org. They are giving away a brand new tesla model s plaid. We love doing giveaways and we love it when you guys win these cars so head to, to support our afghan allies and hopefully win a brand new plaid hello and welcome back to another out of spec reviews. Video ive been wanting to make this video for some time now and im excited to share with you that we in our quest to cover more affordable, evs ive, actually just purchased the least expensive car for sale, electric car for sale in the entire country there. It is this: is my 2012 nissan leaf im gon na. Take you on a full tour of it, show you what works and what doesnt and then im going to take you for a drive, because, yes, it actually drives the cheapest one works im just thrilled. You join us in beautiful huntington oregon and were actually here because were charging up the ribbian at the electrify america station over there and were towing this back all the way to colorado. So we have a long way to go while towing and i said, look – i cant wait until we get back to colorado to share with you my new racing red nissan leaf um, but so we pulled it off the trailer through the truck on the charger. You got ta do deep charges anyway. Well, have a whole video on towing this back with the rivian how the charging infrastructure is going, how our range is going actually not as bad as i was expecting its been really fun kind of cool, getting about 130 140 miles of range on a full charge With this on the back of a u haul trailer on the rivien, but let me show you around the leaf thats what this is all about, so um, first off red, i dont know what color it is were calling it racing red because of the nissans racing Pedigree theyve built the r34 gtr one of my favorite cars of all time.

The nissan murano cross, cabriolet a true racing legend, and now my nissan leaf. So first thing right out of the box. Let me talk you front to back cosmetically whats, going on of course, ill. Tell you how much i paid for this youll be shocked at how little up front. We have a nissan leaf, i believe its the sl i actually havent checked, but its got heated steering wheel, heated seats. I think its a maxed out trim in 2012 2011 was the first model year. This car is a 24 kilowatt hour battery pack when new well get into the battery situation. At least, let me show you the charging port. You hang out up front im gon na pop it boom. Thank you alyssa. There we go. We have j1772 and chatimo um heres the big problem with this car, really, the only theres two major problems. One of them is this j1772 port, not operational. It uh will not charge on ac charging. The onboard charger has failed and thats. Why the owner, who actually happened to be a viewer, ill talk about how i bought this car sold it to us, and so that is like one of the major things we need to get fixed. Chatimo charging, though, does work, so this leaf does dc fast charge because dc charging bypasses the onboard charger and thatll make a good episode. When we fix the onboard charger, we got to rip it out its not cheap to do it, but – and we really dont have to do it because we have a chat, emote charger going in at the office uh and ccs.

So maybe well do it. Maybe we wont well see so. Charges on dc charging not well. I plugged it in yesterday saw a 33 kilowatt peak at about 30 percent. The owner said he saw about 50 or sorry 50 kilowatts peak, but then, as soon as we hit like 50 state of charge, it was like 10 or 11 kilowatts, so not the fastest charging thing, but this is not meant to be a road. Tripper come around the side. We got good headlights on this thing. Why do they protrude so much on the early leafs? I dont know what do you think alyssa its beautiful yeah thats right? It is beautiful. One cool thing about the leaf. Is you can always look on the dash with these little lights and see how charged it is so theyll blink? In accordance with your state of charge in 33 intervals, i guess wheels and tires. We got a fresh set of 205 15 r16s theyre, the gt radials. Never heard of them but im sure its premium rubber, so thats cool, thats, pretty nice, the owner said he washed it and waxed it before we picked it up. I mean just incredible and come around the side. These things dont need those anymore. I really dont like those, so the car is a non smoker doesnt smell like smoke on the inside, so thats always good. I actually do like the back end of the leaf. I love the clear tails, altezza tail lights.

If you will, and all around like its a really nice package right, its got plenty of trunk space, take a look in the back pretty nice. It even comes with a level one. You know just nema 515 electric vehicle supply equipment, its not technically a charger and the reason its not a charger is because the onboard charger which is under here uh is failed. So they gave me a cable, but it doesnt work because the onboard charger died either way heres the big problem with it active arrow. So what happened? Was the vehicle was involved in an accident in what was that it was a t bone t, boned yep on the side, bam smashed here, um never fixed from the accident, and so what happened was insurance totaled it out? It is a total lost vehicle, uh and then the owner just bought it back and kept driving hes like it drives fine drive straight theres, even a little printout somewhere. I dont know where the paper is. That shows you that the chassis is not bent. So the thing is straight and true: its just got a dent and so im like hey. Can i just like get on the inside and bang this dent out anyway. Well, have some fun take a look, mustang monkey coming up the road here, very nice. I hope they dont need a charge. I hope they dont need to charge because were work were charging on the only working charger well jump over there and let them know whats going on um, so theres the exterior tour of my leaf.

It works pretty well. Take a look up here. Actually, its got a solar panel to charge the 12 volt charger lets go tell that mustang maki owner whats, going on jump in well ill. Take you for a drive in this thing. Music starts right up. Keyless start heated seats, heated steering, wheel, uh, really a nice interior. I have to say im pretty sure the air conditioning works as well lets try that out so well go gentle on the fan, but coldest temperature. Try out air conditioning cars predicting 27 miles of range. At about 60 state of charge, thats with the ac on no, they surpassed. Oh, they didnt want to charge. No, oh, okay! Well, let me back up and ill. Tell you a little bit more then full power and reverse pretty quick. Actually, it is pretty quick um. So inside the leaf, we are rocking 77 882 original miles. Honestly, everything here seems pretty cool. The two major issues like i mentioned on board charge charger dead and its got a dent in the back. Its a salvage title were never gon na sell it. We can register it insure it. We probably wont put insurance on the vehicle for its own coverage. Well, just have liability, and so you know inside light color wheel, the nav system, everything works. Air conditioning definitely works. We have heated seats here. Take a look here. Rear heated seats, what thats crazy totally insane. So this is like a maxed out every option.

