So one of the key things about Genesis Vehicles is that they have this split like design really do like it actually theyre the rear, the shape of it sort of reminds me of a Porsche Macan. Can you see that no models get a roof spoiler? So if you get a sport version, you have a slightly deeper rear. Bumper that looks more aggressive. Also you get round rather than sort of oblong exhaust, though let me just find out if these exhausts are fake or real Ive got the Cobo sticker truth here. So yeah fakes around, but there is a real exhaust in each of these, which is good news anyway enough for that lets, move down the side, so youve got quite pronounced wheel, arches like that and a sloping roof light, so its slightly coupe like different color trim. Here, depending on which model you go for and roof bars once again, depending on which trim level you go for, you get different colors and it will start at 19 inches, which is what these are and they dont look too small. Either they do rise up to 21 inches, though I dont really think you need them, then theres. This line that comes right from the front of the car, its sort of Bentleys, but also this part sort of reminds me of an old Jaguar S Type. Can you see that anyhow me about the front really like this crease in the Bonnet and then, as you can see, look the split light design again here at the front and then a really cool looking Grille and the sport also has a deeper, more aggressive front.

Bumper, with more air intakes, there look air intakes and yeah theyre real. This is a good looking car. What do you think? Let me know in the comments put a pink comment: do you like the look of this yes or no anyway? Lets talk about the price, so it starts from 41 000 pounds. But if youre thinking about buying a new car – and you want to make sure youre paying a fair price, you need to hit the carway, because you can see Ferris offers available on you and used cars. If you want to do that, just simply Google help me Caraway and me and my team will help you choose your perfect car and get it for a fair price. If you want to do that right now, just click on The Bob Outback up there for the link in the description below here on the inside. The gv70 is blooming, lovely and its also getting a little bit steamy, because I tried to style out filming the last segment as it started to rain, so Im a bit wet and um yeah, causing it to be a bit too moist in here anyhow, I wanted The car enough about me so lovely design of the dash really sweeping different layers and a pair as well look at it theres these elliptical shapes yeah. It looks like that and there and there thats the general theme going throughout the cabin theres. Another theme and thats high quality – I mean lovely leather up here with stitching lovely leather here.

Leather – all the way here here here here here. It just feels so expensive and this one has the upgraded quilted seats which just like something you get in a Bentley. I really do like the design and the steering wheel feels nice. This is the sport, so its got three spokes. You get two spokes on other models and its yeah. The seating position is great lots of adjustment and electrical operation at the steering column. Youve got a nice clear, digital drivers display you can cycle through different menus or very clear, easy to use and the design of it changes slightly depending on which driving mode youre in and it has a 3d effect as well. You cant see it on the camera. You need to see it with your eyes for it to work properly, but its just like you get on a Mercedes S Class, and that brings on to the fact this car feels like a really premium product. It does feel more expensive inside than the equivalent BMW. X3 or Audi Q5, speaking of which you get this huge entertainment screen here on all models. Now you can use it as a touch screen, but, as you can see its a bit far to line reach forward when youre driving so youve got an iDrive like control. Here, Swift, oil, the good news is that you dont have to use disks to control the climate control because theres a separate section for it here.

So some of it is actual physical buttons, but bits are touch screeny, although at least they have their own separate touch. Screen so youre not having to Dell through menus when youre driving along other things. I like with this look a little bit of storage under here, and your 12 volt socket, and everything just feels expensive. Youve got felt in here. Youve got a couple of cup holders here, which is where Im keeping the car key, and I like this, a little draw for your mobile phone. Even my big fold, which quite long fits in there and youve got two USB ports as well, and in here is your glove box lets see if it opens in an expensive way, you ready for it ah well uh stamped, but it kind of yeah flops open A little bit too quickly, that is a minor complaint, because otherwise this is lovely. Okay last thing bottle test yeah a big bottle fits in there, practical, comfy and luxurious. Now, how am I looking a little bit drenched? Actually, I can check myself out using a huge vanity mirrors, yep still lovely now, if you find these videos lovely and you havent done so already make sure you subscribe to. I dont know Im laughing at my own jokes anyway. Make sure you subscribe to this Channel and hit the Bell icon to turn your notifications on that way, you wont miss a single upload here in the back of the gv70 new room is good headrooms good as well.

