I cover all the latest tech news surrounding electric cars. I cover the background, feel and drive the current selling price and the specs and Engineering that go into making each car. If you have an electric car that youd like me to cover, let me know in the comments Below in todays video Im reviewing the Mercedes, Benz eqe Ill, be covering the most important features to see whether it crushes the competition or not, with its significantly luxurious interior Design and promising long range lets see. Oh and one more thing before I start I heard Dyson is planning to release an electric car by 2025.. I bet Dale suck okay, now back to the video here is what I know about Formula E. The Formula E is a single seater racing series for electric vehicles, formerly known as the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship via president Jean Todd and Spanish billionaire Alejandro agag, who is also the current head of Formula E Holdings devised the series in Paris in 2011. in September of 2014, the first championship race was held in Beijing. The series has been a Fiat Global Championship since 2020.. On March 3rd 2021, Jean Todd, the president of the Federation, International D, automobile or Fiat presented a proposal for a city based single seater, electric car motor racing Championship to politicians, Alejandro agag and Antonio trejani, as well as the Italian actor Teo te okoli at a dinner. In a small Italian restaurant in the French Capital, Paris tajani focused on the electrification of the automobile sector, lowering carbon emissions and introducing hybrid and electric vehicles.

After discussing the fierce setting up but tender to organize the series, a god backed Todds plan because of his past expertise, negotiating contracts and television stations, sponsorship and marketing, a god persuaded Todd that he would take on the job Formula E has been a Fiat World Championship. Since the 2020 21 season, making it the first single seater racing series outside of Formula One to do so at the end of season 8 in August 2022, Mercedes Benz will bring its ABB FIA. Formula E success story to a close as both the team, entrant and manufacturer. According to a statement released in August, it has been the ambition of hwa race lab since its Inception in season 5, when it laid the groundwork for Mercedes Formula E participation to establish itself. As a benchmark team at every level of the sport stoffel vandoons made in Mercedes Victory, came in the penultimate round of season 6, which was followed by a solid start to season 7, putting the team in position to fight with the title in only its second season. Last weekend in Berlin, Nick DeVries and the Mercedes EQ Formula E team achieved World Championship status by winning the ABB via Formula E World Championship. Drivers and teams championship becoming the first all electric Motorsport team to do so in the history of Motorsport. In tandem, Mercedes Benz made the Strategic declaration in Late July that the brand will be ready to transition to an all electric vehicle Fleet by the end of the decade.

If market conditions permit background Mercedes, Benz has been investing heavily in technology and electric propulsion system. We saw first that Mercedes Benz eqs and then we began to plan for the eqe a smaller version of the eqs. The Mercedes Benz eqe is an electric Executive Car manufactured by Daimler AG, a German automaker, its a member of the Mercedes Benz EQ, family and debuted. At the 2021 Munich motor show the rear motor eqe 350 was the only model offered at launch. Consider the all electric Mercedes Benz eqe sedan, which will debut in 2023 as a smaller, but no less unique version of the Mercedes eqs. Both cars are essentially electrified versions of the Brands, traditional e and S Class models. The family sedan will be positioned against the Tesla Model. S and the BMW, I4 itll also fill the spaces between Teslas model 3 and the midsize Model S. The Mercedes Benz eqe is a new model that could sit below the bigger and more elegant eqs, its predicted to appear in showrooms in the United States in late 2022, design and Engineering. Although there are clear similarities between this and the bigger eqs, the eqe has its own distinct taste. Each end of the car has led illumination and the front has a smooth and front grille region and the traditional side intakes featured on every Mercedes, which have been naturally blanked out on this Eevee. A panoramic glass roof and 19 inch wheels are standard, although the ladder can be upgraded to 21 inches.

If you go all out on the extras, this car, like the CLS sedan, has a real trunk lid instead of a tailgate and its tiny spoilers suggests its sportiness. The charging port is located on the fender of the drivers. Side, AMG line style will include, lost black details. Distinctive multi spoke wheels, extra, fake Vents and more athletic overall, look as with pretty much every other Mercedes. Although one doesnt want to label the standard, eqe boring the AMG line upgrade appears to be necessary from the front eight centimeters shorter than the large eqs. The new eqe is 4.95 meters in length 1.96 in width and 1.51 meters in height for a wheelbase of 3.12 meters, a little reduced for the category. According to Mercedes Benz, the trunk will have a space of 430 liters thats 15.1 cubic feet. The eqe will be more practical as a product if the standard E class utilizes a comparable method of measuring its trunk, the ordinary E class can only accommodate 13.1 cubes interior. The eqes interior has an Exquisite design with Rich materials, as well as enough passenger room and cubby storage, when equipped with the optional hyper screen, which transforms the dashboard into a massive glass panel. With several digital displays, the ambience becomes more futuristic. The front seats which come standard with heated and ventilated cushions are separated by a floating center console. Massage features may also be added to these Thrones. Every eqe comes standard with a panoramic, sunroof and configurable ambient interior lighting.

