This is the all new 2024 blazer evss, the brands. First ever ss performance vehicle that happens to be electric im at the 2022 detroit international auto show lets take a first look. Music now, when the gas powered chevrolet blazer came out a couple years ago, a lot of enthusiasts were disappointed. That was, it was kind of a camaro styled family based suv for 2024. Chevy continues to kind of go that route, but now, as opposed to the gas model, which again is kind of more of a conventional suv. This blazer ev is an entirely different animal together. This is chevrolets answer to the ford mustang machi, which has been a huge hit for the company since it came out a couple years ago and of course this is going to compete with cars like the tesla model y and the model y performance. This ss version, as you can see, is the first ever electrified ss high performance, chevy, so theres. A lot of impressive stats here now lets. First talk about the styling of the new blazer. You can see it has a lot of the new corporate styling details here. That chevrolet is just introducing. You can see theres that trademark full led light bar. I also love how the bow tie in the center also lights up its also black, as opposed to the usual yellow theres, an ss badge there to the side of the grille. And then you have the usual full led headlights with led low and high beams.

No fog lights on the vehicle and, as you can see, theres technically not a grille. These grille inserts arent actually opened up. There are a few openings down here at the lower front splitter. But overall, let me know what you think of the styling below. I think the blazer ev is a huge hit in terms of the design. I think a lot of people are going to seriously consider this vehicle against the likes of the tesla model y and the ford mustang mock e. Now i wish i could open up the hood, but i sadly, i cant ive been told that there is no frunk on this vehicle, but chevrolet will offer it in two different battery sizes. They werent ready to disclose the battery capacity. This rides on the same gm ultim platform as the gmc hummer ev, the silverado ev, the upcoming equinox ev in terms of the power theyre going to offer this vehicle in several different tunes theres about five different trims available. But you can take your pick between either single motor uh, which is front wheel, drive, uh and then this model here being the ss has dual motor all wheel, drive giving us a total of 557 horsepower and 683 pound feet. Torque thats some serious performance chevy actually claims. This model will do 0 to 60 in under four seconds, so thats around mach e gt performance territory, same territory as the tesla model y uh performance, as well.

Im really looking forward to getting behind the wheel of this vehicle when it goes on sale. Uh later next year, lets go ahead and start with the wheel options you can see on this ss model. Chevrolet is offering a 22 inch wheel. You can see its an inch, larger or two inches larger, which is what youre going to find on like a ford, mustang mock e and you can see the tires themselves are massive. These are 275. 40. Zr22. I think the wheels are a really attractive option on the blazer ev. It really gives it some serious performance and then again its an suv, so the company added some painted cladding along the side of the vehicle. I dont have any ground clearance figures, but this is again not really an suv thats designed for off roading. This is more of a performance hatch which just happens to be an suv. Now the charge port door is over here. Chevrolet will offer a power charge port door, and this vehicle will accept a maximum of 190 kilowatts. If you guys can find a dc fast charger, thats capable of delivering that which that basically means is, you should be able to go from 10 to 80 percent in just around 30 minutes, which is a little bit faster than something like the ford mustang mock e. But not as quick as some of the quickest evs, which will accept up to 350 kilowatts. This vehicle also has an onboard 19.

2 kilowatt uh level, two charger, which means you should be able to charge this vehicle on your level, two uh in around eight hours from empty to to full, which is what most people are gon na, be doing you dont technically Fast charge on a daily basis, you should be just charging at home now in terms of the rest of the profile. I dont have any dimensions for the vehicle just yet, but, as you can see here, its probably going to be around 190 ish inches long in overall length, it should be a little bit larger versus the ford mustang monkey. You can really see how long the vehicle is. Its wheelbase has been pushed out into the corners. You have this really cool kind of contrasting black roof with the red im surprised. Actually, this car has conventional door handles. I just saw the new equinox ev and that actually had pop out style door handles, but again some of you may prefer something like this: a more conventional look. There is also a panoramic sunroof that also opens up on this particular model here, and it really looks uh expensive and premium when you have it with the red and the two tone look that this uh model here is painted in now around the view of the Vehicle, i also think the styling was really well done. I love the way, the rear tail lights. Look, they kind of mimic the shape of the front.

You have full led tail lights with this kind of interesting element here that kind of dips down. These are led turn signals. You can see theres a new blazer badge here, where the e has their new kind of electrified symbol over here i also like the black chevy bow tie at the rear, along with the ss badge remember. First, ever electric ss badge chevrolet vehicle down here you can see the rear. Diffuser is a little bit more aggressive and i wish i could show you guys the trunk, but they did mention. You should have just under 60 cubic feet of space. When you have the seats folded, remember this is a mid size suv. So a third row seat wont be available. Now we are at the detroit auto show. So sadly, this is a very early prototype. Chevrolet asked me not to touch the inside. Nor can i sit in the vehicle, but i can at least show you what it looks like. I hope you guys like red, because the red on the exterior is carried over onto the interior of this particular ss model, and it really has a premium. Look to the cabin i think chevrolet is doing a phenomenal job with making the interior look much more modern, especially when you look at the technology, because in the center over there theres a 17.7 inch touchscreen lcd that runs on their new android based operating system. It has google voice built in its got wireless carplay and android auto, and it also has over the air updates that 17.

7 inch screen is very well integrated. With the 11 inch display in the center stack, you can see that display is going to be standard across the board, its one of the largest displays in the industry, and i also like the steering wheel on this model. You can see its got that flat bottom design, its got the gm supercruise with the status light bar and then the seats themselves you can see they offer like a 10 way power adjustment with a two person memory and overall, with the red accents, the shiny gloss Black, the carbon fiber looking trim its a really nice place to spend time and hopefully ill be able to actually drive one very soon. Above me, you can see there is that panoramic sunroof. That also opens up and lets in a lot of light and then theres a lot of led lighting throughout the cabin. Now i cant show you guys whats in the back seat, but i mentioned earlier. This is a two row model, so you should expect to find legroom that should be on par with something like the tesla model y and the ford mustang mock e. So if you guys are interested in getting your hands on the all new blazer ev, this will be going on sale in the summer of 2023 and chevy has also already announced pricing. The base 1lt will start at around 44 995. This ss model obviously is going to be considered more expensive, itll start at around 65 995, which is still again undercutting vehicles like the tesla monolith and the ford mustang machi gt performance and the other great news about this vehicle is itll.

Be a final assembly point.