Today we are taking a first look at the all new Peugeot e 2008. On the first glance, you probably cant tell that this is the electric version, but there are some key differences, and I think a big point to highlight is the fact that this is actually Peugeots first ever EV into the Singapore market. So if you are looking for a Peugeot EV well, this is pretty much the only one to get right now. Lets go, find out whats different about this car, While most brands do away with the typical front grille with their electric vehicles. Peugeot did something really smart when they were designing the 2008. They designed it with the EV already in mind and while the petrol variant still gets the standard grille, the grille also appears here on the electrified version. However, there are these small little strips that kind of converge all the way to the logo at the center of the grille and its like a slow fade to signify that the EV EV Life is coming in and it looks really nice it doesnt look extremely out Of place, I thought it was a pretty smart design and if you are uncomfortable with the idea that EVs dont have a grille and you need to have something a little bit more stereotypically car like. I think this is a really good replacement and overall it just looks really good and of course over here you get the very iconic Peugeot three claw daytime running lights, which I think looks really good.

This would only appear on the GT trim of the petrol variant of the 2008, but over here the electrified 2008 only comes in one trim and it comes pretty much with all the bells and whistles of the GT trim of the petrol variant. So I thought that was really cool. Now lets check out the side Over on the side. There are small little indicators to tell you that you are driving the electric version of the 2008, for example this electric blue e over here, which replaces where the GT logo used to be, I think, thats, a really nice design touch. You also get this two tone colours, which also comes in the GT trim, these really nice, looking body lines that kind of curve out a little bit as you reach the door panels, then over here it becomes sharper again and its a really nice flowy design that I really like, and this being based on the petrol variant where the fuel cap used to be it is now replaced by the charging port. If you are the type of person who likes to park butt in Its right here. One interesting thing is the fact that they, while it does, support ACDC charging The Type 2 port doesnt come with a cap and only the bottom one does. So. You have one less dangling thing to have around when you are charging your car, and I dont know about you. I am all in support for less dangling things Lets check out the interior of the car Over in the interior of the Peugeot e 2008.

Everything feels really familiar, but at the same time they have made some subtle differences between this car and the petrol variant, and one of the differences that I really like is the fact that the infotainment screen is now 3 inches bigger In the petrol variant. You get a 7 inch infotainment screen over here. It is 10 inches and I mean bigger is better right and when you are driving on the roads, you can comfortably use your peripheral vision to see whats on your infotainment screen, be it your aircon or your media, and I think that just looks really good and Of course you get the 3D. I Cockpit that instead of a fuel gauge and rev counter its the power eco charge, as well as the amount of range you have, and this car has some 345 km of range. I think thats pretty useful, especially in Singapore, because its not that big here, Everything in the front cabin is also driver. Centric, even the aircon vents are pointed towards you, so it does feel like a very You car driving this car. It makes me feel like its a Me car, and I think it helps exude a little bit of confidence in the car that you are driving as well. The interior is also accentuated with these black carbon fibre panels and these piano black accents all over the car and like most EVs, they done away with the center console cluttered ness and its just this small little gear nubbin gear shifter.

I call it a gear nubbin because thats what it looks like thats what it feels like, but it is definitely comfortable to use. You also get more storage space here and not forgetting Peugeots signature, teeny, tiny, itsy, bitsy steering wheel. That actually feels really good. It doesnt feel out of place, and I really like that and the GT badge, because after all, this car is based off the GT trim of the petrol variant of the 2008 Overall. I think the car looks really good. It doesnt feel too out of place and stepping in you dont get that sense of culture shock when you are transitioning from an Internal Combustion Vehicle to an Electric Vehicle, Good job, Peugeot Thats it for our first look at the all new Peugeot e 2008 Pricing, wise Peugeot says that they will be pricing this around the same price as the petrol variant of the 2008. So thats definitely something to keep an eye out for If you want to wait for the full review of this car, Do Like and Share this video and Subscribe and hit the bell notifications. So when the full review comes out, you will be notified immediately Feel free to follow us on TikTok. We are at sgcarmart.