But before that in case, if youre watching this video for the first time, dont forget to like share and subscribe to my channel without any further ado lets go into the video in todays episode. We are now going to review the all new mg Zs EV, the 2022, so over here, as you are seeing at the front, there is some a great change in the front grille before uh version you could have uh seen in over here and now its been Shifted out over here and now you even get a 360 degree camera the overall, the design of the friend Im just liking it, but from the exterior. I can see this as the all new mg Aster it. It gives you the kind of a kind of a similarity I would say, and over here uh it has a a great LED lights out over here at the front. It gives you that striking look and its a cool thing, if you see from the friend and also at the side you now get this 17 inch alloy wheels towards your left and towards your right. You also have that electric badging out over there, yes and also over here, if you can see at the bottom, you also have another camera. So, whenever youre, turning towards your left or right, you can now get that kind of a camera visibility in the 10 inch touchscreen out over there and now lets talk about the site profile of the whole new mgz CV.

As I told you, this is the 17 inch alloy wheels, but I dont really feel that its an online, its kind of a plastic, I would say uh but its okay. I think there is something uh behind it and also, if you can check out at the back, I just can feel that its typically the mg Aster, yes very small similarities, I would say – and the great badging to be noted – NG Zs EV. But during the night time, when you are driving this mg0cb, you will really uh love. This LED tail lamp out over there. It will actually be really cool with all that flashing red light, yes, and also over here, you can now see another camera which is actually, I would say, um all the touch points in terms of the exterior the look and finish its actually really good, and in Order to add some little chrome finish you can see over here. They have added the chrome finish out over there, which gives you that kind of a very uh premiumness to it now lets go towards this side, oh from the side. Do let me know in the comment section Below in terms what you really think about so, as I told you, it comes with the 17 inch alloy wheels and to give that kind of a sportier look and feel they have given with the uh cladding. So towards your left and right, it comes with the uh claddings, which goes towards the uh front portion and a great badging out over here called the electric.

So this is the mgs data CV, the electric variant – and this is the top end variant and Im liking. The side profile and the front profile as well, it gives you that premium look and feel kudos to all the mg team who has brought out this kind of a design and yeah. This is the all new mgz EV now lets see the Interiors of the mg Zs EV Im now going to take you a walk around on the mgz CV, so here we go. It also has a good touch point in terms to lock and unlock your dose. Now here we go the doors, also open, very massive, and the doors are actually really strong enough and over here you can hear that Third Field. Yes, so thats the amount of a hardness that the team has made. I can feel that strongness in terms of the body and everything over here, they have given a great uh touch with all this red stitches out over. Here it gives you that premiumness, I would say, and very uh soft touch buttons out and in this uh FG Zs EV, all the photos, one touchdown and one touch up. You need to just keep pressing to go for a one touch up. Yes and now in this interior, it all comes with a premium leather seats with this red stitches out over here, which gives you that very premiumness in getting inside this mgzetta CV the 2022.

So in this uh it comes now with the uh storage capacity out over. Here – and this is a great armrest in terms whenever you are cruising on a highway going very long – distance traveling to different cities, armrest helps you to even rest your arms and also you have a storage space out over here wherein Ive just kept. My sanitizers and my uh keys, and over here you have this premium touch buttons out over there. It gives you that super cool uh touch, and apart from that, you have this uh knob, which actually helps you in um selecting the kind of the drive options. If you want to park your car, if you want to reverse your car or if you want to select the drive options, this jog dial actually helps you in selecting the drive options in the mg Setter CV. The dashboard gives you the kind of a very premium. Look and feel it gives you that a slight chrome finish out over there and not much of a plastic in terms of this dashboard design, very well, uh design and well maintained, I would say – and over here we get a 10 inch display wherein you get loads Of touch features out over there, which actually, I think it will take almost a day for you to learn all these informations coming in in this mg Zs EV. Also. Another thing is that it comes with the uh buttons as well, which is actually a good thing.