I love the fact that you can recline the back seats like they do Recon quite a lot so yeah its super comfy. My only complaint is that the foot space feels a little bit tight yeah. If you like, a lot of what space click on the pop up button up there for the link in the description below to watch my depth review of the Volvo XC60, that has more room for your feet, speaking of room for your feet, if you count three People at once, this huge lump in the floor does get in the way, so you end up playing foot walls with passengers either side. Oh well, not major problem. Tell you what I do like, though quality just extends back. It feels really really expensive right down to the feeling of the controls for the climate. Actually, underneath the climate control youve got two USB ports, there andy now Ill go to this test. Go all the way down, go all the way down, go all the way down. No Im not quite a bit of a shame, because the back window is huge. You do get a really good view out. Do you have through loading not on this car? No. Does someone agreeing with me off camera? You definitely dont. Why arent you going to get it, but you dont, that is annoying yeah a couple of cup holders there look you need to put your wrist in it, but you get that loads of cars and youve got some huge door bins.

Oh God, even that that feels so expensive, theres, so much squidgy soft, yielding material in this card feels so premium Im, not yeah theres room for your bottle as well, and youve got some storage Nets here on the seat backs yeah fairly nice back here, oh yeah, An Alcantara headlining, well, not Alcantara, but Alcantara alike. It really does just feel a lot more expensive than the German counterparts. It really really does really really really lots of really. Is there just emphasize the point right back outside again because the rain stopped. I want to show you the boot. I love the way you open it. You just press this button here. Look dont have to reach down there. Anything like that very clever, also theres, no low lips, its dead, easy to slide things in and out lovely job, and then underneath here youve got your kind of tire, repair, kit and stuff. Look at this. There is your Low cover. Bear with me. Well, like get it out, see that thats not getting heated, because theyve got a really good solution for it. Nice one Genesis. I have more of that kind of clever thinking. Please right lets just put it all back together, several bad puns later right, then youve got some nettings here, look tie down points 12, volt socket, and I like the fact that you dont have to like lean in to fold the seats down. You can do it by these levers here.

Come on there, we go, you get a flat floor, pretty much which makes it easier to slide things to the front. Ah, there we go now in terms of the capacity youve got 542 liters, which is very similar to its German competitors that have 550 liters. If you have the electric version, though, the big capacity drops, because youve got batteries under there to about 500 liters. However, you then get a front boot, because theres no internal combustion engine underneath there you then get an extra 20 liters back, so its pretty much the same size in terms of practicality, Im really struggling to find a link to where I talk you through the bad Things about this car there is one its the fact that, unlike with the Germans, you cant get three way folding seats in the back, so that you can have two people say either side, then long objects through the middle, so lets just take that one go on The brakes are quite noisy when youre, just creeping along at slow speeds, have a listen to this. So imagine youre like controlling the car in traffic just easing forward. Can you hear that what a weird noise sort of like a sinking, ship Music? Why do you have apple carplay, on Android, auto and like with most new cars? Theyre? Not wireless! Look Im wired, no Im, not oh dear! I lost Android auto. Now the reversing camera is located quite low down, which means it quickly gets covered in Rogue Grime, especially in the winter, and you have to get out to wipe it occasionally because it doesnt have a little washer, like some other systems.

Do so youre interested like that? Theres cleaner having a rotary controller for the gear, selector looks cool but having it so close to a rotary controller for the infotainment system. Is that sometimes, when you maneuvering, when you go down to actually grab or change gear, to go to reversal drive you end up? Just changing menu on your epidemic screen and go nowhere while the electric window motors in this car are very quiet. If the window is wet, you get this strange noise, foreign car and the other GV 70s dont. Do it or maybe they all do. I dont know my inexperience. Is this car its not all negative, though heres five good things about this car with an infotainment system? You have something called Sounds of Nature and what it has is various like ambient noises. So youve got a lively Forest. You can either crickets or whatever the RC car does. Then calm sea waves then theres a rainy day. Now I found this perfect for keeping my daughter asleep for as long as possible. Open air Cafe room on that one theres, a warm fireplace and the last one is a snowy Village. It actually sounds like someone eating what could have eating that sounds like someone eating an apple. You can use the key fob as a remote control to drive the car forward and backwards in and out a tight parking space is so you just press and hold this button and it should start the engine yeah.

