I will do quick review about 2023 kia. Ev6 gt. Hope you enjoyed it. If you do dont forget to leave a like comment and share it with your friends. Also dont forget to subscribe and turn on notification rings. So you dont miss newest video from this channel. Thanks 2023 kia ev6 gt is the quickest kia. Yet this dual motor ev crossover even has a drift mode. The new kia ev6 gt is set to find itself in some very distinguished company. The turned up version of kias mid size. Electric crossover is a zero emission muscle car with horsepower output that beats some much pricier offerings. This family hauler cranks out 577 horsepower across its two motors, which should deliver 60 miles per hour time in the low threes and while most electric cars have speed limiters set low for reasons of both range and sensibility. The ev6 gt is capable of 161 miles per hour. Also it has a drift mode riding on hyundai kias, highly advanced eg mp platform. The gt promises to be impressively svelte by the pudgy standards of its segment tipping the scales at a claimed 4780 pounds. Moreover, this platform can deliver ultra quick dc fast charging rates of up to 240 kilowatts sufficient to replenish the relatively small 77.4 kilowatt hour battery pack from 10 to 80 percent and 18 minutes at a kilowatts dc fast charge station according to kia. Next to the all wheel, drive ev6 gt line that sits just below the ev6 gt in the hierarchy.

Visual distinction is limited. The gt definitely doesnt shout about its extra performance. The front and rear bumpers have been subtly changed. 21 inch wheels are standard necessary to fit around larger brake discs and a liftgate spoiler is fitted inside the gt gets semi bucket sport seats, trimmed in microfiber some new performance touchscreen displays and on the steering wheel, a gt button that accesses the new dynamic mode which Joins the regular eco, normal and sport settings, mechanical changes are more significant. The gt is powered by significantly brighter motors than the current all wheel, drive ev6 with the one at the front now having a maximum output of 215 horsepower and the rear unit making up to 362 horsepower. The rear axle also features a torque biasing differential. That varies, the amount of thrust sent to each wheel and the rear motor adds another bit of leading edge evtec a two stage: inverter that uses silicon carbide semiconductors. This improves efficiency by up to three percent, while also reducing heat generated when the motor is working harder. As in other high performance, evs output is restricted in lesser drive modes: eco limits the system peaked to 288 horsepower, while normal and sport lift that to 460., only gt mode unleashes the full 577 ponies. The result is a seriously quick car, as in the existing ev6.