What is it well get into it? Electric car, whoa so smooth, so quiet, lots of torque yeah all right and we dont see whats under the hood. We say whats under the floor of this ev. We have the long range 170 kilowatt single motor with up to 434 kilometers 270 miles of range 231 horsepower and 243 pound feet of torque. It goes zero to 100 kilometers per hour zero to 62 miles per hour. In seven seconds, theres also the long range dual motor with a 300 kilowatt rear motor with 418 kilometers or 260 miles of range 408 horsepower 487 pound feet of torque, zero to 100, kilometers or 62 miles per hour in four and a half seconds, not sure. If you caught that, but this is a premium electric car that is front wheel, drive is the base model most in this kind of snack bracket. They have rear wheel, drive as the single motor and they have a front one pulstar reverses it. This has a 78 kilowatt hour battery and thats for both the single motor and the dual motor so were going to get into polestar and the structure of the company. And what is it in just a second, but it is a premium kind of car. So it comes with some nice standard features. The base trim comes with an 11.2 inch touchscreen with googles, android automotive services, a 12.3 inch digital driver display apple carplay and android, auto heated front seats, a power driver and passenger seat, an eight speaker, audio system, a foot activated tailgate led headlights with active, high beam And led tail lights, 19 inch wheels and front and rear parking assist.

So when you get in this car theres no on off switch, it just recognizes the key put it in gear and away you go yeah. What else can we put it in put it in? Ask for a subscribe and if you can hit that notification bell, youll be notified when all of our reviews drop and then you can watch them and we do this. The couple carve you twice a week. The first one drops on wednesday. We put another one out on saturday, so make sure you like and subscribe. Most important thing is hit that notification bell also follow on instagram its motor mouth underscore andrea to get a sneak peek behind the scenes from me, its motor mouth underscore auto and the links are below the like button. This video is brought to you by car cost. Canada get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches. The link is in the description below about halfway through the video. We do questions coffee and cars, and a viewer wants to know if the single motor has enough power, or do you have to move up to that dual motor excellent question and then the other question probably is what is pole star if you dont follow the auto Industry very, very closely, youre, probably like who this is new to me yeah. So you know the company volvo from sweden right well.

Volvo had a performance division called pole, star their high performance gas cars were marketed under pole star, so volvo was purchased by a chinese car company called gili and they develop polestar into a standalone electric brand. And what that means is this car is made in china, and the good news is theyve injected a whole lot of money into both of these brands to develop all kinds of stuff, and another question coming up is what is pulstars plan for electrification and pole? Star does plan to bring the pole star 3 to the market next year and it will be made in the u.s. I really like the way this handles its smooth and its quiet, everything that you would expect from an electric vehicle, but this steering is quite firm. Ive gone into the screen and ive made it that way, but you can lighten it up if thats the way you like it. Also the suspension is quite tight, and so you feel like youre driving a sporty european sort of derived sedan and i think uh. If youre somebody that likes to drive and youre a bit of an enthusiast, you will enjoy this car quite a bit. Now it does come with a performance pack that you can add to the dual motor you cant get it with the single motor, but it ups the sportiness, whether its the exterior or the drive for 2023. You get an upgrade with an additional 68 horsepower and 15 pound feet of torque on that dual motor, which already has a load of horsepower and torque.

Now a lot of electric car brands. Tesla rests on the fact that they have no internal combustion engine, so they dont really invest a lot in insulation on the inside and thats the one thing about volvo and this car is you really feel that its a premium car they still invested in the insulation Which makes it very quiet. I really like the way that this looks its modern, its contemporary. It has a simplistic design, i think its a real head turner. It comes with frameless, exterior mirrors, regular door handles touch, unlocking and locking, and it even has some ground lighting for those dark parking spots, its its kind of blocky, looking like the the tail lamp across the back is its kind of blocky. Looking its square, i dont know something about square cars. I like yeah, its got clean body lines comes standard with led headlights and led tail lights. Standard 19 inch wheels available 20 inch that performance pack we were talking about earlier, comes standard with the 20 inch wheels and brembo brake well. It makes sense andrea that this is a good looking car, because there is not a bad looking volvo either true. The interior. Also comes with a simplistic design: weve got the plus package in here its fifty seven hundred dollars, canadian forty two hundred dollars in the us, its a package. I would recommend and heres what it comes back, thats a lot of money. It is a lot of money, so you get the panoramic sunroof a heated steering wheel, thats, good yeah, wireless charger, thats good heated, rear seats, but the most important thing whats, the most important thing, its the heat pump.

