This is the Titan GTS. It looks awesome, it looks lovely, but the surprises they have a turbo over here, so turbo in an EV car thats. A big question so lets find talk to these two gentlemen. First, we talk about the GTS hi uh. My name is Calvin Im from Porsche Center, Markham and uh yep, so uh. Here we have the icon turbo and the Cyclone GTS. The Cyclone GTS is actually our newest version of the taikon okay um. It sets its one model below the turbo right here: uh. It makes about 570 horsepower 0 100 and around 3.7 seconds fully electric and uh yeah. It carries on our Porsche Traditions, so were talking to the gentleman about the servo like what does durable mean in an electric car also turbo. So turbo is one model above the GTS um. This model is 670 horsepower thats. It Im also fully electric. I believe zero to 100 is 3.2 3.3 and then, if you step up to the Turbo S, its 750 horsepower – and I believe, zero to 60 is 2.8 2.9. So a little bit under three seconds: oh thats, all fully electric, so guys uh. Please do make sure to come check out these two gentlemen and theyll clear all the information that you guys need on the diekin turbo. So its pretty good, you know to see Porsche step up wow. Thank you, so Ill. Just stick up lets see how to enter a Porsche.

I can Turbo so its automated you open it up and youre greet it with some beautiful black leather uh. Is it vegan or is it like good? You can get that as an option. Yeah. Okay. So this has a very unique display, uh, as you can see its quite different from a Tesla uh. It has like over here some setup and then theres a setup over here which really looks neat. You know you have a Titan, it smells good and there you have the moon roof over there. So heads up to Tesla to Porsche for doing such an amazing job with the interior. I really love what they have done and uh hope. One day we can drive on this car and enjoy its power make sure to come at drivefest, Auto. We have this lovely electric drives from Porsche taikin and just across it we have Tesla coincidence, uh, maybe not, but its quite lovely – to see both the cars in flesh and uh quite nice. You know what the future is really excited for. What Hyundai is coming up with? Next? Before we move out, we are checking out the Hummer EV uh. This is something that will be rivaling the Tesla cyber truck and the first impressions are its quite a mad wild beast. You know its big on its uh Dimensions, but uh surprisingly, they say that its road, legal and, as you see the interior is quite nice. The car looks neat so lets see compared to a Tesla Porsche, how to increase so its charging now currently uh.

It has a huge cluster uh, so its a very different. You know, unlike the other cars that we tested, so this one is quite different, its quite spacious. It has a heat stream in the middle uh and has an interesting over here. So definitely the uh. You know the viewing angles of this car its going to be no problem and its like these Wranglers. You know totally rooftop, you know you can you can you can get rid of that? So quite fun. You know this car, okay, Music. This is like a Wrangler mosquito, its not more like a cyber truck in a Tesla youre, going to check out the model Y and the model 3, and they both look quite sick lets have a look inside the interior wow. So this looks like the future and its quite amazing, with the big LCD screen that they have and again you know its quite nice futuristic. We dont have the blade version or the uh weird steering wheel, but still quite nice. You know nice smell and the interior is quite Lush on them. Guys were checking out the Tesla infotainment system. As you can see, it has three awesome cameras uh. Basically we go home theres a lot of settings over here. It sees that were at drive fast, so thats quite interesting lets swipe down to see the maps and from what I understand is uh. This is based off Google data again Im, not 100 sure but thats what they say and uh theres the games.

You know version that you can play so thats quite sick. You know, while youre doing this uh tap called entertainment uh. This is the calendar and again you have a lot of stuff over here. So thats, just like a quick review of the Tesla entertainment system and uh competing the BMW and all like you know. This is a bit more organic. You know quite nice futuristic. I have all these Apple wipes. You know and thats quite uh, quite nice.