My name is derek reilly. Today were looking at the refreshed, hyundai, kona and its one. Sometimes people forget about, but its still an amazing range vehicle well built size wise. Sometimes it can get a bit tight in the back and in the boot, but a lot of people like this car in a couple of different variants because it comes in a combustion engine and it also comes in a fully electric. But as you know, on this channel, we only deal in the fully electric and how would you know this is the fully electric one and again like a lot of electric vehicles. Youll know because it has no front grille and with the refresh version. This is all nice and smooth, whereas the other one kind of had a checker plate finish so really like the styling on it. You also have these new designed, um, daylight runner, lights and theyre. Also your indicators, underneath you do have halogen bulbs, not leds um. You have your charging here: seven kilowatt on ac and on dc 77 kilowatt two different battery sizes as well. You have a ‘ kilowatt hour and a 64 kilowatt hour with that range on the smaller battery about 300 and thats. What i this is the smaller battery one getting about 294 when i got into it and then, with the larger battery the 64 kilowatt hour battery, that is up at around 470 and with good weather and easy driving ive seen people getting over 500 kilometers on it.

This is the entry level uh hyundai electric you used to have the ioniq, the original, the uh, the og, also known as the wind knife, but now youve got the ionic five, but for this prices are starting at around 34 000 euros going all the way up To about 30 sorry, 44 000 euros depending on the trim, youve got executive, youve got premium and then youve got premium with two tone, but obviously with the black wouldnt make much difference. Otherwise, on the front, its all fairly same, you have some cooling in underneath for um, for battery cooling, etc. And then you have some aero as well here the air cuttens down along the side, no fronting underneath, but you can get some aftermarket trays that you can put in there. If you wanted to have some storage in underneath, there 17 inch wheels good size wing mirrors. In fairness, you have a roof rail with a roof rack attachments, youve got the body collar door handles and also youve noticed on the upgraded refresh that the wheel. Arches are body colored again on the black its hard to tell it, but on the solid blue or the solid grays youll see that the wheel arches the same color and the side. Moldings are the same body color as well, and then youve got that flashing of black back here in the c pillar with that c pillar window overall, i think it was a nice little update to the front, and i think the front is what dated it.

But this new smooth front is really nice. Youve got this hyundai badge and youve got a little light inside there, and when that light illuminates it means dont go near any of the high powered cables, which is a nice little. Safety function that theyve put on the outside of it, otherwise thats the front and the side of the hyundai kona lets have a spin around the back and have a look at the rear design. Hasnt changed much either in fairness down along the back of the cone and starting at the top youve got your shark venereal youve got your spoiler with your high level brake light, a wiper which is always great to see on any car youve got your um led Brake lights at the rear, and then your indicators and your reversing lights, underneath it your large hyundai, sign and badge. But then, on the left hand, side youve got kona and then youll also know if youre following a corner, whether its electric or not, because it has electric in underneath some gray and black moldings in underneath reversing cameras. Probably one of the nicest reversing cameras that ive had and well talk about that on the drive inside then you have your boost: 330, odd, liters, so not huge, but not bad. Now you have a small shelf in underneath um for storage and for your pump etc. For your there isnt a spare wheel in it youve got some tie off points on the actual floor pan, but also on the top and youve got a light in here as well, and youve got your hyundai charging cable uh seats fall 60 40.

There isnt a ski through there, isnt a ski hatch and youve got your parcel. Shaft here lets have a look on the inside whats it like on the inside of the high end kona, and you may recall, ive already had this on the channel at the time. I wasnt able to get it directly from hyundai, so i partnered with ufo or ufo drive here in dublin, which is a an electric car rental company, but that was an older generation version, whereas this one is the refresh version and what you have is pretty similar. Dont get me wrong lots of buttons on the door, lots of buttons over your knees, lots of buttons everywhere. So if you are a fan of physical buttons and knobs, the hyundai corner will not let you down uh doors, all your electrics and your ability to lock windows and lock doors and over your knee then is um, asc, lights, uh, leveling and also brightness. Inside of the dash, its a physical button to start and its a key um steering wheel is a good size. Some people dont like the feel of the actual material on it, whether its pleather or leather and on the left hand side. Then youve got your typical hyundai voice, control, volume, etc and, on the right hand, side its modes and menus and travel assists behind that. Then you have your regenerative, braking and theres a couple of different levels on that and what theyve done with the refresh version? Is they havent allowed you, when you change the drive mode to keep the regen level it moves around, so if its eco, its more and if its sport, its less, etc, etc? Um, you have your wipers on the right and youve got your lights and indicators on the left behind the actual steering wheel.

