Okay, now we are sitting in a Nissan Leaf and it has a range of 150 miles 9 miles, and this is all the things that you can see here and it has a all the reverse camera. Everything – and this is the controls very simple, like anything so that Ive seen so lets just put it for the drive and thats it. We are ready to drive so such a lovely car. I have a lovely experience of this. I feel its nice, its punchy. It has a enough power very comfortable and nice air conditioning. This is one of those days 27 degrees. Now this is a heat wave in the UK. I really love this experience. It has to be back, looks like, and this is dashboard we have now used around five miles. This is the view from the back see quite impressive and imposing on the road. I can compare it to the Renault Zoe. Renault Zoe, of course, is slightly smaller. It has a slightly bigger range of 200, 195, 200, 10 or 15., and I have a video about that. This is the huge and boot quite a leap between this and the other one and the edge whatever it gives you plenty of space, because practically this is the space that usually is taken by the your fuel tank. You dont have a fuel tank here, its just battery, and that is at the bottom of the thing so to have a really good boss, infotainment uh, no audio lovely bags here, a little lovely yeah porches for putting your shopping in.

You can also hooks for attaching this stuff can lay down the seats in two three, which is easy. By putting this you see, it comes down, theres, a huge gap, of course, and when you lay down both of the seats, you will have a big space kind of biggish. You have to remove this shelf, of course, good shelf. If you do that, you will have a almost like a van of course. There is a big huge gap here. I wish that it had something like probably this will go here to provide the Shelf Im, not sure about that, so its quite large for the size of the car that takes a really several large suitcases, its inside how it is really comfortable. You have all control for all the windows and the lock and the control of the mirrors and the charging station. You can actually press this and the charging station pops out. You can actually pop the later bit comes off um distance warning hand, warming for the wheel steering wheel. There was this one charging off uh the range. As I told the when I got, it was 157, I drove around a little bit and it was it changed to 125., which is good. I didnt expect it that lets just turn this on and see how it is so. He says to me that is a handshake road with restricted access. Okay, the light is telling me that the hand brake is on, and one of the doors I think is on yeah.

The door was not closed. I didnt shut the door. I was just sitting. I didnt shut. The door is blowing a nice air. Air condition is on automatic, but I will just turn it off. Oh, that was on okay turn. It off turn off. I turned it off. Entertainment is nice. Is there anything else here or you have three preset? You can actually reset your trip, and that is a and light. Probably I think anyway, I dont know I have to look in the car documents. This is the mirror, as you can see here, on the a pillar which has one of these speakers another one on this is a a pillar. The other one must be here. Oh yeah, thats, another one and notice. The sound is very surround another one here. My range at the moment is 124 miles, um and 75 percent of the battery Music. This is the Nissan Leaf and Im driving it now its quite a strong, powerful, more powerful, definitely than so. We really nice drive smooth and I could go with speed limit up to this meeting with 60 miles an hour. We didnt feel anything Ive opened the window a little bit because I dont want the air conditioning, use the power so thats. The reason you can hear the sound of the Wind were gon na pull up the window. We cannot hear any sound much. I dont hear much the Energy Efficiency of it, because its a bigger car than the Zoe is a little bit less.

That is nice anyway. Generally, is nice drive and enjoy the views? Its very smooth, I must say the tires – are really good, adjusted the pressure very nicely at the dealership. For me, what I notice is that the cruise there is no cruise control here. You have a speed limit here, but no cruise control and the flap for the charging also went on for a while so thats another one of the things that I noticed in front. It was a bit embarrassing. I am probably it was loose when I last time to carry it. I didnt push it completely down, so it didnt go close completely um yeah, but a lack of cruise control. I reused the cruise control a lot, so I prefer, if I had that – maybe I have to you know just learn more about this. If I can find the cruise control how it works, the speed limiter works well Lane departure line really well gives you vibration. You actually feel it its kind of mechanical vibration on just on the steering wheel, not anywhere else just lets. You know it easily packs Parks everywhere, tightest spaces I was able to park, so that was really good. Steering wheel is very smooth thats. The reason I could park in the entire space there so around helicopter view of the all the surrounding area when youre reversing is really nice feature. You see this is the sound you hear when you go over the lane lets.

Do it again yeah you cant, hear it again. The steering wheel is very nice and smooth at the same time firm. You know its not its not loose. You feel it that it has a kind of weight and inertia of its own, but easily can take orders from you something I noticed with this. Acceleration of it is that when you remove your foot from the Pedal Gas Pedal as we call it, you feel suddenly, as if the car breaks you you feel deceleration, not just slowing down, gives you a push toward the forward, so thats quite annoying. In a way. I must say I genuinely enjoyed this. This was a minor feature that I felt that is a little bit. I know it could be improved. I can understand it. Probably the the deceleration is actually charging another Electro motor to another Electro motor. The battery is back so this is. This is the way I think is electrodynam. I should say, and theres a charging back, giving back electric to the batteries thats how it is, but generally its really enjoyable. The acceleration is really Punchy.