First, you had a Renault fluence and sorry French. That was probably pronounced wrong and after that you got the Renault Zoe, but as with many car companies, after that, the innovation did not go as quickly anymore. But Renault wants to change that with this extra Renault Megan extra Renault Megan, yes extra Renault Megan, because besides this electric version, Renault still sells the internal combustion engine version, and that is a completely different car. Luckily, because this electric version stands on its own bespoke EV platform, anyway, hello, there monsters and men. Ladies and people, this is the Renault Megan E Tec, 100 electric and welcome to recharging Music lets start with all the numbers. So then that is done. There are no Megan electric is available with two different battery packs, one of 40 kilowatt hours, that one has 130 horsepower does 0 to 100 in around 10 seconds yeah. I know that is quite slow for a electric car has a top speed of 150 kilometers an hour and a wltp range of around 300 kilometers. Then theres. This version, the 60 kilowatt hour battery pack, that one has 220 horsepower, does zero to 107.4 seconds. Still not insanely quick, but quick enough has a top speed of 160 kilometers an hour and a wltp range of around 440 kilometers, together with the mt4 electric. This Renault Megan is for now the only competitor to the Volkswagen group, cars, the ID3 and the Cupra born. What Renault did really well with the design of this Renault Megane is that it is still very recognizable as a Renault Megan, and even though I dont like the internal combustion engine version, I do like this one I like what they did here: good job.

Yes, this isnt hatchback about the same size as a Volkswagen ID3, but as with most electric cars, it has a higher stance because people like it crossovers yep. What helps with the highest tense of this car is that by default, Renault gives this car huge alloy wheels. 18 inch by default, this top of the range version gets 20 inch alloy wheels. They are huge for such a small car. Most cars nowadays that sent on a bespoke electric platform have rear wheel. Drive this Renault Megan does not it has front wheel drive. Is that a bad thing? Well, if you ask me, no, it is not. I mean this car is not designed as a sports car is it butternuted. Well, though, is that when flooring, the accelerator pedal, the power comes very gradually and therefore you dont have a lot of wheel, spin like in a unicona or a Kia e Nero. What they did also well is that, well again, this car is front wheel drive, so there is a lot going on over there, but this car still has a small turning Circle and it makes it great for maneuvering in town what is also great finding a good Driving position in this car plenty of adjustability in the seat and in the steering wheel. What this car does have, though, like all other electric cars that are not a crossover or SUV, is a race floor because well they have to fit a battery pack under there.

So then, how does the car drive? Well, it drives fine. The suspension is comfortable, but not too comfortable, like the mt5, for example, theres, not too much road noise theres, not too much wind noise. In that regard, this is a really nice car to travel in. But this is not my type of car and this is personal preference. I think I will explain you why when I drive a car, I like some weight in the car and no, I dont want a two and a half ton SUV. But I like some weight in the steering wheel. I, like some weight in the brake pedal and when I first got into this car, the steering was too light. Okay, you can adjust the weight of the steering wheel in the infotainment system, so I did that now the steering its fine but then the brake pedal. You cannot adjust it in the infotainment system and I find the brake pedal to grabby. Again I, like some weights, but this brake pedal press it just a little bit and boom. You come to a complete stop. I find it very difficult to break with this car in stop and go traffic. Personally again, I dont like it, and maybe you dont mind this and then this is an excellent car for you and you really have to try it yourself but again. For me, personal preference, this is not my type of car. What is not personal preference, though, is the visibility to the rear.

It is really terrible, really tiny rear window really hugee pillars again really terrible, and maybe that is one of the reasons why Renault decided to put in a digital rear view mirror. So you have the rear view mirror over here. That can be a normal mirror, but you can also see the output of a camera mounted above the rear window. Lets not forget about the rear of the Renault Megane and first, the rear doors or, more specifically, the rear door handles because, as you can see, they are not at their usual place. No Renault has put them here at the rear window. That gives this car a cleaner look and better aerodynamics. Then the rear rear of this car anyway, this section again very recognizable as Evernote Megan, and I do like it. They did a good job but looks are a subjective thing. So let me know what you think if I open up the boot, which I can do by a button here on the tailgate and for some reason it feels old fashioned, but it doesnt matter. You open up the booth here and if I open it up, you get a boot space of 440 liters, and one thing that I noticed is that the boot is very deep benefit of front wheel drive. But the boot is not that long and therefore an I. Never said this before is that you really have to look if the shape of this boot suits your needs.

If I fold down the rear seats now, you do not get a flat floor, but you get a boot space of 1330 liters. Again, no Frank now lets talk about the real wealth efficiency of this car, because wltp numbers are nice rear. Wheel. Efficiency is all that matters. As I have already said, I am currently driving the 60 kilowatt hour version of this Renault Megane electric, and I can say, with a smell on my face, that yes, this is a efficient car. Efficient cars make me happy um. The wltp range of this car is 430 kilometers and when driving on mixed roads – yes, you can do that. You can do 430 kilometers an average consumption of around 13 and a half to 14 kilowatt hours per 100 kilometers. That is really good, driving a bit faster on the highway 100 to 110 kilometers an hour youll probably get a range around 350 kilometers, maybe even a little bit more driving even faster 130 kilometers an hour. You can expect around 300 kilometers in these conditions. But again I find the Renault Megan a efficient car, and that makes me happy really happy in terms of electric driving. This car does not have a one pedal drive mode. You do have flippers behind the steering wheel to determine the amount of regeneration that the car does when you lift your foot off the accelerator, but for some reason, when you turn off the car and then turn it on again, it is reset to level one.

