Tell you all about it. Lets get to it. Genesis is a very young Automotive brand cleaving itself off from Hyundai in 2015., its so new. I still find myself explaining what it is to people admiring the G80 sedan available with turbocharged 4 and V6 engines. This one has no place for the gas nozzle discreetly hidden in the shield. Grille is a charge port. This is the electrified G80 uh, not a clever name, but it is an impressive effort. In its short life, Genesis has managed to bring an electric car to Market before established players like Acura, Infinity, Lexus and Lincoln, and its kind of tied with Cadillac oftentimes, when automakers use electrified to describe their vehicles, its usually a marketing term for hybrid or plug in Hybrid looking at you, Toyota, electrified G80 is a pure EV. There is no gas engine Under This Hood and Genesis might be Hyundais luxury division, but this does not ride on the same egmp platform as ionic 5. When Engineers were developing this architecture, they made it flexible. So they could install both Gas and Electric powertrains. The electrified G80 is a very appealing car, but only available in eight states. So lets get that clear from the get go. It comes One Way fully loaded and retails for around 81 000 a premium of 10 grand over a comparable v6 all wheel, drive model. The electrified is as stealthy as it is exclusive. No blue tinted trim no faux embossed circuitry that screams.

This is an EV, its completely and utterly normal, the biggest tell being the lack of pipes oh and the solid schnoz. To my eye, its the best Shield, Grille Genesis has produced excellent camouflage for the semi autonomous driving sensors, something Genesis, hasnt, always hidden. Well, if youre a frunk lover, electrified G80 will disappoint hey at least the hood isnt sealed, like BMW, IX and Mercedes eqs, fill the washer fluid the old fashioned way. Even the bay looks like a gas powered model right down to the radiator. The dual motor setup makes 365 horsepower and 516 pound feet of instant torque to move 5038 pounds of steel, glass, plastic, leather and battery, not a true dedicated skateboard platform. The 87.2 kilowatt hour lithium ion polymer pack is laid out in the floor and intrudes a skosh on cabin space Robs a couple cubic feet from the trunk too. It starts the same as the gas 80. booting up, instead of firing up theres a 3D quality about the cluster that my camera doesnt capture, the only EV with the geared transmission is Porsche ticon. So this is just a selector remember. This is a dual motor. All wheel, drive, setup, theres, a good amount of information about range and, if you should need it, charging stations nearby Drive modes include Eco, which tames the throttle response nice for driving relaxation since theres a lot of instant torque Happening Here. The paddle on the left adds recuperation, drag the one on the right backs It Off.

If you live by the 0 60 Benchmark. This will do that in just under five seconds, its pretty quick, not as fast as some EVS, but really how fast do you need to go in city traffic, youre, probably stuck behind a Prius anyway, the instant torque off the line makes it feel faster than it Is really it should be satisfying for most people really. This is a quick sedan, theres plenty of power for passing on two lane highways to get past slow, moving RVs. The eg80 has good giddy up in those situations. The heavy batteries are in the floor. Giving this a lower center of gravity than the gas only G80, when you Chuck this hard into a corner, you definitely feel the weights. This is more of a luxury sedan, not a sports sedan. That said, theres little to no body roll during cornering unless youre pushing it extremely hard motions, are nicely controlled. A lot of the luxury Vibe comes from the design and materials of the cabin plus the size of the G80. From behind the wheel. It feels like the larger sedan that it is so this has a camera that reads the road ahead and tells the Adaptive shocks whats about to happen. Giving this an extremely good ride, quality a little firm, but really not bad, even if youre, not a card carrying cream piece. Eco Warrior, the electric drivetrain is perfect for the Genesis luxury Mission at speed. The electrified G80 is exceptionally quiet.

Just what you want from a luxury sedan, stop on the throttle, and all you hear is a little bit of wind noise and that is extremely well managed. There are no space, AGS synthesized sounds to call up on the G80. All youre going to hear are the electric motors – and I will say this at around 20 miles an hour and lower youre, going to hear some electric wine, whether its the motors or the exterior warning tone. Listen not sure if my mics are picking it up, but it is something to listen for. On your test drive I find the blind spot warning camera to be an excellent system, its activated by the turn signals for those who dont use them. The projected range of the G80 electrified is some 280 miles, its been around 75 to 80 degrees in the Seattle area and Im right on track to nail that some EVS meet their range. Others are well, shall we say optimistic by now. You should know that Eevee range is determined by a bunch of things like temperature and driving style in Bismarck. North Dakota Winters range will drop significantly kind of a moot point. Since this isnt sold there turn off regen and this will cost forever. But you can also dial in one pedal driving lets. Do the Mississippi test one Mississippi, two Mississippi three Mississippi four Mississippi five Mississippi and a complete stop so yeah one pedal driving is definitely a thing on the G80 electrified.

