This is the face lifted model, its just been released right now, and I can tell you the price and the range. Firstly, this machine comes in two price packages, the cheapest of which, however, is the mg excite, and the price has been announced after the Clean Car rebate. This machine will set you back forty one thousand three hundred and sixty five dollars. That makes it a very affordable. Kiwi car range, the previous one, was about 260 Ks per charge. This one 320ks per charge. There are some other changes that have been made as well to the interior and the exterior lets check it out. Yes, the updated mg Zs EV has been officially unveiled in New Zealand and it comes in two packages: the entry level excite and the essence, which is four grand more and comes with luxuries, like a panoramic glass, roof and heated seats, to name a few. But both versions offer up to 320 Ks per charge, plenty of Creature, Comforts and room and at first glance, both appear to be ludicrously good value. I mean seriously Ive, never seen a pure electric car at this price point with this much going for it and, as I somehow managed to sneak in with a bunch of actual journalists, we took off in a media Convoy through the countryside to see how these refreshed Evs drive: this is the new mg Zs EV, now Im no mgologist, but I do think the interior looks sort of similar to the original, although if there are any display a size queens out there youll be happy to know that this display is 10.

1 inches, as Opposed note wipers on the wrong side. I do that every time, as opposed to the eight inches in the original mgzsev, it also has a so called floating display, but that is very much fixed. It doesnt float as for the display it does come with Apple Android and carplay, auto Ive managed to annoy both Android and Apple Fanboys in one sentence. Seating position is just like the original mgzse EV. It is somewhat cocoon somewhat setup and big feels pretty good good, lateral support the pillars are not obscuring too much of the view. Overall, it just first impression is feels all right. Ive managed to sneak my way in with the actual journalists to review this car, but it is only a short review. Weve only got the car for about 45 minutes, so I there are some things I cant explain in that time, such as what the Rangers really like. Will it really get 320 Ks per charge or whats the charging speed or testing the vehicle to load application or testing the right stalk testing the mobile app as well? Of course it comes with a mobile, have all the stuff I can test when Ive got the car for a proper few days of testing, and that will come soon so make sure you smash that subscribe button. This is the Millennials say so youll catch that episode. When it comes out very very soon the dates are booked. Let me put my foot down: oh a little bit scrabbily, but not speed, because we are in a 50 Zone.

Okay, so weve got three driving modes: weve got economy mode, then we have normal mode and, of course, sport mode, which is much more responsive on the accelerator thats, exactly the same as it was with the first generation. Mgz EV and same goes for the regenerative. Braking youve got three modes which are mild, weak and barely noticeable, so good. If you are just making the move towards an electric car and youre not familiar with regen braking, yet okay, so thats maximum region. If I put it in sport mode, it should be a bit more fun, its no rocket ship, but it does move, and even though this is a tall vehicle, the center of gravity like the original is right down low. So it it handles more like a sedan than a crossover, even though it is a big tall vehicle whats interesting about this car. Despite its massive size and it is, it is a tall big vehicle. Is the weight theyve somehow managed to get the weight down to 1566 kilos? Now that might sound like a lot but keep in mind its about 45 kilograms, less than a Tesla Model, 3 standard range, which is a few kilograms less than a Toyota Camry. So for an electric car, this is very light and you can feel that when you go around the corners despite its there is mass there because its a heavy vehicle, but for an electric car, its light, something else that Id love to test.

But I cant test because we just have the car for a short amount of time and were not on the motorway right now is the lane keeping assist. I know the original version had Lane keeping assist. That was a little bit nomadic. It did drift around the lane a little bit. I would like to try this one and its one of those things I will test when I get my hands on this car again hit the Subscribe button, so you dont miss it when it comes one thing. I also like is the bottom of the steering wheel is flat and as the owner of an Austin Allegro. I appreciate that something interesting that we were shown about these cars during the presentation before we got to drive them. Is the charging speed the original Zs EV, charged at 85 kilowatts, supposedly this one charges at just 80 kilowatts? How long is this actually going to take in the real world to go from, say 20 to 80 percent find out when I get my hands on one for a longer period of time than just the 45 minutes weve got today, but so far I like it. One of the things I really liked about the original Zs EV – and this is because Im part Dutch – is that it really tingled my tight wad gland and Im a tight Wad and you get a lot of bang for buck in the original. This one still has a lot of bang for buck Roger that Music.

