So let me tell you with the mg history that mg first started in 1924, where it was founded by Mr Cecil kember and then mg came into play in India when it got launched. In 2017., we took over the Chevrolet Plant that comes under the General Motors and we started our manufacturing there. The zscv was launched back in 2020, where it was launched as a you know what we say: a different alternative to the petrol petrol cars. If we compare with the electric cars right now, the cost of petrol car is like 15 rupee per kilometer or 11 rupee per kilometer. So if you come to this segment, it will be like one rupee per kilometer. So the best part about the mgz CV is that it is cost efficient. It has a best resale value, maintenance is super low and the looks and the interior and everything it gives you a completely premium. Look that you can never find in any other segment of the electric cars. So as you can look at to that mgzv here, you are getting completely flat front grille. So here you can find the charging port. This is the fast charging port and this is a slow charging port, so these are used for using the charging ports. So whenever you are going for any kind of a charging, there are five types of charging modes that are given. So one is the AC fast charger super fast DC charger and one is a plug in charger, so you can use it over here here.

One official mg logo is given that has a illumination of how many percentage it is there. Like 25 50 75 hundred percent bro charging system, 14 charging stations are available in the Hyderabad right now. Okay, one is in madhapur another one is in begumpet and uh. Some of them are there near the tarnaka, and if you go near the gachi police stations, you can also find it over there. Okay, there, you can see the young mg logo that has been completely thin and made completely sleekish so best part about this mg. Logo is that it is a completely an anti theft logo. In order to take it out, you have to open the Bonnet and then only you will be able to take it up over here. You can find one 360 60 degree camera this 360 degree. Camera is a completely latest upgrade to the new or mgz CV, so it gives a completely different look to the vehicle and its also a security feature best part about this vehicle is that last time we had a spooky Grill inside this vehicle, but now it is Completely flat gear, so it completely reduces the aerodynamics of that vehicle. So therefore it gives you good Push Pull whenever you are traveling in a city condition or on Highway. Okay, thanks ship uh headlamps are given with help of the nine Crystal. That gives completely different. Look if you compare it with their other competitor segment, such as Hyundai Kona or the Tata Nexon UV.

So it gives you a very bifocal look and the visibility of this lights are 30 meters in the city, condition and 40 meters on the highway. Please come Ill. Just show you about the bumper Corners here, you are getting tauba hub wheel, that is R17 inches, so it gives a completely new look to that vehicle. These wheels are basically used in the Tesla vehicles, so it completely reduces the aerodynamics of that vehicle and give a good push and pull whenever youre traveling onto the city or as well as on the highway condition. Okay, with the help of the Hub Wheels here, you can see that mg zscv is given. Zs is a platform that is used in the European countries where it gives completely good uh uniformity to the compact segment SUVs. Here the logo is like completely equal to the Volkswagen, but it is a completely new logo and give a new sporty look that a vehicle that is not found in any other uh. You know competitor segment. Internet inside internet inside badging is given onto this vehicle because all our MG cars are supported with the help of the internet vehicle internet facility is there we have a collaboration with bharti Airtel as well as Reliance jio in this car. We are having the new collaboration with the Reliance yo that is 4G and 5G radio and the best part about to open this uh boot is just you have to click it over here.

It will get completely open, very easy. Its a very special 387 liters boots here you can find uh the 17 inch spare bit. Tire is also given, so you can remove it or you can keep the additional boot space Also, and these places are given additional wheel area space for the help of uh keeping any additional or long material that are present in our householding. Very easy. To close. Just you have to punch it like this. It will get closed very easy. Even even the oldest people can also do it very easily. Here you can find sensors are given so that whenever you are parking the car electronic parking sensor, so it will give you that alert onto your main MIT screen. So that alert is only given so that you can become more secure, more safer. And here downside of this sensor you can get the 360 degree camera view, so reverse parking camera is completely covering the 180 degree Centigrade. So it completely gives you a very good look and whenever youre traveling onto the highway condition. Also, if any fogging comes up, you can just clean it with the wiper also, so it gives a completely good looking vehicle and your car is safe when youre traveling from the back side. What is the extra features broken this one? The extra features of this car is that, as I told you, that its a touch base button and voice based command, so, okay to turn it on, we have to say those two words: hello mg Im here: kulja Simpson, Hindi plus English voice commands Okay.