The semi autonomous driving system is not as good as GMs super cruise, but on Long Highway straightaways it will motor along hands free for a considerable distance oftentimes over a minute thats better than autopilot, but the Tesla system handles sharper curves more confidently than the Genesis. This may not be built on the egmp platform, but Electrify G80 uses many of the same components, including 800 volt charging find a 350 kilowatt station and it can juice up from 10 to 80 percent in an impressive 22 minutes right now, those arent nearly as popular As these and many forget that charging speed depends on ambient temperature and how full The Pack Is, there are all sorts of variables. Teslas supercharger Network Remains the gold standard, but charging started. Many dont need a robust infrastructure. It just depends on how much your road trip, in my opinion, for the best EV experience. You really need to be able to charge where you sleep. That way you wake up every morning to a full tank of gas charging, speed isnt as critical in that situation. Yes, if you travel a lot, then infrastructure and speed do matter but oftentimes. When people travel over 3 300 miles, they end up flying. Obviously, gas cars have an advantage. A stop takes five to ten minutes. My most common Excursion is Portland Oregon about 190 miles away. Typically, once there I charge, while at meetings or shopping, so in a sense, theres, really no time spent fueling in the 30 minutes it took for me to shoot this sequence.

I went from 30 to 95 percent and this terminal was far from running at full speed. Evs require a different mindset. Bonus. This session was free, something that I havent seen at Shell and Chevron, stations and dont forget to be a courteous. Ev driver never park at terminals unless youre actively charging and move ASAP once youre done. Foreign Music looks just like any other Genesis. G80. A very good thing, though tall folks should know that it does give up three quarters of an inch of Headroom all of the materials are top shelf and presented in the luxury car manners. That buyers should expect for 81 Grand right down to complex knurling on many of the controls. This is birch reclaimed from furniture making. It feels as good as it looks. The Napa leather makes a babys bottom feel rough by comparison. These seats have loads of ways to make them yours, theyre, heated and vented. Naturally, plus the drivers chair features a massage setting dont tell the passenger its much appreciated after a day of hunching over a camera. Winter is coming nice to have a heated wheel. I dont mind the transmission selector, but even after a week in this car, I still confuse it and the interface controller. The HVAC controls have their own section with dedicated knobs and an easy to use, Touch Screen, theres 14 and a half inches of screen at eye level. Its easy to see, while driving Graphics are excellent and upscale, as mentioned it can be controlled by this or with fingers directly response is excellent, and the arrangement and flow are easy to follow, even while driving natural voice commands are lacking, and even though theres a qi Charger for phones, Wireless Apple, carplay and Android auto are missing in action.

They require a cord, then again Tesla doesnt offer either of them at all. The excellent lexicon system offers reference quality sound with tight, accurate bass, wood and leather used to define luxury Interiors. Now ambient lighting is a big player. The color can be changed in the G80 Im going with the prince. Look its nice. If mood lighting at night is your thing, BMW and Mercedes: do it more dramatically and youll never forget what youre driving when walking up to it, thats for sure I remember the gas only G80 having a pretty big backseat yeah. Well, this one has battery packs in the floor and they do take up space were both five foot nine Headroom reduced by about an inch and a half. Maybe one reason there isnt a sunroof option: Ive got that much thats fine, knee and leg room, very generous foot room a little bit on the tight side cushions a little bit lower. So thigh support is good, not excellent, and door. Openings are big enough so that car seats go in and out no sweat door Pockets. Those are pretty good sized and built in sun shades. I really like having those and check this out one in the back two nice to have the paparazzi is always at my door. You all know how I feel about pockets and the seat backs nice, that there are two lots of venting and my own climate zone back here. Also nice. I, like this touch the person sitting behind the front passenger, can mess with them and get all the foot and leg room.

