But this vehicle is based on the same platform as cousins like the Hyundai ionic 5 and Kia ev6. But the Genesis gv60 is obviously more expensive than those Vehicles, so is it worth over? A hundred thousand dollars before on road costs were going to look at that critically in todays video, but before we get started hit subscribe and the notification Bell after youve accessed the gv60, with a kind of color match gmatrix key, which is pretty cool. You find yourself in an interior which is fairly Lush and available in a choice of different colorways. This mint colored car outside has been matched to the glacier white interior, which is a real statement, but its certainly an interior that you would want to get treated by a professional detailer before you start driving the car, because its already starting to mark up quite badly In this vehicle, including on the steering wheel and on the side, bolsters of the seats, however, that could be treated and dealt with, but for people that dont want to mess around with upkeep of a light. Colored interior. There are darker color schemes available, including a very fetching navy, blue with lime, green stitching in the performance model exclusively, and that looks very cool. However, if youre a subscriber chasing cars – and I encourage you to do so – youd know that Im partial to a light, colored interior – so you know Id probably just put up with having to wipe it down here and there.

But what are we actually looking at in here in terms of Hardware? Well, if you spend any time in a Hyundai, ionic 5 or a Kia, ev6 youre, going to notice quite a lot of shared hard points, its not necessarily a shared fit out its just that everything is in pretty much the same place, including this floating console here, Which is very cool and the additional storage area down here by your legs and the flat floor and thats, because the shared platform egmp has a lot of commonality to it. But what youre going to find in the Genesis is higher quality appointments, more Lush materials and better sound, in particular, because this car has a 17 speaker, bang Olufsen stereo, which blows away the good boost stereo in the ionic 5 and the deeply average Meridian stereo in The Kia ev6 looking forward, we also have a really nice thin bezel. Dual screen display both displays are 12.3 inches in size. This one kind of has your navigation, its got media its got settings, but the gv60 is the first Hyundai grip vehicle in Australia to launch an updated version of the infotainment, where you can do a lot more through the drivers display, including seeing a map in front Of you first time and an amazing, augmented reality mode with a camera driven system which shows you exactly what Lane and what direction you need to go in on the road in front of you.

This stuff has been quite gimmicky in the past, but Genesis gets it right and typically the camera systems used in these vehicles are excellent. So it has the resolution to actually help you speaking of cameras. Youve probably noticed this ones sitting next to me here and thats that this vehicle is fitted with digital side mirrors. Now the digital mirrors in the Audi e tron were absolutely appalling, small poor field of view downright dangerous when reversing, but Genesis has done it better. Firstly, the screens are much bigger. The field of view is superior, the camera quality is higher and even at night, theyre reasonable. But I still have this niggling feeling that its an answer to a question that nobody posed and that a additional side mirror still gets the job done just fine, but you can of course go off in the comments. If you disagree with me, now were sitting on comfortable supportive chairs, beautiful quilting, Nappa leather, lots of directions of travel, including the ability to tilt yourself Way Way Back like fully back like sleeping back if youre charging the car, so you can meditate or rest, which is Quite cool, but the passenger seat is still a second class citizen in this vehicle, so it doesnt get the adjustable side bolsters and it doesnt get massage. Only the driver gets that stuff and most German Rivals equalize the front seats so thats, just something worth keeping in mind. Weve got a climate panel down here.

All the buttons are easy to understand. Very cool shifter, which flips from an ambient lit Crystal sphere into a direction changer down here, heated and cooled seats as well, which is all really cool in terms of whats, missing, theres, really only two things: firstly, the sunroof doesnt open on any variant, so its just Glass, precisely where you wouldnt want it high up in the vehicle and theres no Wireless Apple, carplay and Android auto, because the Hyundai groups Feud with a smartphone manufacturer, still hasnt, been resolved to the detriment of customers. One of the problems of dedicated battery electric cars. Right now is that most of them are based around skateboard batteries, which is just a big flat rectangular battery, which sits underneath the floor of the vehicle in the gv60, its a big 77.4 kilowatt hour unit and Im sitting on it, and my legs know about that. Because, while up front theres a nice little cut out in front of the battery to keep you feeling comfortable here in the back, your legs have got nowhere to go and, as such, your knees are kind of around your cheeks, figuratively speaking its just that you know. Youre kind of left with this situation, whereas in a Genesis, gv70 combustion, SUV or something your legs are a little bit more supported by the base of the seat. Now its a bit of a shame, because the rest of the back seat of this car is actually really good, its not very large, its actually quite compact for a mid size, SUV and yet legroom is fine.