It is started, and then I use this button to move it forward. Are you ready you want to come forward? Come on come on come on forward forward. There we go and its got sensors to stop it crashing into stuff. Like dont run me over to see if they didnt run me over and I can make it go backwards, go and go backwards. Come on go backwards. Thats it go on so I spooked. It then see if I can catch it out, ready ready for this dont run me over. I didnt run me over look at that and you can see if I open it up come here. Have a look. Look were not Faking, It theres, no one inside No One quite handy that this car has adapted dampers as standard, and you have a camera just behind there. That could read the road ahead and it slackens off the suspension if it spots a bump thats. The kind of feature the engine will be getting things like Rolls Royce, also as well as your normal driving modes. You have something called terrain response mode, look there and it sets up the car, such as the gearbox and the engine response to be honest, youre driving on snow mud or sand, and you can even fit it with a limited slip, rear differential for improved traction. There are two buttons on the side and the front passenger seat which allows the person behind to control the seat, so they can create a little bit more space move it forward slightly.

Also, you can use it to annoy the person in the front. I think kids would like getting their own back on their parents. Wouldnt they, oh, yes, Jacks very tall were going to make him very small by squishing him as much as we possibly can thats how I like to roll look at that its very roomy back here. Just like with the German competition Genesis will sell you a lot of extra tech for a lot of extra money. However, you do get some pretty good stuff with it, for instance, for four thousand pounds you can get a pack which includes surround view cameras with lovely 3D effects. You can really look around the vehicle. It also includes look at this. I love this feature. A blind spot vision camera. So when you indicate in the dial it actually shows your little camera face, you can see exactly whats, just in your blind spot and if youre indicating left York get the same view from the left camera. That is excellent. The pack also includes things like Auto cruise control, with Lane keeping assist and some other bits and pieces as well sorry to interrupt the video. But I need to tell you about the car wow September. Sale. Weve got over 800 amazing deals with an average saving of 1500 pounds, so click on the pop out banner up there for the link in the description below to go to Carlow, to check out the sale but move quickly, because the offers end on the 30th of September, you get the gve 17, with a 2 2.

5 liter turbocharged petrol Engine with 304 horsepower and thats. What this car has theres a diesel, a 2.2 liter and that has 210 horsepower. Both of those cars are four wheel drive and they have an 8 speed automatic gearbox. Now, if you dont want to have to go to a petrol station at all, there is an electric version which has dual motors. So its also four wheel drive this cars tweeting at me. For some reason anyway, the EV has 490 horsepower, so it should have pretty strong performance. Now, if youre thinking about changing your car, you probably need to silly current car and to do that, you can do it through car wow its easy. Now all you have to do is upload. Some photos give a brief description. Then our dealers will bid on your car. You just accept the highest offer and theyll come to your house. Take the car away put the money in your account, its dead, simple and its completely free theres, no obligation to sell just click on the pop out banner up there for the link in the description below to find out how much your car is really worth. Alternatively, you could do a late date just by simply Googling help me car wow well help you silly car. Okay, now lets see what the GV 70s like to drive, starting with on faster rides, such as on the motorway or dual carriageway. So Im gon na overtake this car in front of me doing 40.