Then you have a 10.25 inch screen really clear great to see that upgrade, and it gives you all. The information left to speed right is whats going on in the car and then in the middle. You can change that to whats displayed, it can be speed, it can be navigation, etc. Starting with the center console moving from back to front, you have a large pocket in underneath youve got a little cubby hole. Youve got heated seats in the high end, icona and also heated steering wheel, your camera, your automatic hole and your drive modes, two cupholders your automatic handbrake and your buttons for your drive mode selection park, reverse neutral and in underneath, then you have a usb type. A and uh we childless achi wireless charging pad in underneath that little cover youve got physical buttons for your hvac system, temperature and speed, but also theres an automatic mode and then up on top. Then you have the updated 10.25 inch screen similar to the driver. Infotainment play and cluster and you recognize the menu because its that high, unlike ikea group, uh menu, if you jump into a key ev6, this is the exact same just a change of icons, so youve got your regular home and it has multi screen on them with All your different buttons, android, auto on apple carplay, are wired and youve got your shortcut buttons, underneath your map etc, etc. No sunroof in this version, and i believe in some markets and also some trims.

You also have a head up display, but not on this version that were trying today. Youve got your glove box, which actually is a fairly decent size. A lot of grays inside here and the headliner is a light gray. The seats are light gray as well, and you know what it breaks it up: a small bit rather than black. I recently looked at the mg4, which will be a competitor to this and similar in size and youll, see that review on the channel getting a great reaction, because, because of the price of it or the expected price of it at this time of filming, we still Havent got a price on it, but its going to be that sub 30 markers when youre looking at the likes of this, which are mid 30s to mid 40s um, as much of it has an amazing range youre starting to get competition coming into the marketplace. Now this does have that amazing hyundai warranty, which i do believe, is five years looking around to see if i can see the sticker somewhere, but um really good warranty on the actual car itself and then on the battery theres. A really good high only warranty on it as well thats the front its set for me. It is manually adjusted im six for two 188 centimeters thats, where i set my seat. First lets have a seat in the back and see how we get on there whats it like in the back of the hyundai corners dark because of that privacy glass in here that seat set for me and you get two adults into it and im six foot.

Two 188 centimeters, i cant get my feet behind or my legs behind myself feet actually actually going in underneath, but um id have to sit legs of kimbo um on the with with that seat set for me, so six foot probably is the biggest you could fit Into the back, because this is a combustion engine vehicle as well, its not a ground up ev that have put the batteries in underneath the bench and underneath the floor so trying to accommodate batteries in a vehicle that hasnt been made to take batteries sometimes can be A bit of an undertaking for manufacturers now hyundai do a good job of it and the range is excellent and the efficiency is amazing, but just space wise. The boot, as we talked about when were outside theres a small bit on the smaller side and in the rear cabin here. It is no im, not the norm, im slightly taller than the norm, so if youve got kids etc, youll have loads of space. In the back here now, there is no usb charging or power and thats where it starts to get a small bit dated, and there is no ventilation theres, no vents in this center console and theres no set vents in the d pillar as well. You have electric windows and you have a small pocket in the door and you also have an armrest and three headrests so um. They sell very well because of the range and good value and build quality and that warranty etcetera, but just the feedback sometimes is the seats in the back are small but small and the back seat are the the boost is a small but small bush.

