Now they have this convertible version available, hello, everyone Justin at the initial garage here s our baby for todays, trying car review its a woolly Mini eBay, convertible Music, Music, Im good at making those shallow videos like a tick tock, one which my videos can always go Viral on there, but Im not good at making those long videos like the Vlogs or the YouTube videos. So my boss asked me to learn how Casey films, his Vlogs hello, and welcome to another exciting episode. I went through his videos frame by frame and realized. I dont have Caseys skateboard without our transportation too. I cannot make videos like Casey, but I got one here. This would be a perfect kissing, Skipper, hello, everyone, its Justin and its your brother. Again, this is our baby. For this weeks, Chinese car reveal Music. The starting price for the regular Mini eBay is only about a 4300 US Dollars and they sold a lot of them like over 20 of them every single month, sometimes its even over 50. So now it becomes the third best selling electric car in the world, since this car is so popular. A lot of people modified it, including us, like this one Applause and this one Music and even winning officials, came up with few limited cooperation Edition. Just like this 42 levels, one which is designed by my friend Music on top of wide open scene, all right, this one has 40 horsepower and 280 kilometers of range, just like the regular one, which is a cheap, convenient electric kicker for football to everyone.

If you take a look at the interior, it has this leather setting right and all those door panels and the dash, and even this little storage behind the door is made of leather. This one is much more luxurious than the regular version, but they are still in the same stuff. It has two airbags, one on the steering wheel and one red there, a little screaming from the steering wheel to come holders, one here and one for the passenger side. The AC steering system – this is a even much more luxury feature, its an electric roof. You can push this little button here. Music Applause and the roof will come out from the back Music, so you just hold this handle turn it around and its locked into place and now its time to hit the road Music Applause, Music, Mazda Miata. I can enjoy all those Sony from this convertible top. I pretty much love this little cute car lets go for it. Oh, I can hear all those Sun from the electric motor but theres. Nothing pushed me at all its definitely not a powerful car, but it can still go all the way over 100 or even 120. Kilometers per hour, its more like the old Spar, a little city car for your daily Camille traveling into all those narrow roads where other regular size car can and poke it into all those small parking spot of wheel everywhere else can its just like the king of Downtown by the way, I havent got any details on that convertible top, like the speed limit for opening the roof.

The opening time so lets. Try it now Im sitting in the car with my phone to count. How much time would I need to open and close the roof lets go ahead by closing its just 10 seconds guys and this time were going to come to opening time lets go Music whoa its even faster just seven seconds, thats, actually pretty good for a convertible Car electric top since its a convertible car, the softer top, will take a lot of space in the trunk and, if the key curve its more inside so this bullying, hunger mini convertible doesnt have a trunk anymore, but it does have some storage behind this seat. I will show you guys, you open this ZIP here and the storage is behind it. Alright guys, I havent got the price for this car yet, but I guess it will be somewhere between 12 to 15, 000 US Dollars and Im, not quite sure whether or not this one will be the cheapest convertible car on Earth, but its definitely a good car. For the price, considering when youre converting a hard top regular car into a convertible car, you will have to do a lot of more designs and add a lot of extra structures to make sure the safety. So how do you guys think about this car? This is the end of the review of this little cute convertible car, so make sure to subscribe my channel to follow up with my crazy project, cop use and those Chinese car reviews.