After all, the speculation about its drive frame, the xuv400 packs in a ‘.4 kilowatt hour battery pack that powers the front axle mounted electric motor that produces 150 horsepower and 310 newton meter of peak torque. The setup propels the xv40 from standstill to 100kph in 8.3 seconds. All the way to its top speed of 150 kilometers per hour, the battery is also ip67 water and dust resistant in terms of range. The xuv400 has a claimed range of 456 kilometers on a single charge. As for the indian driving cycle, the battery pack is capable of being recharged from zero to eighty percent from a 50 kilowatt hour dc fast charger in 50 minutes and the zero 200 charging times wire or 7.2 kilowatt hour 32 ampere outlet and standard 3.3 kilowatt hour 16 ampere takes 6 hours, 30 minutes and 13 hours respectively. There are three driving modes on offer, namely fun fast and fearless, which have variable levels of steering and throttle response, as well as different levels of regenerative braking, speaking of which mahindra say that xuv400 is capable of single pedal driving where the regenerative braking takes care of The deceleration and can bring the vehicle to a standstill based on the companys xuv 300 compact suv, the xv4 double o, is 205 millimeter longer, all of which is concentrated at the rear end. The flat rate of taxation on evs meant mahindra wasnt forced to keep the length under 4 meters for small car exercise benefits in terms of flux.

As teased earlier, the exterior has some eev specific touches like a new close off grille with bronze colored arrow shaped inserts with twin peaks logo. The led drls are now only confined to the main headlamp cluster and the bumper gets new bronze garnishes around the four fog lamp housing that are much larger at the rear. The tail lamps feature new detailing with arrowhead shaped inserts, but longer overhang the side, the overall design of tailgate and even the rear. Bumper are again very similar to that of the xuv300. The boost space stands at 378 liters, which is 121 liters larger than the xq3 double os on the inside. The general layout of the xuv300 remains, however, the xuv400 features. An all black interior and bronze theme continues on the inside as well. The highlights around the ac vents and some switchgear have the bronze accents. There has been a generous use of gloss black plastics around the dashboard and the steering wheel as well. The familiar 7 inch infotainment system now runs maintenance latest adreno, x, infotainment software and the center console has been updated. With a newly designed drive selector replacing the traditional gear lever in terms of features and tech. The suv400 offers dual zone: climate control, single pane, sunroof cruise control, android, auto apple carplay and connected car technology with over the air updates. Safety features include six airbags, this bricks for all four wheels and isofix anchorages. The xuv400 will take on tata nexon ev, but youll have to wait a bit to know about the pricing.

The mahindra ev will only go on sale in the early 2023 elsewhere. Toyota has announced the prices of the urban cruiser high rider while the full price list isnt out yet pricing for the top four variants, including the strong hybrid variants and the top spec mild hybrid automatic, have been revealed. The prices range from 15.11 lakh all the way up to 18.99 lakh rupees ex showroom. Buyers can now book their suv for a sum of 25 000 rupees and the prices for the remaining mile hybrid variants will be announced in a phased manner. To give some background, the strong hybrid model gets a 1.5 liter atkitson cycle petrol engine that makes 92 horsepower and 112 newton meters of torque. It is paired to a ecvt gearbox. The engine is mated to an electric motor that makes 79 horsepower and 141 newton meter of torque, and the combined output is 114 horsepower. The drivetrain is capable of giving a claim fuel efficiency of 27.97 kilometer per liter, whereas the mild hybrid model gets a 1.5 liter. K15C engine that makes 103 horsepower and 137 newton meter of torque. It is paired to either a 5 speed manual or a 6 speed. Token water, automatic gearbox. The mile hybrid manual versions, also get an all wheel, drive option. You can watch a review of the urban cruiser high rider by clicking the link, above with the changing times tata has announced the plans to introduce an all. Electric version of the tiago tata is gearing up to launch an all electric version of the tiago.