So it takes in Hindi as well as in English, so from South Indian customers. English is okay for North Indian customers. Hindi is okay because it has those kind of slime, like all those commands. Are there so now see how I close the sunblock hello mg hi? How can I help sunroof band Karo? Okay, its close right? It is closing, so it is closing our top flap as well as the bottom flap. Okay, hello mg, Im here, open the window. Okay window. One drive side is open. Okay, hello mg, close the window on Drive side is closed, so this is a pilot. Centrica window has a control over the vehicle that person who is sitting onto the front side. So it gives a completely good outlook to those people who are sitting inside the car and they dont have to always click it onto the button side. They can just say the command and do it from theirself completely touchless. So any challenges there are: the device has standard, no charges, no charges completely free. Of course it comes with the vehicle. Only yes, so this is the 10.1 inch mid screen that is present inside our vehicle. It is completely a rebooted version of the previous version, like it had a eight inch mid screen. This iSmart Hub has many features that are available and it is a LED screen that is given in a raised format, and it is having a tilt of 175 degree that gives you a completely.

You know human look to that vehicle. So, whenever youre looking at while driving or whenever someone wants to tune into the radio station, also they can easily do it and it is visible from the back side as well, because the visibility of this thing is till the back of the road till the boot Of the road, so here you can go ahead with the weather forecast, weather forecasts are given in the vehicles in order to tell you that, where you are traveling at and what will be the forecast for the next season or next next day here, the home button Is given with the help of that home button, we can go to the EV charging station like if you want to know where you are traveling at because whosoever buy this vehicle, they dont only travel in Hyderabad. They take this car to many part of the country. Such as Shimla Manali Darjeeling, so it is very much difficult to find the electric charging station here. All the number of electric charging stations are given like 29 meters, 3.3 kilometers, 3.5 kilometer, 3.9 kilometer, so charging stations are there more and more in Hyderabad. You can easily find it and just you have to press on to the growth after pressing onto the go the map, my India map, my India is the application that is used instead of the Google Maps. That gives you the location and direction where you are traveling. It at and the best part about our map is that it gives you the direction Outlook that after 300 meters turn right or to the Banjara Hills like mg road.

So it gives you all kind of a look. So if the internet facility is there, you can easily find it anywhere and in this MIT screen you are getting e sim. That e Sim is the you know: uh Reliance jio Sim that is 4G and 5G ready. So if youre traveling to Delhi or Mumbai, you can easily find the 5G space and you can use this network facility also, it is free for first three years you dont have to pay anything from your pocket and best part about the map. My India is that mg dealership and mg workstation addresses are given. So even if you are going out of the town, you can go anywhere like. Why is uh Chennai anywhere? You can find all the mg dealership and mg workstation address, so you dont have to call everyone or everyone at every time. Okay, over here, you can see that jio 7 subscription is given. Jio 7 subscription is also free for first three years, so you can tune into unlimited number of songs in English in the Telugu Tamil. Anything is okay here, one more best facility of our vehicle is this. I call Button if you click onto this, I call Button. Our percept team is always there for your assistant for 24 7, and it gives you the assistant, even if any single doubt is also there. Regarding the mid screen regarding the steering wheel. Anything is okay. Just have to click it onto that within 0 to 90 seconds.

Our pulsive team will call so you will give the road right. It will give you the road assistance facility, also where, if you are traveling anywhere in the India, they will come at your place. If anything has happened to the car, your car is having any kind of a breakdown. Your car is having any kind of a problem. It is not moving, it is not happening anywhere, so it will take over your car. It will bring a crane. It will take over your car and provide you an alternate vehicle so that you can reach your destination from point A to point B. Okay, here in this folder, you can go for the USB plugin and you can watch unlimited number of videos. You can see the pictures also over here as well as documentation can also be stored over here. There is no storage space in this thing, but with the help of the USB you can easily uh, you know navigate to it. You can easily tune to it scroll through it short media application is given short PDI. Application is an application that gives you the Daily News, byte update, that is necessary for your day to day life. Suppose, if you are not having a time to read on to the newspaper, you dont have time to watch on your updates onto your mobile phone. So here you can easily see it or you can easily read about it or if youre not into reading and uh.

