So, as the name suggests its an all electric SUV, Urban SUV from mg here is the key. You see its got. The lovely design and whats also lovely, is this color, so the name of the color is comma blue. One of the options for this model. Now the model in our video has got the luxury trim. You can also go for the comfort trim, but this one has a bit more equipment and lets talk about the design. Now I will talk also about the technical details, of course, but that will come a bit later on for now. I just want to tell you that we have the long range model with 72.6 kilowatt hour battery and 440 kilometers of range by wltp standard in terms of design. You can immediately spot that this is an all electric vehicle. Thanks to this Im, not sure if we will even call it the grill its almost like a grill, less front bumper, with this beautiful pattern and also the charging port is hidden here, you see there we go and the lovely mg logo is nicely incorporated into this, And so is the front camera LED lights? You see with data running LEDs, have this sort of like the L shape and quite nice design like this, almost like some crystals inside I mean, of course not the actual ones, but the pattern does look something like that and uh yeah. Well. Tell me in the comments: how do you like the design 4 meters 32? Is the length of this model? 161 millimeters of ground clearance, so an Urban SUV here is the side profile.

17 inch wheels come with this model with those aerodynamic Parts here. So you see to make it as efficient as it can be. Michelin tires on this one Primacy, 215, 55. R17 thats, the dimension of the tires plastic wheel, arches to make it more robust and also the aluminum part here to make it more luxurious. I would say moving on to the rear of the car, where we have the horizontal LEDs with a beautiful pattern, actually look at this. This is really impressive and I think the mg logo suits the car very well. Also. You will notice for sure this sort of like the diffuser and very clean design actually of the car overall. Tell me in the comments. What are your thoughts? This is how you notice that its an EV from the rear, Eevee lettering, Zs, of course, lettering for the model, and now let me show you, the trunk space whats, this 448 liters of stone drum here, its a nice square shape. Also here, for example, you can put your cables first, aid, kit or stuff like that: theres also the additional space down there. So probably the cables can also be, but down there, you can fold the rear seats 60 40 and then you have even more room and it is really a practical vehicle. Indeed – and this is how you close it, I want to hear your thoughts. How do you like the design of this thing? You also see the panoramic roof on this luxury trim.

So tell me in your comments: how do you like the exterior design of this tank and now it is time to move on and show you, the interior, which is really nice and lets start here? Look at this, for example, some nice soft, untouched materials and also this is the sort of like the carbon pattern. Of course not the real one. This is soft on touch red stitching and, for example, here the switches for the windows for the mirrors. You have them in here lock and unlock button and theres stuff, like the aluminum and the plastic here, moving on so yeah, I need to show you the door pocket, which is rather huge. You can put a bottle on some other elements as well. I think, even here you can put some smaller elements: electronically adjusted seats with a nice design. Look at this same pattern as on the doors and on the dashboard, red, stitching and yeah. I quite like those here in front of the driver, beautiful steering wheel really and now I think, its best – that we enter the car and I want to show you the view from drivers perspective. Okay, then this is it the lovely steering wheel, the sporty look with the flat bottom and some red stitching. I think this really looks nice. We also get the seven inch digital, cockpit in front of the driver and 10.1 inch self floating screen here in the middle. The touchscreen, of course, once again the carbon look alike pattern just like on the doors and yeah well, I also want to show you those the air vents which look quite cool, but now let me change the view and show you more details here.

Okay, there we go. You may notice that I changed the theme and also I moved the car so that we dont have that much sun in the cabin before we go on a full infotainment system tour. I want to show you some of the buttons here and the layout, so this is your home button menu. This is to adjust the volume AC. You can also adjust the air blower, which is always nice to have on button. You can do it either by touch here or you can do it with the button, so thats a thumb up from me and USB port USB C port 12 volt power supply and the wireless charger for the phone. This is your driving mode button, ECO, normal and Sport. You see that the range changes depending on your driving mode, because this is actually the recuperation of energy. You see one two or three. You can then change that during your drive battery. Well, here is where you see the status of your battery and your estimated range moving on your selector Drive reverse this is Park and uh yeah, Auto, hold electronic parking brake two cup holders and some additional storage area. Let me show you the glove box there. We go and now off to the infotainment system press the home menu to go into this home screen. You see widgets here, radio, battery Apple carplay and Android auto, and also the navigation swipe it to the right to go into the settings and the menus for all of the functions.

