Music, hi friends, Hyundai Motor Company Order special showroom in the showroom, and it is an absolute amazing place to be here. Hyundai showroom. Hyundai Motor Company is one of the most amazing greatest technologically advanced Motor companies from Asia. Hyundai wanted to 1967 1980s. The international exports they are all across the world and India lavender 1990s. First International Plant number company has a big interest, big history with India, and it is one of the most amazing car brand and the greatest reliability in India. So lets find out a little bit more is Mr Prashant Prashant vanity hes, a lawyer and hes a model and our run the Hyundai explored because he wants to find the best car for him. So what are you here for pressure is one of the best service to based company, so at the same time, so one of the best reasons for getting into it at the same time on the um. So one of the best reasons – oh super super, so lets check it out: go Music Applause, Music, hi, hello, maam good afternoon, Charles, so its pretty useful and rhombus shift safest car actually and design wise. You can see the Ally bills are totally different when compared to the other cars differentiate from the other Hyundai model section, so pretty cool car actually all right, very good, very good place Music. Any other amazing features electrical and auto foreign, correct aerodynamics, foreign lines: Music, Music. You know foreign foreign, foreign, Music, Music, single press, okay, AC, alternate current direct current DC rendered numbers direct current either when the fuel stations, foreign, Music, thats, amazing, thats, a really new feature: um foreign foreign – oh, my God, fast charging, the maximum.

I guess um tell me about the dashboard uh music system. As usual man, Bluetooth, connectivity, okay, okay done done. There is a 49 charge now in the vehicle, most TV vehicles and what about speed? Sir, already Vehicles, whoa thats fantastic, another thing, youre saying something about brakes. Oh so you can mean to say that, and the thing is recharging, thats really a brilliant feature. Yeah awesome awesome. So what about party mode four speakers but sufficient quality? Okay, me again: Music. Okay! Another brilliant test drive of the wonderful Kona vehicle brought to you by Hyundai and my friends, foreign priced at around 25 lakhs Im, so amazed. You know that this car can do so much in fact competing brands with a or a 30 40 kilometers. So that is the most impressive feature about this car: its a amazing buy for anyone, whos really interested about the environment and wants to do futuristic things.