You know watching it, you can click that listen button and you can tune on to the speed. So it will tell you decides to shut shops purely artificial intelligence. It works on your voice based command, it works on your facility and it has a touch button base and voice space. So what is your speed and range? The speed of this vehicle is a 220 kilometer per hour max speed and 175 kilometer per hour. It can touch in this kind of an Indian road condition. Okay and range range is 461 kilometers in a single charge, but it all depends on your driving dynamics that how you drive the vehicle. As per our newly customer remarks, we are getting 400 to 420 kilometers in a single charge. Okay, so what is your battery capacitive room? Battery capacity of this vehicle is 50.3 kilowatt hour. What is a warranty of vehicle? Warranty of this vehicle is eight years or 1.5 kilometers over here. You can see that this is a gear console this gear console panel is given for those people who are very much. You know understanding or other beginners, because uh people over here in Hyderabad in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh – they are few – you know conventional of driving those manual gears, so they are fed up of doing that. One two one two in between the Gear, so these are the basic things that are given. These are automatic right. This is a purely automatic vehicle.

Okay, here modes are given mode means that what kind of a mode we are going on means normal mode right now we are at okay. Now, eco mode, eco mode will be having more mileage yeah yeah over here. One mode is given that mode is given in order to tune your speed like Eco Sports and normal mode is given, eco mode will be, giving more mileage, normal mode will be giving average mileage and sports mode will be giving you the Lesser mileage, but it will Not be affecting the battery capacity, it will be similar curse, kinetic energy, regenerative system, kinetic energy regenerative system is a terminology in the electric motor that I use in order as much as you are pushing the brake, the car batteries will get automatically charged and your curse Will be pushing your car in the front wheel level, one it will go completely level two. It will be slightly pulling backward eleven three as soon as you remove your leg out of the acceleration, your car will be completely slowing down, and this is the battery. So what happens is that if any kind of a problem is there with the battery, you are not able to see what is a percentage or it is giving a wrong person to you. Just click it over. Here you can be able to see that the battery percentage is different. You can see that the battery right. We can see that the battery percentage like we can push it over here and you can see it over here because sometimes it is not showing you sometimes any technical glitch is there for those people it has been given over here.

Rnd, reverse neutral and drive, so reverse means just you have to press it like this. It will get r r means, reverse illumination will come up and automatically the 360 degree cameras will be activated. This is a 3D view of the camera. So how many cameras is there bro? There are four cameras front left right back side. So if youre pressing the reverse, it will be giving you 3D view of the vehicle okay. So you can see the angle by angle view of the vehicle. Okay, completely different, look and completely different dimension like this. If you want to see the front side, you can see the front side. Also total front side, so 180 degree is totally covered. Total backside 180 degree is totally covered like this, so this gives a completely different. Look neutral for those people Ill tell you even easy. Cars sometimes get turned off because of the battery issue, so we have to push the easy car so neutral for those people who want to come downside or who want to climb upside with the helper Drive combination. Drive comes under the three modes, as I told you normal Eco and sports mode, so it gives a completely good look and if you have to park the car there is no handbrake, just press p and you can come outside of the vehicle. Okay done. There is nothing hassle, no, no problem, just push the p and you can come outside of the vehicle.

Okay and here two buttons are more given ratchet p and a a means, Auto vehicle holding suppose if youre traveling on a highway condition on a city condition. You want to stop somewhere, you dont want to remove your gear from the dry mode, just press the brake for two to three seconds. Your car will be freeze onto that position. Only it will not rip backward. It will not roll forward and parking electronic parking brake. This is not like a handbrake, but it is only to be used when there is a scenario of accident or a non accident scenario. So when accident comes up, if you are not able to press the brick or brake is not working, just push it in a full swing. Your car will stop over there only itself or in the non exident zone. When uh, you are, you know facing any kind of a problem while accelerating you can press it, so that when you go on the D mode, it can give you the pull or the push okay. So here the legroom and Headroom of this car is giving a very good outlook to the vehicle. My height is 5 feet, 18, but still people who have a height of six feet. They can easily sit inside the vehicle and the best part about is that the leg room and the Headroom that is given in our car. It is the maximum in segment. If you compare with Tata Nexon Hyundai Kona, those are the compact vehicles.