And I like it on level three and theres no way in the infotainment system that you can say hey when the car is starting up. Please set the region to level three so Renault, please add that with a software update? Yes, yes, yes, I know this is not the best parking I have ever done, but I am not here to talk about my parking, but about the charging of the Renault Megan Electric and as one of the few EVS out there, this Renault Megane electric has a 22 kilowatt onboard charger and then charging from 0 to 100, the larger battery pack only takes three hours and the smaller battery pack only two hours charging on a 11 kilowatt charger takes twice as long personally. A 22 kilowatt on board charger is a bit Overkill. In my opinion, but hey that is not my decision to make fast charging the Renault Megan, the smaller battery pack can take a maximum of 85 kilowatts and then charging from 10 to 80 will take around half an hour. The smaller battery pack can take a maximum of 130 kilowatts and then charging from 10 to 80 percent also takes half an hour. Lets have a look at the rear seats. The seat in front of me is in my typical driving position: iron 1 meter and 85 centimeters, and I do have some new room left, but in a Volkswagen ID3 this is better. I can also shove my feet under the scene in front of me, but I have to notice, though, that I raced up my seat a little bit, so if the seat is in its lowest position, I can probably not do this.

Besides that, there is a flat floor, but sitting here with three people is going to be cozy. This car has the same problem as other non suv, electric cars, and that is that the floor of this car is quite High because well, there is a battery pack under there and therefore your legs are raised up and therefore you do not have support here. Under your thighs and for some people this may get uncomfortable on longer trips Headroom. I do have Headroom left besides that. Well, this is a very dark place to be in, especially with this dark interior. I dont know if other colors are available, but the windows are quite tiny and well. It is just a very dark place to be here at the rear of this car. I do have two USB ports Pockets here at the back of my seat, but I dont have an armrest. The interior of the Renault Megane is a nice place to be in a lot nicer than the Volkswagen ID3. Soft touch materials are being used where they should have been used like here on the door and here at the center console. But here, on top of the dashboard, there is some hard material, but to be honest, I never really understood why people want soft touch on the dashboard, because well you never touch it in this Renault Megan, though, that hard material is wrapped in a leather look material With some stitching – and it actually looks really nice, but the same thing applies here in the front as the rear.

It is pretty dark in here. Cubby space then well. The door pockets are not that big the door Pockets do have Fabric in them, though so things dont rattle around in there, but again the door pockets are not that big under the center armrest. Well, the cubby is okay, also not huge, but here in the center console there is some massive storage space and you do have dividers like this one, so you can make Cubbies as big or small as she wants and hidden way under. There is also a 12 volt socket and the glove box is of a decent size. Then I have to talk about this section over here, the steering wheel, because on the steering wheel there are buttons that look like touch sensitive buttons, but they are not. They are physical buttons, so really nice Renault well done, but then on the right side of the steering wheel, you do have three handles free. It looks kinda messy. In my opinion, you do have one handle for your media controls, so your volume, your Source, Bluetooth, audio or radio, for example, one for your wipers and one for your drive selection Evernote was a bit smarter with the buttons on the steering wheel. They could have at least got rid of the media, control handle and things would have looked cleaner but well. This is a design decision of Renault in terms of infotainment Renault made the decision to not develop their own infotainment system anymore, just like Volvo and pole star, and that is a good decision.

If you ask me, Renault is now using Android automotive, just like Volvo and full star and where, in a Volvo, the interface is really volvo ish, and that is a bit hit and miss. If you ask me here in the Renault, it looks a lot like the system in the pole star, and that is a intuitive system to use, and so is this one and it is also very responsive, so yeah. It is a very nice system to use and well it is Android. So that means you have Google Maps for your navigation. You do have an app store to install different apps on the system, but besides that, you do still have support for Apple carplay and Android. Auto that sounds a bit strange, maybe also a support for Android auto, but some apps dont work on Android automotive, like Waze, but they do work on Android, auto and under the infotainment screen there are still physical buttons, so physical controls for your climate control well done. When I talk about all the driving safety features of a new car, it gets a bit repetitive and the same thing applies actually to this Renault. What do I mean by that? Well, this is a new car. It is not a cheap car, so that means all driving and safety features are also available of this Renault Megam, electric E Tec, 100 percent totally wrong, but anyway, there is a funny. Gimmick, though, and that is that the rear view camera and also the front view camera, they do turn a little bit with you turning the steering wheel, thats.

Actually, the first time I have seen that on a car – and I do have to give a shout out to the adaptive cruise control and then especially the lane, keeping assist because most cars to keep you centered into the lane. They do very tiny Corrections and you can see that in the steering wheel when you are using the adaptive cruise control, but this car it does not. It keeps you nicely centered into the lane without doing any minor Corrections all the time very impressive and also most cars to to check if you are still alive and otherwise beep at you that you have to hold the steering wheel, use a system that measure the Force that is being applied to the steering wheel, so you get a beep. Please hold the steering wheel, youre holding the steering wheel, nothing happens, the beep is still there and to let you to let the system know youre still alive. You actually have to move the steering wheel a little bit really annoying. Well, I think this Renault uses a new system, a touch base system, because when I let go of the steering wheel and it beeps at me that hey are you still alive? Please hold the steering wheel, you just hold it and the system goes away. The complaint goes away really nice thats how all cars should have them before. I give you my final verdict. First, a big shout out and thank you to formoso and Rotterdam for Lending me.

This car, if you are looking for a new Renault or dachia or Nissan or mg, definitely check them out, Link in the description below so then my final verdict of the Renault Megan E Tech, 100, electric something like that. Well, the car is efficient, has good infotainment and it drives well if you can live with the brake pedal. So conclusion, Renault just made a really good electric car and thats whats the review of the Renault Megane electric yeah. You see what I did there. I hope you liked it and if you did well, please give a like if you have something to say, leave a comment and it would be awesome if you subscribed and then I would like to say now.