This is what happens on these press events when we go these unfamiliar roads, we end up doing? U turns in the middle of nowhere, but thats all right. I was mid speed, telsters wow, a Telstra first yeah. This is one of the good things about doing these reviews. Is you end up with car people who have really obscure tastes in cars? So you do a bit of car spotting. I would show you the person. Next to me, but he has a pixelated face, thank God for that. So yeah theyve got us two two per car, which is standard operator procedure, yep set this person and the passenger seat is meant to be the Navigator. If I remember correctly, the seats have 16 different positions and its all electrically adjustable. The steering wheel goes up and down, but doesnt come in and out it has everything you need its even got a PM 2.5 filter. This is getting into Tesla territory, its got it all, and that range as well for that price, its all right, honestly, Im struggling to find fault with it, and that is a problem inherent with a lot of new electric cars theyre, just getting a little too good. Im sure, though, once you get my hands on it for a longer period of time, theres bound to be something I hate about it. So yeah stay tuned for that I could see this being a real ideal replacement for the average kiwi family.

The range is good. The price is good. The safety stats are great, its got all the gadgetry, its easy to get in and out of plenty of Headroom in both the front and the back luggage. Space 60 40 split on the back seats, really its got a lot going for it. Eh Im impressed. I am impressed another thing I cant quite test while Im on the road in the short time that we have is the PSC potato storage capacity. The previous mgzsev had a PSC of 13 and honestly thats, not that impressive. I only have my one travel potato with me, so I cannot give you that important consumer advice so another reason to press the Subscribe button to make sure you dont miss that video. While I have your attention now is a good time to consider switching to ecotricity. It is New Zealands, only carbon zero certified electricity provider. That means every electron they provide is 100 solar, wind or Hydro. So why not join the good fight and get a bit of green Grid at ecotricity, dot, Co, dot, NZ and theres? Something else you should know about if you have an electric car already, then, by joining the Eco saver plan, you can enjoy New Zealands, cheapest off peak carbon, zero, certified electricity at selected times throughout the week and all weekend, every single weekend, saving you up to 40 Percent during off peak times and if youre thinking of making the move to an electric car check out the EV buyers guide, where youll find the prices and ranges of all electric cars in New Zealand, including this one, which was doing a good job of keeping us Safe in aucklands, crazy traffic, now that were on the highway, I didnt think we were going to be on the motorway, but now I can give the cruise control away.

The problem is like the last one. The first mgz is. I cant see whats on the stalk. Its obscured by the steering wheel so lets just Squish and squeeze it and see there we go. Oh there we go. Okay were set to 93. Can I increase it? Okay, so thats on? How do I increase or oh okay? Is it adaptive? Cruise, though, is it going to see the vehicle in front line, it yeah its slowing down its slowing down, okay, thats, good, okay, so adaptive cruise Works a treat. What about Lane keeping assist? Now that would mean take my hours off the road, so Im not going to do that youre going to have to wait a few more days for the actual proper road test for that one. Overall, this is a really decent machine, again, Im struggling to find too many faults with it. Gosh I mean thats hard. I remember the first mgz had a hard arm wrist where your elbow is and the center console was was kind of floppy. Oh, they fixed that thats interesting its another thing I havent had the opportunity to test is the stereo, the previous stereo in the mgz original spec, its kind of its not bad, not great, not terrible, its like reactor number four yeah Paul and all this is not A bad machine, ah the notifications on the side mirrors as well to tell me that theres a vehicle in my blind spot and, of course, these cars all come with the mg pilot package as well.

Its a whole raft of safety features, reversing cameras, blind spot cameras, reversing into traffic cameras on the back more than an aid to stop me crashing, which I appreciate, we only had this facelifted mg for a few minutes each, but from what Ive seen today, it looks Like this, car could be a real game changer in New Zealand. It has all the specs and features the average family would want for a very low price. However, like Ive said before, we wont know how good it is until I can take it on a proper long distance journey, and there you have it, that is the mg Zs EV, the facelift model, at least, and its pretty impressive. Some quick stats to close off with, interestingly, it has a 13 increase in battery capacity to the previous model. That has had a 21 increase in range from the previous model, but a zero percent increase in price, at least with the base model compared to the previous one after the Clean Car reboot. One criticism I do have – and this is not about the car, because the car at first glance seems to be pretty good its availability, because when this car was on sale almost a year ago, it sold like hotcakes. It was the second best seller behind the Tesla Model 3, but then they couldnt keep up with demand demand skyrocketed. The price of fuel went through the roof, as you all remember, and you couldnt get your hands on one in that vacuum.

Car makers, like byd, showed up with their 803, which is another car Ill, be reviewing really soon so hit the Subscribe button to make sure you dont miss it. But now, if mg is back with this car, which on paper, looks like its going to be a real sales success, but that is ultimately up for you, the Kiwi motorist to decide and one things for sure.