Now, why am I calling this one such a special vehicle one? This is only the second India made electric SUV, two Mahindra promises that this one gets the highest electric mileage for any car that is produced in India, which happens to be more than 450 kilometers on a single charge and three Mahindra claims. This is the fastest electric SUV that is made in India, but more than that, this Mahindra xuv400 puts India in an elite League of Nations that are producing credible and some incredible electric vehicles. So let us understand what is this Mahindra XUV all about Music, the Mahindra xuv400 is an electric vehicle, and a major deal breaker in EVS is the range of the vehicle itself. However, thats not the case with the xuv400, as mentioned before, the mahindras new SUV happens to offer the best in segment range of 456 kilometers on a single charge, as per the midc cycle, which makes it a viable option for those looking for a small electric SUV With credible mileage Music, it gets a ‘.4 kilowatt hour battery pack that can be topped up up to 80 percent in less than an hour using fast charging, which is a 50 kilowatt charger, Mahindra might offer a wall mounted AC charger with the SUV that can charge The battery up to 100 percent in six to seven hours Music now one of the key factors to remember here is that Mahindra is pitching the XUV 400 as a c segment, electric SUV targeting mgzsev and the Hyundai Kona.

However, given the history of Mahindra, we are anticipating that the pricing would be similar to the Tata Nexon EV or the Tata Nexon EV Max. Whatever the case is, Mahindra will roll out the prices in January 2023, and that is when this car will go on sale. In India, at the start of the video I mentioned that the xuv400 happens to be the fastest Made in India, electric SUV with 0 200 kilometer per hour speed in just 8.3 seconds. This performance comes from a massive talk: output of more than 300 Newton meter, which is available on the tap right from the moment you press the accelerator. We managed to touch three digit speeds, with very less effort and hats off to Mahindra, for providing a tank like stability to the SUV. Apart from the performance, Mahindra has done an incredible work in tuning the suspension and the steering which felt balanced and refined. Just like the beautifully crafted gray lever, the gearbox is tuned to the Perfection as well. The auto unit also gets a unique L mode for City Driving where you dont have to use the brakes, and just by lifting the foot of the accelerator enables heavy recuperation that stops the vehicle Music. Now, speaking about the design of the Mahindra xuv400, you do not find anything different from what we have seen in the xuv300 OR for that matter, the exuv300 that we first saw at the 2020 Auto Expo. What has changed, however, is an elaborate use of bronze elements throughout the vehicle, be it the outside or beat inside the cabin.

In fact, the new Mahindra butterfly or Twin Peaks logo, as they say it, is also painted in the bronze shade Dimensions wise. The Mahindra, XUV 400 is a mid size SUV, which is 4.2 meters in length and is also the widest car in its segment. This lets it a very planted and muscular profile, Music Applause, Music in terms of cabin design and features. I felt a little disheartened, given the fun I had driving the stronger of a vehicle. The layout is very old school, with lots of buttons here and there, while the infotainment screen is not anything special. There are features like a sunroof digital instrument, console among others, but a lot seems to be missing quality and finish wise theres. A lot left to be desired, but thankfully the launch is still far away and I hope Mahindra will crease out all these small issues.