Pro 2022, of course, in the rapid red metallic clear coat were going to be talking about everything i love about. My new lightning were also going to be talking about things. I dont love so much about the new lightning. Maybe even you know kind of dislike. Um weve gotten past 500 miles weve got 589 on the dash right there and you can see we are charging up right now, as we speak, got about 91 percent um and 192 miles of range, and that actually takes me to kind of my my one kind Of dislike on the ford lightning well get it out early is the range ill say. I did go with the standard battery, so thats on me. You got to remember youre, going to have a lot more range over 300 miles with your extended range me um. This truck is rated for 230 ive got a little bit of a lead foot. I like getting that quick acceleration out of my lightning that uh that nice, four second zero to sixty and so ive been a little bit heavier on the accelerator. So, im, probably pulling closer to about 215 miles of range on my average drive. Now. As far as things that i love love, love about my lightning, my new, interconnected, sync, 4 12.3 inch horizontal screen comes standard in all of the ford lightnings. Now some things i love about it, i love the dual display, so i can see navigation as well.

As my apple carplay features, i could see trip energy off roading stuff, you know even access. My pro power on board show how much and weve actually got it turned on on our front circuit. Right now, just shows you how much power you can draw while actually utilizing your truck sitting in it ac running. What have you? I love the dual climate control. How connected this truck is, and i mean its also got that wow factor with that drop down shifter right there super cool, big, reverse camera. We cant shift into reverse right now and show you that um actual reverse feature. We cant hit our camera button, but you actually cannot uh shift your car into gear while you are charging so that makes good sense. Dont want to rip these expensive level two level. Three chargers: out of your socket there, of course, as far as our apple car plate, i love it because it is usb free, so you can use your usb for your apple carplay or you can just bluetooth in like i have today um as far as the Actual truck itself, one of the best things about it is they didnt change much with the interior features of the f 150, so weve got the big center consoles. The nice physical knobs on the pro model. Weve got plenty of places to charge actually nine 120 volts. Some fake news, youtube channels have been saying theres only seven theyre, not counting the two inside of the cabin weve, got the dual glove box, love that and we love the big.

I mean im about six foot four and i sit super comfortably in the 2022 ford lightning ive got my seats flipped up in the rear, so you can see how much space there is a little bit of scuffs on my vinyl floor thats, because im using this Truck like a truck and its doing the job i mean ive hold trash, ive hold furniture in this already in just 500 miles, and i havent had much issue as far as range im, just kind of coming back to that. The longest trip ive taken was probably about 90 miles. Each way um went out to tybee island drove around a little bit and then came back so we added a little bit of mileage there and it handled it. Just fine i didnt charge till i was back, but i was pretty low on range, so i mean the one complaint, like i said, or maybe not even complaint. Just something to consider is that youre gon na have to watch your range as far as safety features. Weve got lane keeping weve got blind spot its a super connected truck its super safe, and i love how it drives the quick acceleration. The all wheel, drive weve done just a little bit of off roading in this thing, and it handles it. Well, so stay tuned for more content because were going to be doing off, roading were going to be towing, were going to be testing. This truck out weve got our tailgate talks where we towed the camper with an f 150 lightning.

This is the max trailer tow package, so were going to get some good content out of it as far as things, i really love one of the best things about it is this front here you see it coming up from the interior. I dont think weve shown you im, not sure anybodys, showing you the front coming up from the inside and well just hop out here and kind of show you what that looks like ive got some groceries in there and thats a lot of what that front is Good for just hauling your everyday kind of items, you know get the job done, but doing it in a more convenient way than maybe we have in the past with our internal combustion trucks, um 400 pounds is the payload capacity of this trunk. Here youve got the quad 120 volt chargers with a usb and a usbc. There youve even got an escape button for when somebodys getting stuck super nice truck guys. I love the stylings of it. I love the rapid red metallic, clear color there. It kind of matches my mustang, i love how i can charge it. You know, while im sitting here at work, styling on the wheels, the electric styling with our tool matching uh charging panels there, even though one is actually your charger. One of them is more for display. I love that symmetry, the board dot all the way down to the lightning badge and the american flag on the back lets us know that this was built in america and its a great ford ev guys for more ford electric vehicle f, 150, whatever it is ford, Its jake fry, the car guy with walker paul tedders, subscribe now so that you dont miss more awesome content on this lightning, our white, lariat, lightning or any of our great f 150 super duty, mustangs whatever it is like and subscribe, and well see you again soon.