I would say, because all these buttons actually really helps you to even adjust the kind of a temperature and everything yes and over here since Ive just switched on the uh car. You can find out the battery display out over here and you can find the weather informations uh. You can even in beta right, thats mg, now telling you the weather information out over here. This is the battery capacity out over here, and this is the AC controls. The drive mode selector in the mgzs EV its actually really good, and it feels the premiumness so over here I am now going to uh tilt the camera to show you the kind of a drive, selector options. So with me I have the drive selector options. Uh you can select according to your drive position and over here, as Ive told you. This is a 10 inch touchscreen which actually gives you all the kind of information for this car. The dashboard quality is actually giving you that kind of a premiumness and to know more about the car in terms driving. This is the kind of an information display that you can have a look so Im now going to show you that, so over here, you can now even see the tire or pressure monitoring system wherein across all the four wheels you can now see. How much is the tire pressure in case if you want to uh, probably uh check your tire pressure.

It now comes with a tire pressure monitoring system, and also another thing is that, since this is a full display of this instrumental cluster, it comes with the LCD touchscreen. So whenever the uh car is in the running position, it gives you the kind of the amount of the power that its been generated and also the kind of the kilometers that you are driving in the speed. So this is the kind of an information that it gives you overall. So now I am just going to show you what are all the informations that it is going to now uh, throw to you so over here towards me. It is now giving you the information of the voltage current the motor speed in RPM, and also you now get different. Uh Drive, selection mode in terms of I am now going to change it to since now it is in normal mode. You have sport mode and you have eco mode as well, so, according to that, you can adjust your uh driving speed in terms by even calculating the amount of speed to charge your car in terms by traveling on the highway. So this is the amount of information that you will be getting on. This information uh display out over here in the all new mgza CV and also another thing, is that the steering mounted controls looks really premium out over here, wherein Im just going to show you the mounted controls out over here.

These are actually really uh premium enough to even handle everything, and even the honk also looks very uh premium in sound. It gives you that uh good uh sound effect now over. Here you can even increase the volume you can decrease the volume. So all these features well mounted in this uh steering mounted controls on the mg zscv the 2022. So overall, this is the kind of the look and feel in terms on the mgz CV. The 2022 fully loaded now lets see how the second row seating position is: will it really accommodate three of them or will it really accommodate two of them thats? A very challenging Factor now lets go to the second row. You hear that Thug, yes, thats. The kind of uh body that uh the strongness that the team has really built now I am going to sit at the second row seating. So when you enter itself, it gives you that kind of a wide door open, but not as the Tata ultros sitting at the back seat, its actually really comfortable, but to my uh seating position out in the second row, its not kind of giving me that real Satisfaction because the Thai support for me its kind of little lagging, I think I itll be a little difficult for me uh if in case I go on a very longer drive, but overall the look and feel on the interior of the all new mg Zs EV.

The 2022, its actually really good. Also another thing is that you can even keep your mobile device your iPad. So all these things of great thing from the mg team that they have designed, uh and also in the second row. You also get this uh uh USB charging options, uh, wherein you find one uh USBC type as well, which is actually a good thing. You can even charge your laptops or probably you can charge your iPads mobile device, so yeah. So a lot more features have been added and uh over here at the top. You find the um big sunroof Auto here. They call it as a big panoramic sunroof, its actually really good. It gives you that a wow factor whenever you wanted to probably relax yourself stand up and enjoy the scenic view. Uh, overall, to my knowledge, the mgz 2022, the Imperial, really great some ventilated seats out for the driver and for the co passengers and also another big Miss, is that the mirror out over there. It doesnt even come with the auto dimming mirror, but going for this price range at least they could have given. Given us an auto dimming mirror is very basic, maybe on the next uh FG zscv uh another variant. I think all these will be noted by the mg team, and probably they would uh come back with loads. Of better features is what Im trying to uh convey in this episode. I am driving the all new mg, Zs EV, the 2022.

So with me, I have the top end variant in this. There are different drive mode options, so now I am driving in the normal mode Im going to now shift to a different mode. Lets see how it gives you that quick action now its in sport mode and there you go. I get that super strong push at the front and it doesnt even give you that seconds, the lag it helps you to even overtake now Im going to try overtaking and there you go it even doesnt even gives you that kind of a second to think. If, in case, you need to even go forward or not so you can go forward in terms by shifting to different mode options, so I can even talk to this car lets see how it responds to hi. How can I help open the sunroof close the sunroof? There you go so in just a press of a button talking to the mg. You can now open and close the sunroof, and with that you even have lot more features talking to the mg, because mg is actually a very friendly car to you it. It suggests you the best route. It has all the inbuilt map applications. It has loads of features in terms of features you can talk on and on. So you have that much pre built applications built in this all new MZ, Zs EV, so thats all for now.