so it just kind of made sense. For me i know its not the most practical car for everyone, but i love it. If i did drive it more and i had reason to, i would definitely keep it and if your use case for the car makes sense, i would definitely recommend it. But for me it just doesnt make sense for me to keep the vehicle because i dont drive it yeah. Even for me, i really like the car. I havent driven it a ton because kaylee doesnt, let me in because it has manual seats, so its a pain because we have a foot height difference. But if it had say id say probably 150, like interstate mile range, i could probably make it work. But i just drive too much for a vehicle of this range yeah. It could do like 85 percent of my driving, but that 15 percent really wouldnt work for me, yeah um and the i mean if it had faster charging. That could also work too, but theres. Just a lot of stretches that cant be done in this car that i do fairly frequently yeah, i mean youre an outlier like yeah im, not normal yeah.

The average person like, i think, a lot of people have a lot of anxiety surrounding it, but i dont really think its as necessary, especially like. The main thing is that you have charging at home. In my opinion, yeah, i would say as long as you have like, if you go to work and like you, go to the grocery store and like maybe do like a few errands, i think its funny yeah, or especially as a second car which most minis are For people anyway, it really is the best version of a mini in a lot of ways. It fixes the biggest problem with the mini, which is usually the powertrain yeah, and it just drives better and its. I dont know the exact number as far as 0 to 60, but i think its slightly faster than the s do. You know theyre like about the same okay, close enough that it doesnt matter, but this is also the 2022. So this actually has the refresh front. Bumper, which we got kind of right when the 2022s first started coming out uh i mean with 2000 miles. You wouldnt really expect anywhere and there isnt so not really a whole lot to show in that regard, but just want to tell you guys kind of. Why were moving on from this car, even though we really like it and kaylee is borderline obsessed with it? It basically smashed together her two cars, the tesla model, s and her previous mini cooper s and made it into one the mini cooper se and its really good at that.

So now were inside the car because it got a little toasty outside but wanted to continue. Telling you about why were selling it? Why were moving on from the mini cooper sc and why were going down to one car and theres actually going to be another video following this about why the polestar is going away as well thats going to be a little bit more of a news drop for You guys is it because i think we printed out it in, like literally every video that we werent keeping it long term. Well, the no the selling it isnt the surprise, but the whats coming and all the details. There may be a little bit more of a support. I think weve also okay, anyways back to the mini um. So, like we kind of mentioned, i love this car um, but when we did get it it was there werent a lot available. So we had it like we kind of sold my tesla, we got a really good deal, selling her car. We bought it really well, and then we sold it really. Well, i would say the market was like really high um, so we kind of were like at the time more pressed to record, because i thought i really needed a car. As you can probably see, i dont really need a car. Hence this getting rid of it. Um, but because of that we kind of looked all over the country for one we looked primarily the eastern seaboard, because with the 100 mile range it would have been a little tricky to get it home any farther like outside the i 95 corridor, ish yeah.

But i did look everywhere, but because of that, this isnt my ideal spec for the car either so like, while were mainly getting rid of it, because i dont need a car. I would definitely get another one, but this was never my ideal spec. So i would its not the dream car per se, so she does not. She doesnt feel emotional yeah, so shes not emotionally attached to it, i think, is what shes getting at yeah so like, even if like i could see myself getting another one of these, but i would probably want to order it kind of situation too yeah and also We did pretty well with the tax credit and everything, whereas now they dont qualify for the tax credit, which is pretty unfortunate because it makes this car a lot less appealing, i would say, were not going to talk about that. I have my emotions on them. Yeah, the yeah, the the new tax credit situations, a mess but thats a different topic, but any departing thoughts on this car i mean its at 35. I think we last charged it well over a month ago, yeah i dont, try to charge it very much. I mean i love it its one of those cars that, like it, has to fit your lifestyle because, like with 114 miles like range um, you have to kind of like not really you cant go long distance. Frequently like ive weve done long distance.

You can, but you have to be pretty dedicated to do so. Yeah so like, if youre most peoples day to day lives, look the exact same, and so, if it like fits in there and like you like minis like i do like its a perfect car for you, but it definitely has to fit into your lifestyle kind of Situation yeah its very much you have to know your use case. You cant just buy it and expect it to meet your needs. You have to pick this car based on your needs and i think thats every car, like i feel like every time. I look for a car, its like that might not be great for someone but thats great for me. Yeah, i mean i mean i think, with a lot of the crossovers on the market, now thats kind of the car that tries to appeal to everyones needs and not really exceeded. Anyones needs yeah, but lets just talk about the spec here, real quick and what we liked about it. So this has the harman kardon sound system, which i believe is pretty hard to find now because of support. I know there is like a lot of supply chain issues, even when we were trying to find what was hard to find one with a lot of cars were getting credited for it. There was absolutely no way i was not having it, but i think the base system and the mini is pretty crap to be honest, yeah and then we also have.

I think they call it the driver, assistance package or something like that. Basically adaptive cruise. That was what was really hard to find. It was really hard to find so um, obviously coming out of the tesla like with like we needed something i needed something so minnies like, i feel, like theyre kind of specked, pretty low, considering all things considering for the most part like im more like them, because, Like theyre like a fun shape and they handle well and like all that good stuff, um but theyre, definitely lacking on some features, including like they dont, come with lane. Keeping at all at this point um, which is generally fine because uh you can kind of just throw it in the lane and its fine because its narrow, but i think one of the things that like really kept me from getting like the 2021 mini cooper essie, Was just like the fact that it didnt have it just had like normal cruise control, it didnt even have adaptive so when, like 2022 model came out with adaptive, i was more like oh thats, like more practical for me now um, so i did get that. Can you not? I was looking for the bottom sticker, absolutely not with that no youre trying to talk and youre over here scavenging through the glove box. I dont even remember what i was saying: youre talking about adapting cruise control and i was trying to find the price of it its.

I think it was roughly 700. yeah, i think its 800. okay. Okay, there goes my brain. Thank you, im, sorry, but anyways. I wasnt getting a car without it its basically, i was trying to say so. We ended up finding this car and were able to sell it uh, basically for msrp after having it for a year, so really cant say no to that. We would the the plan kind of for this car was plan on it depreciating quite a bit and then just keep it basically forever. But then we just kept checking values to sell it to the various online like car dealerships. Essentially uh and the value suddenly went up three thousand dollars and were like oh well. We dont actually need that so lets get rid of it. Yeah so thats also part of why were now selling it versus keeping it basically forever ish yeah, because i mean my original, like ive, had two other minis like and they just like all kind of depreciate like rocks. Unfortunately, so i was kind of planning for that. For this car i was just kind of like okay. Well, this is just gon na be a car. I keep for a while, like its electric, i shouldnt really have to maintain it too much, except for like driving it and, like maybe like watching, tires tires, and so i was like okay. This can just be my favorite car because i knew i loved minis but um after driving it barely driving it for years, sell it for.

Basically msrp is like a miracle in itself, so im gon na take advantage of that. While we can yeah and actually the value has dropped like three thousand dollars, since we locked in that price so now were finally like. Oh lets, we have to make sure we do it before that offer expires yeah. But anyway, if you guys have any questions about our mini cooper, se ownership experience and what it was like to live with, even though we had very few miles on it, um definitely comment down below uh.