You know its easy to park its easy to move, so there is pros and cons to all of these pieces. You hire up against the likes of the volkswagen id3, the kia niro ev, which has been refreshed and its as much as it hasnt changed much physically uh with regards to the goblins inside the electric motor, etc. That nero ev is a refreshed, looking um electric vehicle and its bigger in the back and bigger in the boot. So youre starting bush price, wise as it is on the upper end up against the bigger battery corner thats the front and the back lets, take it out for a spin whats it like driving the hyundai corner, refresh the refreshes on the outside its pretty similar. I believe in underneath its still a front mountain motor 150 kilowatts and it has over 200 brake horsepower, which nearly 400 newton meters of torque, so wheel, spin at the front is a is a is a factor or feature of the hyundai kona, and it has been On the original version as well, and so if you, if you give it too many beans, if you dont feather that throttling it will itll spin on wet weather, itll spin uh, coming away from a junction so and there are other youtube videos out there. Where you see people burning rubber, unfortunately thats, not my channel and uh, but otherwise the second position, because its an suv, its really good. It has very good visibility, uh in all sides that a pillar is actually fairly thin, um on the rear view.

As long as the headrests arent up fully, but you still have a fairly wide and uh deep window at the back there and that has that rear wiper, those in infotainment screen and driver instrument, cluster, really good uh and its great to have this the scale. The the increase in size on both of them and the digitization, the digitization of the driver infotainment in cluster its pretty early in the morning here and im, trying to remember everything, im supposed to say and get everything out: um yeah its got good power. It is smooth um. Road noise is not bad. I remember when i had it before and they may have improved the road noise on it. I remembered the road noise being a bit loud. I remember there wasnt any acoustic lining in the wheel archers, but this refreshed version doesnt seem to have that issue. This specific one anyway uh, which was always a good thing, but the hyundai corner electric um is one that is its kinda ticks away. In the sales figures and its global, obviously you get in the united states if youre watching it there, you get it. Obviously, all across europe, its a small compact suv, its electric, its got phenomenal range its hard to knock it. The real levels of region are interesting as well, so youve got three levels of region and, as i mentioned, when we did the static sit around when you change the drive mode, it changes it.

It doesnt remember what level you set at so its an inconvenience but youll get over it. The other thing it does. Is it doesnt? Have one pedal drive, it has one paddle drive, so what you can do is as youre coming up to a stop. You can use your um regenerator, brake and paddle the one on the left to actually slow you down and stop you now with the auto hold, which you have to press every time as well. You get into the car you, you still have to put on the brake step on the brake to actually engage that the pedal wont do that. It will stop you, but it wont hold you as in like an electronic handbrake, which i like, and i like the fact they call it one paddle driving as well so yeah the hyundai kona electric its been around for a while, its probably starting to get a Bit dated looking forward to seeing so probably well get rid of the kona name and bring in an ionic three or four dependent on what way theyre doing the number and what size they they configure it to id say this is the last hurrah for the hunk. For the kona for next year or two and then well have the updated version of it, but its been a great uh electric vehicle, its been a phenomenal um entry point for a number of people because of the range on the bigger battery, even the smaller battery.

At 300 kilometers, it suits a lot of people, the uh for them to get into an electric vehicle and to see that range to have this build quality. A lot of the market share of electric vehicles, a lot of it has to go down to and what we talked about, nissan leafs and as much as we talk about teslas hyundai and what theyve done in the number of years with this and the original ionic. But also the ionic five: now we have to take our hat off to them. Hopefully, youve enjoyed my second look at the hyundai kona electric, and this is the refresh version. Let me know in the comments: if you have one, if you were thinking of getting one, if you are thinking of getting one, what did i miss out today as an icona owner? I love to get comments. I love to get comments from owners of electric vehicles because i get it for a couple of days: um, sometimes a couple of weeks, but its its a short period of time and im, jumping in and jumping out of all different electric vehicles. Where, when i get comments from owners – and they agree with me or disagree with me, its great because other owners are the people looking for a hyundai or whatever vehicle theyre in the commons to see what other people are saying so do leave a comment were on A drive also to get to 10 000 subscribers in 2022, so if you havent already subscribed to the channel, please do so like the video share.

Some of the thinking about going electric, the kona is a really good. Actually, my my aunt is thinking about going electric. Now that i remember – and she rang me up – and she was looking for advice and i recommended the corner so ill – have to send this to her and ill use. My pedals to stop um. Remember if you think an eevee is for you leave it to me and ill review.