This is a 20 plate car and its finished in this lovely black color, which, along with the led headlamps, make it look quite modern and quite commencing on the road comes with 17 inch alloy wheels and in the front you will see we have the front parking. Sensors, which should help you when trying to park the cap making it easy for you moving on in the boot, is plenty of space uh for anything, you need actually its quite impressive for the size of the car. How big the boot space is? You get the charger here as well again, this is a fully electric vehicle if you ever need to carry a larger luggage, simply fold the rear seats backwards and youre um, essentially doubling the size of the boot theres plenty of space to sit five for both short And long journeys, and if you have a young family with two children, theres two eyes of exports both on the right and left hand side, so you can safely secure them there. Moving on inside youre presented with this beautifully a beautiful black interior, quite modern, actually um, and it needs to be seen to be appreciated how nice it looks uh on the drivers door. We have our mirrors adjustments and also our electric windows sitting in to start the car, simply press the brake pedal and then behind the steering wheel. On the left hand, side we have our engine start stop. This car has done 4710 miles 20 plate its a nearly brand new car and we sell it for 24 000 pounds, which is an absolute steal on the driver.

So, on the steering wheel on the left right hand, side, we have our voice commands and also um the button for for to answer to make phone calls. Essentially, you can adjust your volumes, um mute, the car and toggle between dab, fm and am radio on the right hand, side. We have our cruise control and its also heated steering wheel, which is quite nice for for this car to have its a nice amenity. Essentially, and also we have the heated seats, heated front seats again nice to have, especially here in the uk, fully digital drivers display and this stunning digital multimedia touch screen here. Car comes with dual climate control as well, um, so very well specked and comes with the auto lane, keep assist. You can turn it on or off, and also your parking sensors. You can turn it on or off. We have our drivers mode uh, which goes between sport, normal and eco, so, depending on your mode of the day or the journey you are on the road you are, you can put it in sport, my um normal or eco theres, a space for two cupholders here And your phone down here also plenty of space for any bottles you you have both on the right and left hand side. The car comes with, as you can see, built in satellite navigation uh. It has radio. So, as we said earlier, uh dab fm nam and you can see on both sides.

We have our air conditioning as well: dual climate zone uh, the car connects with both apple carplay and android, auto, which is uh very nice to have, especially if you want to have essentially your phone onto the cask screen and use your own satellite navigation. Listen to your own music, this being a modern car. Of course it comes with bluetooth, usb connectivity, which you can find it down here next to the 12 volt socket, so a very well specced cup um overall – and this is our gear knob very nice spacey. Looking very modern in order to adjust going to drive, essentially you press the brake pedal and then press this unlock button and push it downwards same with reverse, and when you put it in reverse, you can see it has the reversing camera as well, adding to the Safety features of this lovely little cup. This is a beautiful example of the voxel corsa electric. I doubt its going to be with us for a long time, as there is high demand for this cast at this moment in time. If youre interested, please do not hesitate to give us a call, and all of our sales executives will be more than happy to talk you through um, in much more detail about the car and also arrange a test drive for you for ex for additional peace of Mind all of the cars that we sell here at last comes before you. Take delivery of the car will come with a 12 month mot and a fresh service.

So you know that at least for the next 12 months you will incur any unexpected maintenance cost.