Nissan leaf. The battery bars take a look over here, its lost about, i want to say two or three bars, so the batterys actually um healthier than you would expect than i would expect at least so. Im pretty impressed now the owner did have leaf spy uh, the previous owner, i should say im the new owner and um gave us the obd adapter. I dont have leaf spy hooked up yet, but well certainly do all the digging into this, and he said there was about 66 health remaining, so its degraded, some of course, its a leaf with 78 000 miles, an early 24 kilowatt hour one but it, but it Certainly works so actually lets just go up the street really quick. Now that you have told you a little bit more about it in terms of drive modes, i dont really think theres anything you just put it in drive mode for audio and then theres, eco and d. I dont really know if theres its got an electric parking brake. I dont think theres a sport mode like the newer leafs have, or at least ipedal, is what i was thinking im pretty sure. No, i pedal in the early leaves, but we got no license plates on this thing. So lets just drive it like we stole it, because how would we prove we own it? Full power, burn and rubber traction control on look at this thing. Rips, where are we 50 miles an hour in the leaf like nothing in the middle of nowhere and regending as well? Pretty freaking awesome all right.

I wonder the only question that keeps going through my head is how many great danes can we fit in this car? Why i dont know because its just i mean its gon na be kind of like a dog hauler, i would say for the most part, but we wont need a rubber baby, be able to run up this town, make it down to denver in this uh. I dont think you could do a denver run, maybe on a full full charge, its possible yeah, so heres the thing lets go charge it up because weve just used half the battery driving it up and down the street so well plug it into chatimo ill show. You how that all works, because onboard chargers dead this things going to have to chat emo a lot. The one thing is, i want to try to limit the amount of degradation that we have left in this thing, so were only going to probably charge it when its cooler night time, not when the battery packs in the red you can see the temperature is nice Right here in the center, you can see our ribbian charging up with the trailer it looks like were blocking stalls but were actually not because the two here dont work and so now were blocking everything we can pull the leaf off if someone needs to come, but The ccs station only gives 32 kilowatts on this one 36. Kilowatts, perfect yeah, everythings kind of broken at this station, but thats for a different video.

So lets shut this thing off ill open up. The charging flap lets go plug it in grab this handle in. We go shadow and initiating charging clicking clicking and you can see the lights on the dash thats. What we like to see so, when the on board charger died on this vehicle about two weeks ago, thats when the owner said, i just its too much time for him to replace it, its very expensive to replace the on board charger and he decided to let The leaf go yeah. He has some better cars in mind on on the way, so anyways hes getting a rivien in a model 3, and it was so cool that i bought the car on ebay and i called the dude hes like is this kyle? Are you out of spec im like yeah hes, like no freaking way, the cars going to you, thats, awesome and so im like this is great, so hell be able to watch the leaf go on forever. I dont think wherever we will ever sell the leaf. This will end up in the permanent collection. I think its also kind of cool to own a car with chademo charging its sort of a dead charging standard. Um. I made a funny, i think, funny, post on twitter. I think people thought i was serious that now that im bought a leaf im protesting the death of chatimo come take a look over here, 64 state of charge getting 18 kilowatts better than yesterday, actually yeah.

So well. Let this charge up. Uh ea is network wide free, so go on. A road trip have some fun um. So i think i should tell you how much i paid for and how i bought it so actually its funny. I i put up a whole video on buying this thing. On my personal channel on the kyle connor channel and um, i basically was like talking with my colleague max who, who just joined our team and were like planning this used car challenge im like whats, the cheapest one we can buy, and i was like what theres. No way so leafs are like between 6 500 and 8 grand for most of the early ones that work, and then i saw this one at a buy. It now price for three thousand seven hundred and fifty dollars, and i was like whats going on and i checked yeah. So it was a total loss, but the guy said it ran and all the accident damage. Nothing was fixed, so everythings here, true from the accident, and he said the on board chargers dead, im like well, i dont really care. We got a chatimo station across from the office. Well, just be like every leaf owner and clog up the chargers. Why not? We got ta embrace the leaf spirit and um yeah, so i hit the buy it now on ebay that whole video is live and went up to washington with the rivian rented.

A? U haul trailer, which is right here on the back of the truck, threw this on the back and now were towing. It towing it back to colorado. So there you go a working leaf with 65 health plenty of performance plenty of space, a very practical car. For what were going to do with it, which im not going to share in this video, but i cant wait to share our future plans with this, its going to be so much fun and um for 3 700 bucks. Let me take you on a full tour again. Just come around just one last look at the new out of spec racing red leaf its got the good original wheels. These were the original launch. Spec wheels really wanted to have those its really um. This is one of the first electric cars for sale, first, mass market, first global electric vehicle. This and the model s right up there, its cool to own, a piece of history and um yeah. I think we got to just massage the rear bumper. A little bit fix that quarter panel, but we also want to do range tests. We want to live with it. We want to see, should you even buy a cheap, ev and sort of the inspiration for looking at leafs? Was the nissan murano cross cabriolet the finest machine ever built, of course, and so i think you can get an idea as to what my plans are with this eventually anyway.

Well, let the rivian charge up were going to unplug the leaf here in a second weve. Only added 0.7 kilowatt hours and gained, like eight percent doesnt, have a lot of battery storage left.