First of all, huge thanks to amazing cariento from los angeles, black and white carrendo. Remember these guys. They have really incredible cars like these or supercars, and regular cars too check them out. We have three moments which i want us to understand during this video first, to show you how crabwok works and well do it very soon, right here after our introduction. Second thing that i want to understand how this 8 000 pounds, car or photons, is making three seconds to 60 miles or to 100 kilometers per hour sounds like insane and third moment is. It gives enough of amazing feelings, yeah, because usually people and third moment that i want us to understand you in this video – is this car giving you enough of great feelings like very cool car like with v8, because this is a problem of a lot of ev Cars that they are very fast, but they are not about real fun for petrol cats, who are in love with very powerful classic, like v8 v10 engines, Applause, Music, so guys, first meters by the wheel, Music, just listen. How brutal this electric sound, maybe first car was such brutal electric sound. You really have a feeling that you are driving a truck, a big big truck yeah. This this thing is huge and i love how its handling on the highway absolutely comfortable. I really like it. A lot of attention from other drivers – and we know why, because jaime reveal, looks incredible from outside and very interesting from inside yeah.

So i like it, i like it guys one of the moment why im in love with los angeles is of course, because of nature. How beautiful is here so we moved to this highway? Just look at this road, its so so beautiful love it Music, yeah guys so here is the firewall. Here is uh the our same tradition before filming an angeles crest, panera bread. So we will charge a little bit right now and well continue with this beast, and this guy will be surprised, Applause, so pavel first feelings. I think, like the car feels heavy, but at the same time and feels very fast like it takes yeah incredible. I know like sounds crazy. Oh yeah man, oh yeah, so guys lets make a launch start for this. We will put two times. We push two times this button and then vehicle will be ready and launch start here. Its called whats to freedom so making these whats going to freedom, Applause guys its so insane. This is just something special guys. So what what is crazy when you are making launch start, you have a spin of all four wheels and this pin its still continuing uh. After you started yeah, because here we have like real off road tires and uh yeah its really most insane launch start on the on a factory car. In my experience yup, oh my oh, my motherf, god dude holy so lets go to crabwalk mode too hope here.

It is yeah guys, as you can see, crab walk is really crazy feature. This car is doing it just insanely cool Applause Applause. You just feel how car is moving like in a drift. You know, but its difficult to show it from inside. So guys, as you can see, i put steering wheel like this, but we are moving forward in a drift position. Pilot thats, crazy, really man, so peyvo crab walk impressed you for 100 percent yeah hundred percent thats. My first time ever in my life, when im trying grab all content, because this is first car with scrap, woke man. So weird so youre sitting inside the car, you like steer the wheel yeah drifting without uh kind of feeling of low speed drifting around the parking lot. Yeah actually like the car, is moving but sideways. Yeah yeah yeah four wheels and you know like when you get more speed. The real will start probably like to turn inside the to make a? U turn to make a? U turn so its whole, like computer process thing, but still its super interesting to try it. Like and i cant wait to, try like you know, in actual conditions where i need to like to avoid the rocks yeah yeah yeah, some rock climbing some overall stuff and just need to like pass yeah. So mainly, this feature is to overtake some rocks, for example, on your own off road Music. So guys, oh new, jaime review and were here with teemo and tim was driving this car for two days.

So tim this one or dodge ram, t rex in your soul, which you have a good dream here, it is eev. Cars is not yours, it doesnt work for me, yet so its cool. They drive fast, at least from exterior 10 from 10 yeah. But the problem is in engine yeah, so ev engine, not so feelings like when it is high performance v8, with compressor or b turbo, has no characters. You know – and this is the problem of oeb cars yeah – sometimes but well – see what about this one and these things they are about how how much you need to charge. So we have 70 percent yeah. We need this more, very creative. So after one hour, we have plus 20 percent of charge, yeah so not bad result. Music. This is maximum brutality with this offroad elements in front in rear part yeah. I just love it. If you are talking about roof near of every passenger and driver, you can move it out and you have a heimer evie cabrio and its cool everywhere. You see this aggressive lines, im sure that in mate color it will be just so easy. Looking all these all these aggressive lines, yeah also here you can see uh eight lug nuts. Usually it is five or six of them yeah. There are five or six of them here eight, so every wheel will not move some somewhere out from a car here. So here you can see uh pickup space, yeah trunk space, yeah, guys to open and to close, have these two buttons and it works automatically inside.

You can see the same brutality everywhere with these deflectors, for example. They are huge, so aggressive all these lines, everything in quadrat style and squat style, huge and aggressive everything screens, and also i really like how graphics here looks when you are switching modes but lets show our people how it looks like thats cool, really guys. I love it Music, Music. So, first of all here we have three electric engines: guys 1000 horsepower over 10 000 of pound feet of torque from zero to 60 miles in three seconds and absolutely insane numbers. If youre talking about price of this car so edition one starting at 1010k, but over sticker right now can be one hundred thousand dollars even two hundred thousand dollars here so really insane moment, because everybody wants this car and not a lot of them on the market. After driving in crop walk mode, i even think pavel that were still in crab walk. You know very interesting, first time driving this car. I was mine like my mind, i blew my mind when i tried the crab walk for the first time, its yeah unreal. I havent done it before. It was my first time its crazy experience. The car feels very heavy, but at the same time it feels very sporty yeah. It has like 0 to 16 three seconds so its very fast. It goes like up and down, but as soon as you hit the acceleration like the car accelerates, and if you hit the brake, you can feel like the weight of the car because, like all the weight goes to the front and the car just yeah, just like Lean to the floor, like lean forward, weird experience but very interesting and like this is all im saying: guess: guess guess this is the generator Laughter Applause Applause im really enjoying this car, and i want to say that this is most interesting evie vehicle, which i have Ever been driving – and i really feel myself absolutely comfortable here in angeles crest, highway its very nice to drive on a traditional freeway, highway, yeah, so its cool and so a lot of features.

This crab walk this incredible acceleration and guys 8 000 pounds and its absolutely great three electric engines. So a lot of sound, i know gmc you. You really made a great job and im in love with it, its its just amazing Applause, yeah guys, and if you talk about range of this car, you can go on one full charge over 350 miles, which is really a lot its over 500 kilometers and today. After all, our filming we saw lounge starts. We still have quite a lot of battery guys and also now im moving back from filming, and i drove really a lot highways freeways. Also im in love with suspension on this car road is so smooth. You dont feel any bad moments of bad roads. You know youre just having so lot of fun from this suspension when you are pushing a little bit its jumping its just jumping like a range rover but x2. You know so guys. This is it. We are finishing our review in this beautiful place. I hope you enjoyed guys it was it wasnt so easy to find this car to make this filming, but we made it uh cant, wait for your opinions, my opinion, really. This is most interesting evie i have ever experienced because you saw this crap woke incredible launch starts. This car is doing so lot of crazy things very interesting to drive it like in daily mode soon. Well, take it for one week from gmc and well understand it.

Maybe well make one more series: if you talk about my suv experience, this is number one too guys you saw everything its just insane, especially launch start. What this thing is doing with this weight wow see you soon guys.