Im six foot Headroom is good. Theres, a nice cut out here for the glass roof, which is also very tinted, so it shouldnt be a pro problem here in summer, particularly with a white interior like this car. Tow room, though, is very poor. This seat is on the deck and I just cant get my feet underneath it at all. However, weve got some amenities flipped down armrest here with two cup holders: massive amount of storage down here in the center console two USB C ports, heated, rear seats, soft materials everywhere beautiful suede headliner in this car and lovely touches like a beautiful little metal latch here. Where you can put your jacket its a beautifully finished this car, a proper Genesis, rather than a tarted up Hyundai and theres, a real practical touch here in the back seat, because the gv60 has a vehicle to load function. A proper household PowerPoint here in the back and also the ability to use the external charge point for the same job. So not only can you charge up your laptop here, you can also plug in stuff like a fridge. If you go camping, very convenient, we have the Genesis word Mark here in the center and a really nice design touch is that up here in the sort of duckbill spoiler is where the brake light. The third brake light is integrated and it looks really cool when youre driving behind the car Genesis is already known for being very designed forward, and the gv60 is easily the most Progressive of its shapes.

Yet it wont be for everyone. Genesis itself says that this car is really designed to appeal to those who dont mind being a bit ostentatious and if thats, you theres, an absolutely amazing color called Sao Paulo yellow, which is like tennis, ball, yellow, looks awesome. This color is hanama, mint, also really nice, but you can go for more classic combinations, theres a navy blue theres, also a selection of matte colors. If thats your thing as well. Genesis word Mark here on the back: weve got the sort of twin tail lights, echoed at the front of the car as well, and the boot release is actually down here, which is fine, but on a wet and muddy daylight. Today your hand does get a bit dirty, which is not luxurious. Power tailgate gets out of the way quickly and the boot is its okay, its on the small side, 432 liters, its still acceptable for the midsize segment. But there are a couple of clever features in here, including including a really nice boot floor, that folds up to the side to reveal the charging cables or up like that. So you dont actually have to take all of your crap out of the boot in order to get the charger out of the car really nice thinking. Weve also got a blind here and underneath the boot floor, you wont find a spare wheel instead youre going to get a tire Mobility kit, so for those who do a lot of country, touring or gravel road driving thats something to keep in mind, but increasingly common In this space now, weve got controls up here to close a tailgate or to close it and lock the vehicle, and last thing before we take a drive, is to discuss running costs overseas.

You can get a rear, wheel, drive version of the gv60. That does have something of a frunk or a fruit, depending on where youre watching from but in Australia. Both versions are all wheel, drive, meaning they have a motor here on the front axle and heres, where we run into one of the packaging floors with egmp the chassis that sits underneath this car space, just hasnt really been left over for proper storage here at the Front, as you can see, you can get maybe a fairly small traveling charging cable for the car into this area, but that is about it, whereas something like a Tesla Model y performance, which is also dual motor, has a proper storage space up front for a carry On suitcase, the gv60 is a cheap vehicle to run because Genesis throws in an awful lot for free with this car. Firstly, when you buy it, you can nominate to either get a wall box installed at your house single phase AC or you can get five years of free charging through the charge Fox network here in Australia, including Ultra rapid for charges. So those two offers will suit different buyers, its nice, to have the choice you also get five years of free servicing with the car. However, servicing is required every 12 months for this vehicle, which is a little bit too often for an electric vehicle, particularly on a dedicated platform. In our view, theres also a five year, unlimited kilometer, warranty and theres five years of whats called Genesis concierge, so they can do things like restaurant bookings and they also come and collect the car for you when it needs maintenance, and you know, leave you with a Loan car and stuff like that to try and make life easy so really.

The only thing that youll be spending money on is charging the vehicle, and that comes down to a question of efficiency. Now, on my drive today here in the Victorian Countryside, a little bit of town work a little bit of high speed country roads. I was able to get 17 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers, which is very good. However, on a few sections of road, where the pace was higher and were climbing mountains that escalated to about 22, but either way, the efficiency seems decent for the Genesis gv60, and that implies a range of some were above 400 kilometers in the real world, which is Pretty usable now whats it actually going to cost you to charge this thing up. Well, it has a 77.4 kilowatt hour battery and that means from home if youre charging it from empty to full. That would cost you around 20. But if you buy us your public charging at chargefox and you nominate that offer when you buy the car, you could really run this thing almost for free, which is a pretty good offer. So then, what is the gv60 like to drive? Well, it wont surprise you that there are certainly some shared experiences between this car and the other vehicles that sit on the egmp platform. But Genesis has worked its magic over the gv60 to make it more refined and more comfortable than a vehicle like the Hyundai ioniq. 5 and from behind the wheel, the suspension tuning and the steering tune in particular are quite different to both the ionic 5 and the Kia ev6.

Now the gb60 kind of enters an interesting point in the electric car landscape because it costs about a hundred thousand dollars before on road costs or 107 Grand. If you go for the performance trim and there just arent that many EVS kind of sitting in that space at the moment, if you think about something like an Audi e tron thats a vehicle that starts at like 130 000, this car is a little bit cheaper Than a BMW ix3, which is probably its main rival at the moment, but theres still a lot of movement into this space from traditional companies. Of course, perhaps the biggest non traditional rival to the gv60 is the Tesla Model Y, which is currently only being delivered in Australia in entry level, rear wheel, drive format, though there will be a dual Motor Performance, which is a direct competitor to the gv60 arriving later. On but after a full day of driving this car already, I can certainly tell you that the gv60 is a more luxurious vehicle than the Tesla Model y. The ride is vastly more comfortable and the interior appointments are superior. So when you think about the fact that this car costs about ten thousand dollars more than a model y performance, I think youre getting value for money there, particularly when you take into account the 800 volt nature of this cars platform and its Ultra rapid charging. I actually think in terms of value for money.

