Even then they have the spare part available. They have the entire catalog, and the best point is that theyre, the same spare part from a host of different component makers, which gives you great flexibility in the pricing overall, so check them out today check out the app its available, both for IOS as well as Hello devices and also check out the website for the latest schemes as well as offers Music, yes, its. Finally, here Mahindra is finally unveiled the xv400, and essentially this car is the xuv300 in EV form. The only difference is that this upcoming EV is much longer than the xuv300 and in terms of Dimensions its over 205 millimeters longer, which means that you get much better packaging inside the cabin. And, of course, you also get that much bigger boot so that your mother in law is always impressed and like the xv300, which really has to suffer in terms of the boot capacity. This one will not disappoint relatives when theyre coming out from the airport. Anyways lets quickly talk about the design elements. First of this car from the front end, it looks very similar to the XUV 3w on which it is based, because essentially it is the same car, but it has a different drivetrain uh. You, of course, get these Chrome and bronze accents all across you, of course, get these bronze accents all across. So you get an L, shaped accent just below the headlamp unit and, of course, the lower part of the bumper as well on both sides.

You, of course, get this flush Grill, because its an EV it doesnt need any kind of air to cool the radiator and from the side profile. It looks very similar to the regular xuv300, but of course The Red Door is much bigger because it has a longer wheelbase. The design of the Halo Wheels is definitely stylish and, of course, you get a lot of Browns on the side as well. On the lower part of the blacked out cladding, the rear end of the car is really where the action is in terms of the design changes, and you can see a very heavily sculpted bumper, along with very heavily stylized lamps. You could definitely see that Pratap post has been working hard on the design of the XUV 400 and it shows in the way this car looks now in terms of the overall size, its not only bigger than the xuv300, but its also bigger than its main rival. The Tata Nexon EV per in terms of the length, as well as the overall wheelbase. In fact, its overall length, is very similar to cars like the Kia celtos, as well as the Hyundai creta, which means that this car really does take on those mid size. Suvs. When it comes to space, as well as on road presence, the only thing similar on the outside, apart from the silhouette, is the fact that you get the same 16 inches in terms of the wheel size, which is identical to the xuv300.

Now, if you move inside the cabin youll see its a very familiar looking dashboard and its very similar to the xuv300. However, the overall lightning has been changed. The texture has been changed to all black instead of page and, of course, you get a lot of bronze elements highlighting the AC Vents and some switch gear as well like the AC knob and the gear knob as well. Mahindras new Twin Peaks logo is all across the car on the outside, as well as the interiors and, of course, the dials look very sharp because theyre much different and they also look very sporty. Indeed, all the switchgear, the analog instrument cluster, as well as the digital mid and even the seven inch touchscreen infotainment system, is just as it is on the x3300. Although on this car, it now runs mahindras Adrian Knox, infotainment software, which definitely is a big step up, because the same software, which you also get on the much more expensive, XUV 700. The big change, of course inside the cabin, is the fact that the gear lever selector is very different and definitely looks futuristic compared to the AMT version of the xuv300. Now, in terms of the overall size, as well as the overall space in the back seat, you can see for yourself that it looks roomier than the regular version of the car. The drive end of this car took place at mahindras testing ground in Chennai. The best facility that they have, and unfortunately I had to miss it out because of a health care and thats, why I couldnt go for it, but I will definitely bring you all the details as soon as I can get my hands on this car.

Let me tell you some of the features that this car will have to offer. Of course you get tools of time, control. You get a big sunroof. You get cruise control or running headlamps apple, carplay and auto, as well as a host of other connected Car Technology. As well as the option of six airbags disc brakes all across and, of course, IP67 waterproof rating for the battery pack, as well as isofic anchorages for the seeds and thats, something which is very important if you always travel with your kids inside the car. How? Officially, the pricing hasnt been announced just as yet, because this car remember will go on sale only in January 2023. Yes, it will go on sale just before the Auto Expo next year and thats exactly three years after it was first showcased as a prototype at the 2020 Auto Expo prices havent been revealed, but since it will be a direct rival to the top next one AV, We expect it to be very close in terms of the overall pricing might be 50 000 rupees more or maybe even one lakh rupees more because its a bigger car, but yes, it should be very close to that car in terms of the battery pack. This car comes with a battery pack of ‘.4 kilowatt up batteries in terms of the battery pack. This car comes with a ‘.4 kilowatt of battery pack and it also has a 150 HP electric motor and Mahindra claims that 0100 comes up in a shade under nine seconds.

Yes, theyre really saying this is going to be a quick car and uh from what weve, driven and from our previous experiences with the EVS. I can definitely tell you that this could well be closer to the truth. Now the range I said before is 456 thats. The claim figure and again our previous experience shows that normally when EU manufacturers is a teddy bear range in real world conditions, the range is almost 10 off, so its really slow. So you can easily expect around 400 kilometers when the battery is fully charged. So guys are you excited about this new xuv400 or the xuv300 E version? You can. Let me know in the comment section below, as I said, I havent driven it as yet Ill definitely get my hands on it very soon and give you a full in depth. Analysis tell you about the driving bits. Tell you about the steering wheel response, tell me about the right comfort and, of course, that all important build quality as well as a host of other things in my own style, so do subscribe to this channel. If you havent done so already, and well definitely catch you in the next one Ill leave you with some visuals and some music of the XUV 4w now bye for now, and thanks so much watching this video Music.