The thiago ev would be the only electric hatchback when it goes on sale. In the coming months, the tiago ev will likely share its powertrain with the tigor ev power. Could come from a permanent magnet synchronous, electric motor, producing 75 horsepower and 117 newton meters of torque? It comes with a 26 kilowatt hour lithium ion battery pack. It also allows fast charging and there is a claimed range of 306 kilometers on offer. We will keep you posted with all developments on the upcoming tiago eevee, so stay tuned to the channel. For that, following up on the last weeks, update of its cluster range mg has now revealed the interior of the upcoming hector mg is gearing up to launch an updated hectare and has teased the models interior. The model will get a fairly comprehensive makeover inside the restyled dash features. A double layer, design with d shaped, horizontal ac vents, surrounded by generous doses of piano black and 4 aluminium trim. However, taking center stage literally, is the large floating 14 inch touchscreen like the 10.4 inch unit on the outgoing hectares, the new larger screen will be vertically oriented. The touchscreen will run the next gen ismart technology by mg and will feature wireless apple, carplay and android auto. Amongst other new features, other things of note on the inside is the ambient lighting, and the buyers can expect new textures seat, colors and new graphics for the seven inch digital instrument cluster. The hectare will also take a step up in safety with the inclusion of advanced driver assistance systems such as lane keep assist blind spot detection, race, cross traffic, alert forward, collision warning and lane departure warning changes to the hectors exterior will include a large diamond mesh grille New front bumper slightly repositioned headlamps, however, there wont be any changes to the alloy wheel, design and the rear.

Styling is also not expected to get any major tweaks. There are no changes expected to the refrigerators powertrain and the suv will continue with the two 143 horsepower. 1.5 liter petrol engine, one with mild, hybrid technology and 170 horsepower 2 liter turbo diesel unit. Talking about suvs, french car maker citron has launched the c5 across facelift in india. The c5 has been launched at an introductory price of 36.67 lakh rupees ex showroom and is available in the top of the line shine trim. Only the entry level field trim available earlier has now been discontinued. The new updated model is 2.89 lakh rupees expensive. So what do the buyers get for the additional 2.89 lakh rupees more well staying true to the facelift traditions. The c5 gets a heavily reworked face with a new set of wraparound headlamps. That now feature two sets of led drls, that line up with the grille the front bumper now draws a much cleaner, look with larger, more aerodynamic air intakes on the sides and a forced silver skid plate in profile. There is not much to differentiate from the older model, apart from the new design for the 18 inch alloy wheels and the updates at the rear are minimal as well. The tail lamps now have a darker tint and get a rectangular lighting element on the inside. The c5 gets a new 10 inch infotainment system and its touch based shortcut keys now sit below the new conventionally shaped horizontal ac vents, as opposed to the ice cube shaped units of the outgoing model.

The center console now features a toggle switch instead of the older conventional gear selector, and it also gets new rectangular drive mode selector compared to the older circular, dial as before. The c5 will get three individually sliding seat setup at the rear, and the center now gets an additional 15 millimeter of padding. The dash seats and armrests now get a new mixture of leather and fabric upholstery in black and grey shades in terms of equipment. The facelifted c5 air cross continues with auto wipers, led headlamps power, driver seats, dual zone, climate control, panoramic sunroof, hands, free taillight, opening hands, free parking, six airbags, esc and traction control. The facelifted c5 continues to use a 2 liter diesel engine that produces 177 horsepower and 400 newton meter of torque. The engine comes mated to an eight speed, automatic torque converter and saturn claims. The drivetrain can deliver an economy of 17.5 kpl hyundai has given the n line treatment to its recently facelifted venue. The n line menu will come in two variants, with the prices ranging between 12.16 lakh rupees for the n6 variant and rising all the way up to 13.15 lakh rupees ex showroom for the top end and 8 variant. Prospective buyers can now book one for a sum of 21 000 rupees in terms of mechanical updates. The inline gets a sporty suspension and steering setup which, according to hyundai, gives it increased high speed, stability and sharper cornering ability. The rear features dual exhaust setup with a tweaked racing exhaust note compared to the standard model in power and performance.