These are slightly expanded. In terms of the feature, plus, you are getting this hand rest this hand. Rest is having a very good elbow View, and it gives you the cup holders also so whenever youre drinking coffee or you are into the coldness, you can keep it over here and it will be completely stable over here. Best part about our vehicle is that we are also you know, empowering our electronic people, like C type and B type, both type of charges are given, so that it will be more easy for them to charge their batteries at the back side. Also, wireless charging is given in the front and uh you know. Cable charges are giving at the back side. These pouches are very much compact because you can only keep a document or some of the materials such as bottle or your food, but best part is that whenever sitting inside the car there is no chassis, bum chassis bumps gives a very ugly look to the vehicle. But here we are having flat, so even a person who is sitting in the middle side. They can easily sit without any hassle without any problem, and they can also lay their legs like this. They dont have to sit compact, like three numbers right easily. Three members like me, can easily sit at this side and it is very much comfortable for those people who are traveling for a long journey purpose. Okay, this uh mg.

What is the speed? Bro uh? The maximum speed of this vehicle is like 220 kilometer per hour, but you can only achieve on the Practical roadside, like 175 kilometer per hour, because our cars are tuned in such a way that if you go on the speed of more than 120 kilometer, it will Give you the blipping alert and the best part about this car is that technically and specifically, this car is more advanced than any other vehicle, it is having 50.3 kilowatt hour battery. That is best in segment. Second thing: it is having a 176 horsepower that has a good pulling capacity and third thing: 270 Newton meter. The weight of this car is 1600 kg, but you cant feel it because the steering is so lighter because in Hyderabad people have a culture of you know. Moving the steering like that, so that kind of a thing is that 1600 kg is the weight of that vehicle and after charging it also you can fill the more power and push when you are traveling onto the sports mode. So three modes: are there sports mode? Eco mode and normal mode, so it gives you the range according to the modes that are required and best part about the car. Is that lengthwise? It is best in segment width wise. It is having a very good thickness and Global encap rating of this vehicle is 5 Star according to the United Kingdom. Okay, what is the range group? The range of this car comes around 461 kilometers in a single charge, according to the arai claim, but uh.

According to our customer feedback, it is coming out 400 to 420 kilometers on eco mode, with full AC on and in a single charge. So what is the warranty warranty of this car comes around a 1.5 like kilometers or eight years. So, even if your car has turned more than 1.5 kilometer, you can still go ahead with this vehicle because we have received zero number of complaint with this car and when you compare it with the petrol cars, this car comes around 27 lakh, 38, 000, but petrol Car comes around 22 lakh, 57. 000. So if you are willing to spend more than you know, five lakhs, so you can get this vehicle and with the help of this vehicle you can travel to the unlimited number of kilometer. Even if you travel like one lakh kilometers, it will be charging around 1 lakh rupees. But if you same travel in the petrol cost, it will cost you around five to six lakh. So, in order to travel one lakilometer, you have to earn five to six lakh rupees from your income side. Then only you can travel from here to Kashmir, to kanyakumari to Manali Shimla darling any places. So what is the classroom? The cost of this car comes around 27, like 38 000 and same in the petrol version. It will cost you around 22 lakh, 57, 000 and the waiting period for this car comes around 10 months. That is 300. It is according to the Telangana government.

So how much you have to pay for Advance payment for Advance payment for this vehicle is for fifty thousand. We are taking bookings of all the models. Currently, we are having only exclusive model that is available in four colors, that is current rate Sable, black Ferris white and action silver. Okay. So how much fifty thousand is the uh booking amount and five lakh is the down payment for all our vehicle, but it all depends on your eligibility that how much youll get the loan, but five lakh is a bare minimum down payment for this vehicle. Okay. Okay. Thank you so much bro thanks! Thank you. Thank you.