Making the move to Electric here youve got the very affordable, Chevrolet Equinox, but my question is just to start off the conversation. A lot of people skeptical about electric cars. How do you overcome that skepticism? Well, we know a couple things. You know we talk a lot about the fact that you got to be credibly in the EB Game and, if you think about Chevrolet its been 10 years of EV credibility with two generations of volt, a couple bolts of spark, a volte UV and so being in The being a part of this and kind of helping the market Move Along has been important, but youre right. The Equinox EV that were debuting really to the public here American International Auto Show is a testament to one of the big barriers that people have when it comes to EB adoption and mainstreaming of EVS, as people like to say and thats affordability, and we made the Statement back in in January when we revealed the Silverado EV but talked about a hint of things to come in the Equinox EB at the time we said for around thirty thousand dollars and were sticking with that, because we know that youve got to provide great products. But if youre Chevrolet youve got to be a great value and we think Equinox, EB is certainly going to be the value of the people in the EB space theyre. Looking for all the prices of the raw materials that go into the batteries going through the roof these days, how confident are you that you can hold on to that? Thirty thousand dollar ish price tag well were confident for a number of reasons.

Number one, the ultium platform and the Investments that weve made its all about scale and its all about things like cost per kilowatt hour, its all about maximizing throughput, its all about just fundamental things that consumers might not see but reuse. So the same two battery packs that are in this Equinox CV are also shared by our Blazer EV. That doesnt mean that every vehicle that we produce shares those but theres a lot of things that will that will say, were looking for the most efficient and effective way to bring people the customers are looking for. So were going to stick by that because we know that you know you talk. A lot about is, is, is EV, adoption, a question or is it a statement and I think its fast coming from a question to a bit of a statement. If you look at the retail industry last month, EVS were about seven and a half percent of Industry, the highest theyve ever been, and so what youre seeing is, as EVS become more you know, ubiquitous your neighbor has one your friend you hear more about it. You see a charging station at your local gas station, whatever it is theres just more and more Consciousness about EVs, and if Chevrolet can play the role that weve always played. You know we like to say that General Motors is is kind of unleashing Chevrolet. I mean lyric is great and Hummer is great. Absolutely bolt is great, Etc.

But if youre going to be in the big mainstream segments, Chevrolet is going to play that role for General Motors and thats exactly. Why were bringing an equinox EV its in its in a segment in the marketplace? You know over 20 of retail sales are in compact SUV, its right in the heart of that segment: suvd Blazer, where that competes mid, SUV right, another big, fast, growing segment and, of course, full size pickup. So you combine all that with Chevrolet credibility in this space. We know how to sell trucks and crossovers our customers expect it from Chevrolet. Our dealers are very engaged in that space. You can add all that up and we, like our chances, yeah Im, especially impressed that youre going to have that much uh volume economy of scale. In the lake, do you think we might even see something priced under this sometime in the future? Well were not commenting on future. Weve got a lot of goodness here today, of course, but look if were going to play the role that we have always played for over 100 years with NGM, and we will certainly expect to play for the next hundred were going to be about delivering what customers Run across a wide range of propulsion, types of body, styles, performance, capability, price range, Etc, so Never Say Never weve got three Dynamic products that really, for the first time, are all together for the public to see here today.

But will there be more from Chevrolet? Were not just a brand thats going to produce three products: thirty thousand dollars ish! That doesnt include four thousand dollars for an EV assembled in North America right and then will the battery qualify. So you can get the full 7 500 off yeah. Well, you know weve. Actually had a little bit of experience in this space matter. Of fact we were, you know only one or two manufacturers that crossed the threshold of the current federal tax credits, so weve learned to adopt business cases in the economics of these products with or without that. We have gone on record for sure and said that uh activities, incentives like the previous federal tax credit or the new inflation reduction act are enablers for Ev adoption, so were supportive of those theres a lot more to be figured out um. Obviously, there are a few things that that we know, and there are still some things that need to be worked out when it comes to you know: critical mineral componentry, Etc. I think each manufacturer is looking at it and said once the rules get crystallized well, be able to come forward and really help customers and educate customers on what it needs, because there might be an expectation that everybody will get this and but that might not always Be the case because of some of the rules and things that are put in place for sure well good, Steve thanks so much for your time very interesting what youre all doing with electrification at Chevrolet yeah.

Well, thank you very much. I mean its a great time to think about Chevrolet EDS but, as you know, were a big brand and theres lots of great things to see at the auto show here with Silverados and Colorados and Corvette z06s and the like, but uh phenomenal time to be Chevrolet To be a Chevrolet dealer and cant say enough: thanks to our design engineering manufacturing uh, you know, Partners couldnt, do it without them and uh its a great time to be at Chevrolet good deal its really good to see you likewise yeah. Thank you, Music. Some things are good for a while until something better comes along tagine Automotive Technologies is helping make Metals a thing of the past, with Advanced Composite Materials, taking Automotive Technologies.