They want the center spine, not too intrusive, so foot room for three adults is fine when youre not using the center console. Usb ports are here a little surprised that these arent heated – you can put three adults back here: theyre perfectly fine for trips across town, road trips across country, yeah, keep it to two gas or electric. The G80 is a very handsome sedan and collected a bunch of compliments from passer buys many had not heard of Genesis, maybe its the Aston Martin, like badge or the Phil Collins reference, but a few asked if its British, apparently the designers had a tough time keeping All of the marker lights at the same height because of all sorts of worldwide safety regulations, but it was well worth the effort. It ties. The car, together subtle scallops in the sheet metal, make this a fun car to walk around and admire aggressive and elegant at once. Theres, not a line out of place. Genesis includes a portable charge cord and this vehicle to load adapter. So if your home loses power grab a long extension cord, it can run a refrigerator or freezer for days and good for camping too, though I dont expect to see many of these roaming. The Wilderness laugh if you wanted the two ply, but its an excellent standardized measurement metric. For example, the gas G80 takes on six packs. That is not going to happen with this one and heres. Why the battery pack carves out a couple cubic feet from the cargo area and eliminates the split folding seats that would make this more useful at least theres a small pass through it could handle a set of skis.

Maybe two – and there is some storage underneath the floor – a few little Cubbies to get things organized like so many vehicles these days, no spare tire along for the ride, just a repair kit. Normally, I dont think its a big deal when an EV lacks a frunk, but that lump does take away utility. Realistically, the usability is reduced by 50 percent. Four packs for a vehicle. This size is a little underwhelming, maybe check out the Brands gv60ev that will be arriving soon. If you need to haul a lot of stuff lets, move on to Red Light, Green Light, green lights, the quiet and Powerful electric drivetrain suits the electrified G80 perfectly. Its luxury Done Right. The driving Dynamics are excellent, comfortable with well managed body control. The 282 mile electric range is easy to achieve. Not all EVS can say that, like the gas model, its exceptionally easy on the eyes, both inside and out, yellow lights, commercial charging speed is excellent. If you cant charge at home its not as practical just like any electric vehicle, I find the interface controller and transmission. Selector are easy to mistake for each other and with all the luxury and Tech in this car kind of a shame. There arent heated seats to pamper those in back red lights, a car. This good deserves to be sold everywhere in the U.S electrifying, the G80 means losing a little cabin space and a chunk of trunk room.

The Hyundai group really needs to figure out how to incorporate Wireless car play and Android auto into its high end interfaces and natural voice commands would be great too yeah. These are first world problems to an extreme fact. Is the Electrify G80 Nails its Mission, even if there are some compromises using an architecture not built exclusively for electrification? It not only beats other luxury marks to the pure EV Market. Genesis has a second one, the gv60, so if youre looking for a luxurious EV, this should definitely be on your test drive list. It has all the attributes that make electric cars great its quiet, its powerful, and this one feels very much like a regular gas powered G80 too bad its not available in all states. Chances are its not good enough to make someone move to one of the eight states can be had in, but for people who want to eliminate gasoline from their lives and live where this can be had. The electrified G80 is a comfortable, powerful and stylish way to motor about a mission free. Inevitably, there will be comments on how EVS run on electricity generated by fossil fuels Im a little tired of the argument about coal. It only makes up some 20 percent of electricity generation these days and its shrinking rapidly, since Renewables are much cheaper and typically even when running on electrons generated by fossil fuels. The impact of EVS on the environment is much less once theyve been around for 50, 000 miles or so thats according to many reliable sources Cradle to grave truth is folks were in transition and will be for the next 10 years, buy the vehicle and powertrain that Meets your needs.

Evs are not perfect for everyone right now, especially if youre in an apartment or condo, but they work really well for some buyers. Personally, considering my lifestyle, I dont think Ill buy another gas powered car and there are so many more choices now, choosing one will become more and more difficult in a good way. You all know that I shoot right and edit these videos and I cant, get running footage without somebody driving that somebody would be a real somebody, Martin Campbell hes in back Im chauffeuring him around the only time he gets any real respect in this world. Before I go, I will mention that I do Drive Teslas on a regular basis and I know their strengths and weaknesses, but because the company makes it so difficult, I choose not to produce any videos on them and dont forget about my price quote service. It benefits this Channel and being the poor business person that I am Ill encourage you to use any of them, save yourself some trouble, and maybe some money use one of them. Okay, none of them are perfect, but they can go a long way in helping to find a new vehicle, especially these days when its hard to shop. This is the end, and that means its fun fact time. A lot of people forget that until recently, Genesis had no stand alone, dealerships in the U.S yeah. You would go to a Hyundai dealership to buy them and when it was time for service a concierge would come out to your house drop off a loaner.

Bring your vehicle in for service and then reverse the process. Well, thats all changed. It was uh March 2022 when the first Standalone Genesis dealership opened in Lafayette Louisiana and apparently there are six more online for 2022. Eventually, Genesis wants 90 to 100.. Well, there you go thats. Your fun fact remember subscribe to this channel click. Notifications. Follow me on Twitter Im pretty active there.