For example radio press it. You have the list of stations in here and press this again. Phone connection, Apple, carplay and Android auto are available vehicle settings. This car is also packed with technology. Lane assist speed, assist traffic jam, assist front Collision, assist pedestrian automatic emergency, braking rear driving assistance system. As a part of the luxury trim, you also get this convenience, so there is a button here and you can adjust what you wanted for, for example, Apple, carplay and Android, auto 360 camera or show quick menu. All are nice options lighting. So here we go out to high beam, follow me home and you can also choose the feedback from the vehicle, flashing and horn or just flashing. But I prefer have just flashing Im, not a huge fan of the horn when you do the thing with the key. So yeah, I would prefer just the flashing back to this main menu. 360.. Also part of the luxury trim. You see its very easy to maneuver with this system, and you also get this, but I think you cannot move it, but yeah it is cool. This is the best one as well so 3D or 2D. There we go video whats, this okay, you can insert USB for MP4 or similar formats here settings now. This is where you can change. The theme. Dark theme lets press it. This is my personal favorite, so I think the dark team looks very nice goes very well with the rest of the interior, so I would prefer to have the dark team, of course, if its very bright, its better to have the obviously day mode or the light Theme so go to settings and just press the light theme.

You can also do the auto switch team and then throwing tonight you would get the dark team. During the day. You would get the light team, Bluetooth connection wireless network, a bunch of other settings on here volume settings, so this car also has the special sound system improved compared to the standard trim. You get that one in the luxury trim and lets move on. I will keep. I will now put actually the Dark theme, so lets put it here. There we go. What else can I show you touch point okay. This is probably for the mg dealerships or stuff like that. If you want to schedule a service or something like that, if we press this, you can adjust the circulation of air, and there are some shortcuts here. Lets actually put the bright team. There we go, and I want to show you the navigation and you may notice that here you see Venice and obviously we are not in Venice, but the thing is for Croatia. For now we dont have the map, because this car will be available, so the electric mg models will be available from the beginning of next year and therefore there will be an update to get the maps also for this region. But for now I can show you the map of other countries, for example Italy, and you see the beautiful 3D shape of the buildings and its pretty responsive as well. So it really is a nice navigation system, and just the attention to details is so nice and yeah.

Well, Im quite impressed with this. Tell me in the comments: how do you like it move on to the home menu and I think, thats pretty much it when we talk about this 10.1 inch touchscreen moving on to the digital cockpit, here in front of the driver, kilometers percentage of power that you Are using and also in front of the driver, there is the layout of the car with the battery and the motor. You can also change between various things here in the middle there we go adjusting, brightness and stuff like that. You can also see the trip here. So I think its really nice to have this fuse in front of you and also the layout here with a 10.1 inch screen. Tell me in your comments. How do you like this has the panoramic proof, so I want to open it and show you there. We go thats. Quite nice, sun visors there we go hello but now its time to show you how much space I have at the rear bench and before we do that. I just want to show you the price list and the options for this car. So you can either go for the comfort or luxury trim, standard range or long range. This is a combination of the luxury and long range that we have here: the price in Euros: 40 868 Euros. If you go for the comfort, so the lower trim with the standard range, then you have a price of 34 809 Euros.

You can also get the government incentives and I think this is really good value for money, and probably some of you will want to go for the long range, but Comfort trim so a bit less of equipment. But once again, the long range which would give you 440 kilometers of range, my Tableau ltp standard. I also have the list of things that you have here as a standard LED lights, rear camera and stuff like that driving mode 7 inch, cockpit and the 10.1 inch main touch screen and the luxury range has some things that are extra main sensor. Moving on 360 camera blind spot, monitor, rear traffic assist and the panoramic roof, which you see here, 3D speakers electronically adjusted driver seats, wireless charger for the phone, also, the storage area behind the front seats, as well as the leather seats. And finally, the colors Dover white is the standard one Pebble Black Diamond red, combo, blue and Cosmic silver are the options model in our video has got the common blue, which is really a nice color that makes it stand out. 2 meters 58, as the wheelbase and situation at the rear bench lets check it out there. We go decent amount of room and have in mind that the front seat is adjusted to my driving position. A 1 meter 87. You see the lovely panoramic roof on this. One storage area here, USB C port and USB port, the air vents and in the middle you also get the armrest with the adjustable cup holders.

So its a thumb up from me. This is the situation here for the occupants at the rear. As you can see just about arrived in terms of Headroom, of course, in this section I still have plenty room left on my meter 87 once again, and this is how it looks now, if you dont go for the panoramic roof, I believe you would get a Bit more room here so have that in mind, especially if the taller adults will sit at the back now. Let us look under the bonnet pull this, and what you need to do is pull this to the right. There we go. We do not have hydraulic struts, so Ill be back with you in a moment. It is now time to talk about the technical details of this car, so we get the electric motor and front wheel drive layout. If you go for the standard range, then you get 177 horsepower electric motor. If you go for the long range, then you get 156 horsepower electric motor and both have 280 newton meters of torque. Long Range model has got obviously more range. Its got 440 kilometers of range by wltp standard thanks to the 72.6 kilowatt hour battery. If you go for the standard range, then you get the 51.1 kilowatt hour battery, which is enough for a range of 320 kilometers by wltp standard. So tell me in the comments: what would be your choice of Powertrain and battery in this car and thats it for now.

Thank you very much for watching this. Video do subscribe, though, as we are now going on a point of future drive, so stay tuned.