Ah youve got to have the heat pump. We all know that so youve got to get this package to get the heat pump, its pretty cheeky, if you think about it, youre selling, you know a car from arguably a northern company like volvo and you dont put a heat pump in standard equipment. Thats, pretty cheeky or a heated steering wheel, i mean come on. We need it in canada for sure. For 2023, with a software update, polestar says that you get up to 10 percent, better range in broader temperatures, so thats a good thing, because we have found in the past with the xc40 recharge, as well as the c40 recharge, that we didnt quite get the range That we were expecting listen premium, brand heat pump should just be standard equipment. Lets get into this interior is really uh. You know my favorite electric car sedan. I should say right now, is the i4 from bmw because it just drives so well. Has the standard, bmw interior looks fantastic, but this, i think, is my second favorite because you get into it and it its conventional and modern all at the same time, like its got real buttons for the windows, you dont have to go into a screen, you can Set your mirrors without having to on the screen. You can open the trunk without having to go to a screen. I like that this is a vegan interior, okay, so how many vegans do you think i use the joke every time? How many, how many vegans did it take to make this interior andrea, oh boy, zach? Are they farmed or are they natural vegans? So this has got a great interior? Not only is it comfortable, but the materials used, as i said, are vegan and they are dirt resistant and waterproof.

Now you can get an available leather interior, which is sustainably sourced thats. What poolstar tells me okay, vegan or sustainably sourced thats right this? This interior may be vegan andrea, but its made almost entirely from oil. Yeah yeah put that in your electric car pipe and smoke it yep, so this center console im not totally crazy about. It. Sits quite high, i do like the sporty feel of this. It feels like youre sitting in a cockpit and it offers plenty of front row leg room its equal to the bmw i4 and the model three um, so it does feel quite open and spacious in here. I oh zach, one thing to add: tell me what is it zach, just doesnt like panoramic sunroofs for 2023, because there were complaints about this. Volvo has now added a screen, so you can close it up. Well, yesterday we were shooting the car to car stuff and everything – and it was its warm here today, yeah and yesterday and the sun was beating in – and i was looking like. Please maybe make something yeah that i can close it thats good. But if i had this model, the 2022 id be pissed off a piece of cardboard over my head and the thing is, you can only get the panoramic sunroof in a package and zach may not want the panoramic sunrise, but he wants the heat pump. I want the heat pump and a heated steering wheel back to the heat pump.

The heat pump come on. It should just be standard equipment for sure this has got a great size screen in here its just like a volvo, its a bit quirky, but once you figure out the technology in here, its actually pretty easy. You just got to go through it and give yourself some time. Still. No am radio no, but apple carplay has been added. So i, like sports, talk, radio listening to whats happening in sports yeah zack doesnt have that in this car i have to download an app and connect it through my phone or through the sim card on board its just like techno and theres, no hd radio. You know we said that with the volvo theres, no am well what about hd, where you have a side channel of fm? No, they dont have that either, but you get apple carplay. Now, what about that screen behind the steering wheel? How big is that one thats, a 12.3 inch standard digital driver display, which is great – i mean this – is priced quite well compared to the competition were gon na get into that in our vital stats and andrea loves the shifter. Oh, the shifter is fantastic im, a big fan of this shifter and the one in the volvo. So in the volvo you have to double tap it to go into drive and you have to double tap it to go into reverse pole, star theyre, breaking the rules.

Just a single to go back and a single to go into reverse. I like that me too, a little bit more simplistic and yes, it does have one pedal drive. It brings the vehicle to a complete stop just like the xc40 recharging c40 recharge. So this would compete with other compact luxury sedans, so the back seat – isnt huge – i would say its quite comfortable though, but the seats are firm thats. One thing to note is the seats are firm. The foam is not that great. It offers the least amount compared to the i4 and the model 3.. They both offer more second row legroom. What i love is, this is a liftback, its, not a trunk, its a very useful design. We had an audi a7 with a similar kind of layout. Lift backs are great in sedans like this, you can fold those seats down. You get an enormous amount of space. Very practical yeah space is great, but its the model 3 and the i4 that still offer more one. Nice thing is the grocery catcher. You lift up a panel from the bottom and it stops your groceries from flying all over the place and theres also a frunk. Its not that big, but there is additional storage under the front time now for questions, coffee and cars, your questions from instagram. How do you feel about the front visibility when i test drove it? I felt like the dash sat way too high and took up visibility.

Other than that it was a great drive, i feel the exact same way and im actually a fairly tall person at 57. But if youre petite and quite short, i think that youve got to test, drive this and make sure that its right for you, the seat on the drivers side, only goes up so high. So i feel like this dash is quite high for me. You got to remember this is a shared platform. Geely. The parent company owns volvo and has developed pole star, so you can see that theyre using an suv platform really and shoehorning it into a sort of sedan and thats why the dash is so high, because if the top hat on this was an suv well youd Be itd be different yeah, it would be. I mean i always say that about the xc40 is that you sit up and over the dash which i quite like, but i think this is actually really kind of sporty. You know smaller window higher dash high center console yeah. You feel like youre in a fun car and its a cockpit yeah, its great yeah. Looking forward to seeing the review looks like it will be difficult to fit five comfortably with the hump in the foot. Well, yes, absolutely if you need to take a middle passenger quite often im, not sure this is the vehicle, for you same thing, its a shared platform with volvo and theyre suvs and theres components that run down the middle thats.

