We chose the mobile World Conference for the launch of the Fisker ocean because its all about technology and the Fisker ocean is all about technology. We got the latest technology, we do everything kind of mobile through our flexi app, so we thought its a really appropriate place to show the fiscal ocean electric SUV, so whats unique about the physical ocean is that first of all, we have the longest range in our Category and price range of any SUV a crossover. Secondly, we have three or four features that nobody else have so, for example, inside the vehicle we have a very large screen 17.1 inch and it actually turns at the push of a button. So you can watch a movie when youre charging. We also got the worlds largest solar roof which helps recharge the high voltage battery. We actually had to invent a special device to make that possible and then, of course, weve got California mode where you can put a surfboard in in the back. If you want or something else, thats that doesnt fit in the car normally or just have fun. Opening all the windows and then weve got a host of other Technologies, for example torque vectoring. That makes you feel like a Formula One driver which actually is a system that adjusts every wheel while youre driving, so not only is super safe, but its a lot of fun, so a lot of different features to any other car out there.

So I think this is the start of the fiscal brand uh. You know we are launching the fiscal ocean here in November we start deliveries or many countries in Europe and U.S simultaneously. We in the meantime have over 33 000 orders on the on the Fisk erosion reservations, so its a big thing where we actually get out there with, I think a class leading vehicle so were super excited about it. So you know at fiscal, we are all about getting the most value to our customers. We want to be the best priced vehicle in our class which we are and to achieve that we need Super efficiency, so we will have brand experience centers in large cities all over Europe and you will be able to go in and see the car book a Test drive, but to make it even more efficient were actually going to be able to communicate directly with our customers through our flexi app that you can already download youre going to be able to book appointments youre going to be able to pay your vehicle get insurance Over the flexi, app and finally for delivery of vehicles, youre actually going to have deliveries, send us outside the big cities again for efficiency and all that benefits.