The venue end line shouldnt be any different to the standard venue turbo. The n line uses the same one liter turbo petrol engine that produces 120 horsepower and 172 newton meter of torque. Interestingly, the end line will only be offered with the seven speed dct, with parallel shifters being a feature exclusive to it, adding to its 40 credentials. Are the red accent result all across the redesigned front and rear bumper lower section and the roof rails? The sides also feature a new set of 16 inch alloy wheels thats around the front and the rear red brick calipers. The rear also gets a new set of dual tip exhaust and the new end badging wraps of the sporty treatment on the inside the general layout remains the same, but to stay in tune with the sportier theme. It now gets an all black look with red accents and end badges across the cabin. The highlight of the cabin is the new three spoke steering wheel with blacked out paddle shifters in terms of features, the n line features an 8 inch touchscreen with apple carplay and android, auto connected car tech, ambient lighting power driver seat, integrated air purifier voice commands and A digital instrument cluster, the na trim, also packs in a factory fitted dash cam in terms of safety. The venue inline is equipped with esp hill start assist and importantly, gets all four wheel disc brakes. It also gets brake assist as standard. The n6 trim gets dual airbags, while the any trim gets six airbags.

Byd is gearing up to launch its ato 3 electric suv in india. The brands e6 mpv was made available to private buyers last week, following up to that, byd is said to unveil its all electric suv, the i 203 in october december 2022 quarter. The suv is expected to be showcased at the upcoming auto expo as well. R23 will be brought in the country via the skd route and could cost around 25 to 35 lakh rupees. The suv is based on byds e platform and is close to 4.5 meters long. The ato 3 will also features byds proprietary blade battery technology, which is safer and far less forgiving to hostile and hot environments compared to the other battery technologies. Pyd is currently gauging the market and is aiming to cover up the top 25 metro cities in india, with increased retail presence and charging infrastructure to support its model range for the markets where its currently on sale, byd ato comes with a permanent magnet synchronous motor that Can generate a max power output of 204 horsepower and a peak torque output of 310 newton meters. It can accelerate from zero to hundred and seven point three seconds. Furthermore, by d sells r, two three with two battery back options: there is a forty nine point. Nine two kilowatt hour battery pack with a driving range of three hundred and twenty kilometers and a sixty point, four eight kilowatt hour battery pack with a driving range of 420 kilometers.

These range figures are calculated using the wltp cycle. As of now, it is not known which of the battery pack options will make its way to the indian markets. Now, shifting focus to the two wheeler segment in india, tvs has updated its 2 volt offerings. The rtr 160 and rtr 180. prices for the rtr 160 start from 1.17 lakh and go up to 1.24 lakh rupees ex showroom, making it about 5000 rupees pricier than before. The updated rtr 180 comes in a single variant that is priced at 1.30, lakh rupees, which is a 10 000 rupees increase than before. The rtr models have seen improvements to the power and weight ratios by shedding close to 2 kgs and 1 kg of the 160 and 180.. The 160 now produces 16.04 horsepower and 13.85 newton meters of torque as compared to the older generations, figure of 15.53 horsepower and 13.9 newton meter of torque. The rtr 118r produces 17.02 horsepower, but but continues to have the familiar figure of 15.50 newton meter of torque tvs has introduced, led headlights and tail lamps on the rtr models, and it also offers a bluetooth liquid, fully digital instrument, cluster and three riding modes: sport, urban And drain, which will alter power, delivery and abs settings. The slight caveat here, though, is that the bluetooth connectivity is only available on the rtr 180 and the top variant of the rtr 160.. Whilst tvs might have increased, the prices of the apache range harley davidson has just dropped the prices for the pan america 1250.

. Some 2021 year models of the pan america 1250 and the pan america 1250 special are available starting from 12.91 lakh rupees ex showroom. The caveat for the prospective buyers is that the offer is only available on the 2021 models. The pan america range was updated in january of this year, with new electronic systems like an updated tft screen layout and hill hold function was updated to hold the bike for a few minutes rather than 10 seconds. Furthermore, new color schemes were also introduced for a bit of perspective. The standard 1250 was priced at 16.9, lakh rupees and the pan america 1250 special with laced, wheels and semi active suspension was priced at 21.11 lakh rupees. However, it is now available for 17.11 lakh rupees compared to competitors. The top spec pan america 1250 is only close to 2 lakh rupees more expensive than the tiger 900 rally pro, while being equipped with a much more powerful engine and features like semi active suspension. The pan america 1250 is powered by a double overhead. Camshaft 1252 cc v2 engine that makes 152 horsepower and 128 newton meter of torque. Other features include adaptive lights, tire pressure monitoring system and an optional adaptive ride height system that allows the suspension to be lowered by 50 millimeters.