That follows the dash indoors giving a distinct appearance when lighted the cabin may be upgraded with features such as a head up, display four Zone temperature control and automated opening and closing of front doors. We expect the eqe skateboard, like electric platform, to be a boon to packing, with Pleasant passenger cabins and competitive Freight capacity. The optional hyper screen, which is 56 inches long and consists of three different panels beneath a single sweeping pane of glass, is the showpiece of the eqes infotainment system. It has a 12.3 inch display digital gauge cluster screen, a 17.7 inch Center touch screen and a 12.3 inch front passenger screen the excellent interface which uses the newest version of Mercedes Mbox software allows the user to access options without having to navigate through menus or utilize Voice commands the eqes base infotainment system without the hyper screen is a 12.3 inch touchscreen. It comes with a fingerprint scanner that allows users to access their own profiles. A burmester, sound system and a wireless device charger are also included performance. The second model, based on the eva2 architecture, the Mercedes eqe, will be offered in several configurations. For now, only the eqe 350 version is announced. The EQ E350 generates 215 KW and ‘1 pound feet of torque, with a single electric motor installed on its back axle. Mercedes claims that, with this combination, the car would Accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 5.6 seconds, with a peak speed of 130 miles per hour, a variant of the eqe with all wheel Drive will be available with a second electric motor driving the front Wheels and providing over 499 kilowatts Mercedes has yet to reveal how powerful this Speedy 4matic model will be, regardless of all variants.

It will be offered with air suspension and rear wheel, steering for a smoother ride and better agility. In confined areas. The basic wheels are 19 inches, but it is expected that bigger rims will be available most likely as part of the optional AMG line. Aesthetic package every eqe comes standard with a suite of driver assistance features and it may be updated with a variety of additional features. A 360 degree, video system, automatic high beam headlights and a self parking technology are among the choices forward. Collision warning and automatic emergency braking are standard. Lane, departure warning and Lane keeping assist, are standard, adaptive cruise control and stop and go technology is available battery life. The EQ E350 has a 90.6 kwh battery pack that should deliver more than 300 miles of driving range when it comes to charging the onboard DC. Charger supports charging speeds of up to 170 KW, which translates to 32 minutes for a full charge or 15 minutes. For a range of 155 miles, youll get back to full capacity in 8.25 hours. If you connect to a typical 11 KW AC charger, a 22kw charger, on the other hand, will take 4.25 Rs price and model range when fully outfitted. This car will not be inexpensive. Thanks to features like adaptive, air suspension, semi, autonomous driving automatic Comfort, closing front doors and rear axle steering the entry level eqe will probably cost 65 000, though this has yet to be confirmed. What can be said is that the electric E class will be available for purchase in the United States early next year to be competitive.

It must perform as well in the real world as it is on paper and with competitors such as the Porsche taken. Bmw I4 Audi e tron GT and Tesla Model S. The eqe must stand out. The huge hyper screen will help it appeal to people who cant afford it, and the fact that it has greater interior room than an E class will also assist. Lets only hope that Mercedes doesnt get too carried away with the pricing or then the more spicier looking competitors from Porsche and Audi will take all of the pie for its current production models. Mercedes offers limited and powertrain coverages that are comparable to those offered by other premium manufacturers like BMW and Jaguar. However, the corporation does not give free maintenance. Here are the warranties offered by Mercedes a four year or 50 000 mile limited warranty is included a four year. A 50 000 mile powertrain warranty is included. The warranty on electrical components is for 8 years or one hundred thousand miles theres no free plan maintenance. This wraps up my review of the Mercedes Benz eqe. Let me know what you think of it. Thank you for sticking. It out, through the very end of this video, nothing helps out my channel more than yall watching the entire video. These videos take a long time make and are a labor of love.