I have another great video for you guys today make sure you hit that thumbs up button and subscribe its free Music, hummer ev. This white is ridiculous. This thing is nice, really, nice really nice. I love the detail, the hummer. Ah, this is just guys. This is a beautiful, beautiful vehicle. Beautiful, beautiful beauty, air suspension tires with 305 70 18s, have some umber hummer in there on the center cap. I love it got your hummer ev emblem: the nice lights in the front man. This is beautiful. Hummer, you see the light. Thats a hummer, big toe hooks on the front, its a nice really really nice ill. Get you guys. A quick look at the inside nice has hummer right here this white on black in the door of all your controls, all your controls for your windows and everything. You got your little map a little pattern here on the moon. This is really nice. The screen is nice: Music, wow, guys hummer ev on the steering wheel, nice, leather steering, wheel, nice seat. You got your hummer right there on the seat; barbie, im, sorry evie yep on the oh, my god and the max that is so nice, nice, big screens. All your buttons for everything you need your gear selector! You got your cup holders right here. You got your mode selector right here and you got your center console opens up and you got plenty of room down there, plenty with the light illumination light, and you got your phone wireless charging right there in the middle, and then you got these beautiful panels on The roof that are removable – this is sick and you got your rear camera mirror.

This is beautiful, guys, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful car all right, all right guys, oh and this right here – is your open, your port, to open it to charge it its right. Here that is stick what a beautiful car beautiful, gmc thats, what im tomball baby gmc just wanted to give you guys a quick walk around of this vehicle, so i will see you guys in a bit thanks. Okay lets start from the beginning. As soon as i sat down in the truck it felt like a premium luxury vehicle, one turn of the steering wheel felt smooth and luxurious. There was good feedback from the tires all the way up to the steering wheel. You could feel where the wheels were and what they were doing just sitting in the drivers seat looking out over the hood of the vehicle it makes you feel like you are in control like you are in command of the road, and i like that feeling its Very confident inspiring the vehicle is fully loaded. It had everything you would want and more in a modern day vehicle and the watch for freedom was awesome. Oh and dont. Let me forget to mention: it also has a little american flag above the rear doors near the b pillars. It is awesome, its a great little easter egg. The interior was excellent. The fit and finish was some of the best ive seen in any vehicle. It exudes a sense of excellence, no compromise build the best ev truck ever period.

The big 12 inch dic and 13 inch infotainment displays are fantastic. The different animations that pop up on these screens are amazing, depending on what you select and what you want the vehicle to do its all laid out clear on the screens. The vehicle can raise up to six inches if needed, but my favorite feature was the watts to freedom, which is basically another name for launch control in the hummer. Ev just push the button, you feel the seat, vibrate then on the dic. It asks you to confirm. After you confirm the vehicle starts lowering once the vehicle has lowered on the dic, it gives you directions on how to start the launch control sequence with your left foot hold the brake hard to the floor and, with your right foot push the accelerator to the floor. Now the important part put your head back into the headrest, keep the accelerator pressed and let off of the brake and, as they say, on star track, engage star wars, light speed. You hear a little chirp from the tires and you are gone and i tell you its one of those put a smile on your face after a hard days, work kind of thing. I love this truck and if you are interested in this hummer ev, it is for sale, contact, nasser or tony at crest, nissan in frisco wow.