This is the xuv400. It is based on the xuv300 and it gets an all electric powertrain, and this is what mahindra is kicking off their all electric innings in the suv space with as far as positioning is concerned, uh theyve done a stellar job in sort of putting it between the B and c segment of electric suv is currently available in the market, and we will be talking all about this car in this video im. Vikram gore youre watching motorscribes. This is the xuv400 and it is a car that i can tell you in the first 10 minutes of driving. It is a vehicle that delights. As far as the design of the xuv400 is concerned, it looks pretty much like the xuv300, except this entire front. End has been blocked off, as is a standard feature with all electric vehicles that we see today. The other touch that mahindra has done is obviously a generous use of the copper color. So this is the first time that the new logo comes in this copper, color and youve also got this little copper motif across the front grille and as inserts in the front bumper. All of this is because copper is considered to be a great conductor of electricity and to bring that theme into the design of this electric vehicle is what we were told by none other than petabots. Who is the design chief at mahindra now so youve got this dual tone.

Look with the car, its got. Brilliant sculpted lines rides on 16 inch alloys and the highlight for me. Obviously, being this really neat uh dual tone: look with the roof that comes in so moving around the car. You can see that uh from the side uh its got that standard, uh, xuv300 look uh, nice, squared off front and rear and theyve also added this uh. Fine uh sort of sill at the bottom of the front and rear door again with a copper garnish to be a throwback to what this car is all about. At the rear. Uh mahindra has uh tweaked uh the lights a bit, given it uh a little bit of copper in the insert in the rear lights and overall it does look like a stunning vehicle uh compared to the three double o. It is a tad bit longer. So it does look a little bit bigger than what uh the three double o is and uh mahindra has done uh a great job of bringing out the styling to give it a nice sort of conformed, uh, well balanced, look well! The cabin of the xuv400 has been finished in a nice plush black color theres a little bit of those copper accents in here. So you see them on the volume control on the audio system. You see them as a bezel around the ac vents. So, just a little bit of copper coming into the cabin in what is otherwise a beautiful black layout.

Mahindra has really taken up space as one of their priorities with this vehicle, so theyve ensured you get ample headroom legroom knee room in both the front and the rear, rows and uh. Having tested it myself, i would say that there is a lot of space on board, despite this being a nice compact suv but uh going back to the layout its done up in fine materials. Youve got these really nice black leatherette seats with the blue stitching theres. A bit of a piano black on the center console and theyve. Also, given you ample storage space on board, so youve got bottle holders in the doors, a nice large glove compartment and a nice little box in the center console. Nothing to really complain about with the layout and the look of the interiors. I think its a fine job, a premium job and it suits this class of vehicle Music mahindra does like their technology. So on board, you get a large 17.78 centimeter touchscreen infotainment system. That comes with the inbuilt navigation and a nice four speaker, setup youve got android, auto and apple carplay compatibility. It is wired, its not wireless. Just yet, and you also get a host of connected car apps uh that are part and parcel of uh. The package with the xuv400 other additions to it include the attire position display ev statistics, a unique leaderboard, so just sort of gamified driving this vehicle, and you also get a nice push button start as part of the whole xuv400 package.

It is a rather neat uh bit of tech on board, and some of it is fun. Some of it is great to use and uh it sort of just spices things up with this vehicle. As far as the electric drivetrain is concerned, the xuv400 gets a permanent magnetic synchronous, motor that delivers 150 ps of power and 310 newton meters of torque. You get free drive modes as well, which are nicely labeled as fast fun and fearless. Well, each one sort of speaks for itself and it tells you exactly what its going to do, but it changes the throttle response. It changes the steering response as well as regen levels, so it does do a fantastic job of that. We got to experience that out on the track over here, and it really does delight you can feel a significant change between the three modes and it does make this a rather fun e suv to have around the battery pack on board is a ‘.4 kilowatt hour High energy lithium ion battery pack, its got a liquid cooling as well as a function to keep the battery at a very stable temperature. So it can cool down in extreme heat and it can warm up in extreme cold so that you always get optimal battery usage. It is a front wheel, drive vehicle and overall, what you get as a range is 456 kilometers to a single charge, which is uh pretty much the best in segment uh speaking about charging on a regular 3.

3 kilowatt, uh charger, it takes 13 hours to get a Full charge on a 7.2 kilowatt ac charger, it takes 6.5 hours to get a full charge and on a 50 kilowatt dc fast charger, it takes 50 minutes to go up to 80. So, as i mentioned, its got a 150 ps of power on tap and 310 newton meters of torque that it turns out. So what does that translate to in the way it drives? Well, uh mahindra has done a fine job in tuning the suspension sort of beefing. It up and giving it a whole load of tech to ensure that it can deal with the additional weight of having the battery pack on board, as well as the additional strengthening to the body uh for the added safety that an ev requires. But with all of that, it drives really nice. It is a fun fast car to have youve got those drive modes, so the fun level is your city level. Fast is basically what lets you notch up past about 120 kilometers per hour and is great for cruising down the highway, and if you really want that peppy driving feel then switch to fearless and just feel this vehicle go. It can hit a top speed of 150 kilometers per hour and uh. Its very easy to use. Youve only got two pedals on board: theres, no gears to change and uh youve uh. What mahindra has included in this is something that they call lively mode, which is single pedal driving and that activates the region to a very high level.

So the minute you lift off the accelerator, it automatically starts the region mode, which sort of slows down the vehicle. So you can actually do single pedal driving with this, which takes a bit of getting used to, but it is fun so overall, its a vehicle that handles really well. It drives really nice. The steering is nice and light and, despite it being a lot heavier than an xuv300, it feels rather nimble while on the move. So no complaints on this front at all mainzra takes safety very seriously and, with the xuv400 theyve ensured that it delivers a rather safe package. So the body in white, which is pretty much the structure, has been sort of beefed up to deal with the additional weight of having the batteries on board theyve also strengthened the area around the battery. So should you be in an accident, nothing should happen to the batteries. It is a crash compliant structure and the use of ultra high strength. Steel has been generously done to ensure that you get a very solid structure. The top end variant gets six airbags, abs, ebd disc, brakes on all four wheels. Youve got isofix seats at the rear and youve also got a pyro switch to ensure that the battery doesnt really catch fire. Should you be in a accident? So there you have it folks, the xuv400 in the flesh, its a vehicle that delights its wonderful to drive. It powers up real nice, its got fun driving modes and it feels nice and plush on the inside as well, but as a product.

Where does it sit in the market? Well, uh, according to mahindra theyre slotting it between the b and c segment, the c segment being the higher end, evs that are out there. Uh, like the hyundai kona and the mge zs, and the b being dominated by the tata nexon ev, so mainzer wants to carve a niche of their own. They want to stick this somewhere in between both those segments, but looking at the history of mahindra, where they have gone out and sort of slotted their products like this in the past, especially the scorpio n. What we have seen is that they target the higher segment, but they price it towards the lower segment and over here as well. What that translates to is that this is going to be going up against the data nexon eb in terms of pricing, so for tata. I think that spells a little bit of trouble because as a product, this is far better. It is a vehicle that delivers way more joy than what we have experienced with the nexon, and it also feels way more refined on that front too, obviously, were going to have to wait and watch because were going to know about the pricing and all the other Details only in january of 2023, but as a product, what we have here is a vehicle that delights its great and as a product.