Why they have the big hump yeah? And it really is, even though this was developed as an electric car, not as forward thinking as others, with the what they call a skateboard where its flat with the wheels on each corner, and you can build anything off it. This is kind of shoehorned in here yeah, and it just feels so spacious with a flat floor. So i think that that is a downfall of this model once again test drive. It make sure that its right for you, we put out a lot of content each week on the motormouth youtube channel and its so easy to find. All you do is go to the youtube search bar and type in motor mouth. The name of the channel – in this case you would type in probably volvo. This is our first pole, star video and then all of the reviews pop up its that simple, very interesting ev option that the entry price isnt ridiculous, two questions: could you live with? Just the single cup holder in the front seat and two does a single motor have enough power for a daily commuter. Okay grab. Your coffee well, do the demonstration okay! So when you get in the car, zach gets in. Oh look. I got a cup holder for my coffee, andrea. Where are you going to put your cup wheres andreas cup holder? Okay, so you got to lift the armrest up inside. Is another cup holder? Yes, and guess what now zach doesnt have an armrest and heres? The other thing all over, if i want some extra space without this bothering me it does go all the way back, but what about the passenger in the middle seat? Well, what are they going to do? The passenger in the middle seat, their life sucks? They got a hump and they got this thing.

They could put a little cup holder there. I dont like this setup at all. You need two cup holders in a vehicle zach and i are together all the time. We typically have a coffee or we might bring a water were, were addicted, okay, so what i would do is where the uh wireless charging thing is: put two cup holders there and then put the wireless charging in here yeah. Why dont you do that pole, star volvo geely, whoever you are! This makes sense and your second question about power. This doesnt offer a lot of power compared to the dual motor, but actually its sufficient for the city. I was okay with it because its an electric vehicle right it has that quick snap you beat me to it. Andrews got that instant torque its a satisfying vehicle. I would call this absolutely fine like if you want more, then youre gon na get the dual motor. But if you had this, it drives like a regular front wheel, drive, you know higher performance sedan. You know you think about like say the accord with the two liter turbo engine, a similar kind of feel to this now for only five thousand dollars more, you can get the dual motor, so there is a lot of value there and you get a lot more For your money for sure, and now its time for our hot topic, whats this one andrea, definitely a head turner, it looks even better in person.

Do you know what pollsters future plans are for upcoming vehicles seen as they have access to volvo parts? I would expect excellent vehicles. Well the plans for pole star its a 100 electric pole star, as i mentioned earlier, was the performance division of volvo. They had some fantastic racing cars and that has now shifted over to electrification. They saw an opportunity to take an existing brand and use it just for electrification thats. What theyre going to do so? The pollstar 3, which is a crossover, is coming out next year and, as i said earlier, it will be made in the u.s, which is a bonus at the volvo plant. Well, that means the tax credit is bad right were going to get were going to get into that in a moment about the tax credits and what you get for this and then pollster has some aggressive plans. They would like to bring out an eevee every year. Moving forward after they launch the pollstar 3., so gili once again, the parent company evolve on polestar has major ambitions for those that are not aware. We always talk about electric car sales in north america, but the leader in electric car sales period is china and its a chinese brand that wants to dominate in their home market and also around the world, now were going to go through the price of this thing. Youre going to see some real value in our vital stats lets start with pricing.

The long range single motor starts at just under 54, 000, canadian and just under 48 and a half thousand dollars in the us. The long range dual motor is just under 59 000. Canadian and just under 52 000 dollars in the u.s, the pollster ii, with a dc fast charger, can charge from 10 to 80 percent within 35 minutes and with a level two charger, eight hours for a full charge. Both pole star two models qualify for the canadian federal rebate at five thousand dollars, as well as numerous provincial incentives in participating provinces. The pole, star 2 no longer qualifies for a tax credit in the u.s, with the new rules that have gone into effect. The vehicle must be made in the u.s as well as the battery. This vehicle can tow two thousand pounds and it comes with a four year. Eighty thousand kilometer or fifty thousand mile warranty well theres. More and more choices in the ev luxury space lets see what else you can buy for your consideration. Four vehicles for you to consider up. First is the tesla model, 3 long range with 449 horsepower and up to 576 kilometers 358 miles of range. It has a starting price of just under 77 000., the bmw i4 m50, with up to 434 kilometers or 270 miles of range with 536 horsepower. It has a starting price of just under three thousand dollars. The audi e tron sportback, with up to 362 kilometers 225 miles of range 402 horsepower.

It has a starting price of just under 90 thousand dollars, the porsche tycon 4s with 522 horsepower, 320 kilometers or 199 miles of range and a starting price of 125 and a half thousand dollars. So there are four luxury evs for you to consider lightning round. Two things we like two things we like to see improve. I really like the way that this handle. I like the way it looks. This needs a standard heat pump. Do you think people will get their head around its made in china? I dont know this is priced really well for a luxury brand and it looks great. I like this car a lot. I think i would spring for the extra electric motor this video is brought to you by car cost. Canada get the dealers cost list of rebates, plus discounted interest rates, use the promo code motormouth to become an expert member and get extra searches.