Theyve got it into an interesting spot, so lets talk Mechanicals. The First Choice youll have to make is whether you go for the gv60, all wheel, drive or the gv60 performance or drive. The different is seven thousand dollars in spend, but theres a significant performance difference too. So in the standard all wheel drive model you get 234 kilowatts of power and 605 newton meters of torque, which is still plenty and good enough for a five and a half. Second, zero to a hundred time Genesis claims. But if you spend seven Grand more for the performance, all drive, you get the same 77 kilowatt hour battery and the same motor Hardware on the front and rear axle. But performance is turned up to 320 kilowatts of Power Plus youve got this lime green boost button on the steering wheel, which will give you 10 seconds of Maximum performance at a time with 360 kilowatts of power and 700 newton meters of torque available, and that cuts The Sprint to four seconds for zero to a hundred at least Genesis claims that to be the case now, interestingly, you can use the Boost button again and again and again as long as the battery state of charge is above 20, and that does beg the question Of why it isnt just 360 kilowatts of power at Full Throttle, I think it pretty much just comes down to novelty value of having a button down here that says, boost and hey its a party trick, which is kind of cool, but even without using boost mode.

This vehicle offers gobs of performance off the line and really nice rolling acceleration youre never going to be wanting for power in either the base gb60 or the performance variant theyre both up to the challenge of overtaking hard launches theres, an elegant sufficiency of power in these Vehicles and the motors are also really nice and refined. All egmp cars are good in this regard, but the motors are absent of wine, theyre really nicely muffled, and they just give you the silky, Serene sort of performance underfoot now. Serene is also what youd call the interior of the gb60 across most surfaces, because there is active noise cancellation in the headliner, which is cool and that keeps the car, nice and quiet, and by and large, the ride is also pretty good. The base Cars ride on 20 inch wheels, the performance gets 21s and so were dealing with a big wheel and tire package. Here, a relatively low profile, Tire with Michelin Pilot Sport EV tires as well, so the unsprung mass is quite high. So if you drop a wheel into a pothole or something you are going to know about it, but the damping is good. On this car, it uses a camera driven adaptive suspension to look for bumps and potholes and prepare the dampers for the impact and that works well. In my experience with my long term Genesis gv80, I found that in inclement weather or at night the camera didnt always see bumps and youd get a bit of a clatter up through the cabin.

I do like the damping. It deals with big bumps nicely, but there is a bit of a pitter patter through the suspension that hasnt been completely dialed out, so it never fully settles down theres, always a little bit of fidget through the car. Just going that step further would have been good, but the gv60 doesnt have an Australian suspension tune. Instead, the Aussie engineers at Hyundai in Australia, select from a menu of global configurations of suspension and decide what works well on Australian roads and for the most part, it does its just that last little bit of fidget, which doesnt quite feel a hundred thousand dollars, which Would be nice to have settled down in the vehicle but by and large its very livable. The steering is noticeably heavier in tune to something like an ionic 5 in particular, which has super light. Steering, and I think most buyers will like that. Associating this sort of heavy resistant steering with luxury, I wouldnt mind for a setting when the electric power steering to be a little bit lighter, but its okay, as it is delivered through this relatively large diameter steering wheel, which is quite Lush in the white. Its got. Paddle shifters behind it, which controls the regenerative braking all the way up to an eye pedal mode, which I use most of the time, which is one pedal driving it feels good underfoot and in Keen cornering it also lets you really balance the chassis on the throttle.

Lifting off slightly to kind of Tuck the rear end of the vehicle around allow a little bit of kind of liftoff over steer, and then you can get back on the throttle hard to drive the car out of the corner. So, even though its quite a heavy vehicle, it is a decent dance partner on a country road, but really the gv60 is happier in this stuff, gentle curves on country, roads, Grand Touring kind of stuff weekend, Road trips, this car loves them in terms of safety, features Its very well equipped Ive spoken about the blind spot cameras here, which actually work well in the case of digital side mirrors, the field of view is good, although your eyes do have to change, Focus thats one issue compared to a traditional mirror. You also have blind spot cameras here in the drivers – digital cockpit, so theres really no excuse for not seeing something out of this car. Theres aeb, reversing aeb Lane keep assist with Lane centering adaptive cruise control. A full set of safety features to make this car easier and safer to drive. So those are my first impressions of the new genesis. Gv60. This is a capable vehicle in either specification, theyre, really quick and both offer a good usable amount of range backed up by an 800 volt architecture. That means this vehicle can be charged extremely quickly, so its a good Grand Touring and road trip partner. Yes, it is heavy and it does feel its weight when you find a really tight bit of road, but for most people, that wont be an issue, because this is a great Runabout in town and very nice to take out to the countryside to a winery.

Just like this, which it has the range to get to now, those are my opinions.