lets floor. Its weapons, oh thats, a rewards kick down but now were moving. Progress is pretty rapid. I dont know if you heard that, first of all its the lane departure warning from the safety system, but also the fact that when you floor it, this petrol engine does get a little bit kind of vocal Sports. The ambience, which is a bit of a shame because, when youre just cruising, this car is very, very quiet, youre hardly get any wind noise youre hardly get any road noise, very relaxing on the motorway and obviously, if you need it, youve got automatic cruise control with Lane keeping assist to keep you safe distance from the car in front and steer to keep you in Lane really does just take the strain out of longer Journeys, as do the really really comfy seats. Yes, I could do lots of miles in this car. Apart from the fact that its not the most efficient, this petrol model Im kidding 23.8 miles per gallon and constantly told off by the late departure warning but 23.8 miles per gallon yeah, you might want the diesel if youre doing lots and lots of miles now lets Find out what this cars like on a twisty Road Im going to put the drive mode into sport? Oh, I like the way the dials change. Actually weve got one more Sport Plus. Can I put the gearbox in manual Im just going to take over with the pedals Music? Well thats.

The Auto brakes got too close to our camera car in front when youve got this in sports mode, Sport Plus, actually it just sharpens. Everything up makes the suspension a little bit more bouncy. Actually do you know what Im gon na go back into Comfort, because really this is not a sports car. Is it and now its dealing with the bumps better? It will mean that it just leans a little bit more in the bends, and this car does lean a bit more than average say compared to an Audi Q5 in the bends. If you want to see my four minute, video review of that car click on the pop out bar up there for the link in the description below the steerings, fine, though its accurate, but it doesnt have such a sporty feel of the sport SUVs. But Im fine with that, it does feel a little bit heavier than an Audi Q5 thats, a bit more car like when youre driving it, whereas this is a bit more on the side of SUV. However, its totally competent on a twisty Road, absolutely fine, its definitely better having in Comfort, because the suspension is much better at dealing with the bumps you do notice it actually that its generally quite a comfortable car that clever suspension system does a good job of lining Out with the bigger bumps, well, its not so good at is real small imperfections like the high frequency stuff, and you do feel like the little shim is through the cabin but overall yeah.

This is a really comfy car that handles well enough. Finally, lets see what the dv70s like, when youre driving around town, so race driving position gives you a good view forward. Its actually really easy to see with the front corners of the car are, if you have, the back window is pretty decent as well. This pillow is a bit thick which creates a bit of a blind spot, but its not too bad and the Dormers arent huge, but they give you enough vision and then obviously youve got those safety cameras to help you out as well. So lets try and do a? U turns see how maneuverable it is because thats obviously very important when youre driving around town and you take a long turning or you need to weed through traffic, so lets have a little go. Can I make it round the Turning circle is apparently 11.5, which is slightly better than the German equivalent, so lets see, if I can do it without touching the curb come on, I think Ive already cocked it up. No Ive cocked it up already right Im. Coming. No right Im gon na try that again, Ive got to give it a fair, go. Its really handy with the cameras lets see. If I start a bit further back, maybe I can do it right here we go come on come on. I havent touched the curb. Yet come on nah Im living in a dream world, if I think Im going to do it in there Im going to need a bloom in Black Cab, you know what Ill keep going for the infotainment switch.

It really does go on your nose. I think its going to take quite a bit of muscle memory to just get you going for the right thing here. We go three point turn appropriately. We have a learner driver there. Look at my three point turn is it quality see? This is how you do it yeah clear pass. I think didnt make it all the way around, but yeah its an easy card to driving tag, and while the gearbox might not be the most responsive, when you suddenly floor it when youre just mooching about its really smooth to change gear, you hardly know doing its Thing and you dont hear the petrol engine at all, either its a nice car now Im gon na do a quick break test on the gv70 so long it takes to stop from 60 miles an hour here. We go. Four emergency stop coming up now: oh so that took 35 meters, which is okay, but not incredible. One last thing to do finally lets see how quick the GV 70 is from north 60 miles an hour so lets do it in 6.1 seconds, but Im gon na find out for myself heres my specialist time of year up here lets. Do it great boost Applause? Oh, the engine is quite noisy, not 60. .55, not quite 6.1 Ill. Take that foreign verdict on the Genesis gv70. Should you avoid it? Should you consider it, should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it? Well, I reckon you should shortlist.

This car, its engines might not be quite as good as its key competitors, and it might have quite so much room as some of them in the back seats. However, it looks great its nice to drive and its extremely well equipped for the money anyway.