Oh, my goodness, can i please: can i drive nope, please, Music, uh, Music planet earth is in trouble and we need to transition to sustainable transports faster. So today, myself, rick, bulmer and leading battery chemist, dr yun mcturk, are checking out the all electric mg5 ev. This is a 464 liter boot 1456 liters, with the rear seats down battery 61.1 kilowatt hours total just over 57 kilowatt hours. Usable range, according to ev database, is 210 miles or 336 kilometers per charge. Music performance, a 115 kilowatt motor with 260 newton meters of torque gets this one and a half ton machine from not to 60 in a straightly 7.7 seconds, charging theres a 6.6 kilowatt on board charger. But if youre out and about and youre in a hurry, youll get up to 80 kilowatts on ccs Music lets. Do this so straight away. We have the reversing cam in the mg5, ive got to say first impressions of this car. It shifts it definitely shifts. The acceleration on this is is nuts for what it is. You know for a a budget car in a way, certainly a budget ev, and you can tell that it is a budget ev in comparison to the likes of the hyundai ioniq. 5 and the kia ev6, which take build quality to well one of the highest levels imaginable. You know for a mass produced car. The materials in this are just a bit cheaper and the styling of it.

The front grille quite fittingly for the brand mg looks as if its out of a 1990s rover catalog, but its not aged, disgracefully its an inoffensive design. There is a revised front end coming soon. That looks a lot more modern. I actually dont mind the the front. Grille on this one and then yeah you kind of look at the the infotainment system. The sat nav was very slow to load when i was playing about with it earlier, which is probably going to be quite frustrating, but youve got android. Auto youve got apple, carplay youve got your dab, digital radio and so on. You know: youve got quite a lot of creature. Comforts here were in the excite or sorry the exclusive spec, which is the upper end. This one has heated front seats in it as well, and you know for what it is. Youve got quite a lot of decent creature, comforts, most of which are, if theyre not immediately visible on the touchscreen. Are one tactile clicky button away really easy to use this yeah im quite impressed by the interior of this compared to the exterior nothing not much to look at from the outside, but theyve done well on the on the inside. One thing that we need to talk about the elephant in the room or the lack of an elephant in the room. Most electric vehicles have a frank or a fruit: zero storage space in the front of this car, very true yeah, its just one.

Gigantic plastic cover thats, hiding all over the electricals from view, but, as i said, the boot in this being an estate is pretty large by suv standards, let alone car standards. So you know theres still a hugely practical amount of storage space in this, and that is actually why this vehicle is being used as a workhorse by taxi drivers. So obviously taxi drivers want something thats going to be able to do. The job has plenty of cargo space is reliable, isnt going to fail on them, is cheap to run and maintain the mg5 clearly ticks all those boxes, and in fact, when we were doing a spot filming yesterday, there was an mg5 taxi turned up at the rapid Charger at the honor clark innovation center, so these are in use as taxis today. This is the the prius of the future, because obviously everyone went for priuses before because they were just everyone thought. Oh, these are gon na be great and they sold a bucket load of them, but this car loads of storage, just hugely practical as well exactly this is to evs in the particular the taxi in private hire world. What the skoda octavia was in the diesel side of things and the prius was on the hybrid side, but this is good. Its just going to be so much cheaper. The economy of it is fairly respectable. Youll probably get just shy of four miles per kilowatt hour out of it, you know its its going to be not extremely economical but definitely not inefficient.

Four is a pretty solid number to be going forward. Yeah lets check out the turning circle. Here we go hard rock hard luck. Well, you know its. I think its about 11.4 meters that turning circle off the top of my head, which do you remember all these figures. I cant remember my phone number all right come on then lets see what it can do. Music actually were not allowed to do something. No, no definitely so were currently doing eggs, Music yeah there we go. That was two seconds to 30. thats, really impressive for an estate car and being a dad. I do love an estate car and everyone loves a an suv now, but if, if i could have you know an estate version of an electric car, it would it wouldnt, be this im gon na be brutally uh honest. I wouldnt go for this because it just looks a bit a bit like a taxi, really yeah. There is a risk that much like people who bought stored at octavias that were used heavily as taxi or private hire cars like in my adopted home city of dundee. If you had an octavia and you stopped at the traffic lights in the city centre on a friday or saturday night, drunk people would tap on the windows and be like. Oh it take us back up the lock here all day. You know so you know there is a risk that the mg5 being the go to taxi now might suffer that same fate, but that said its a really practical car and ive.

You know i thought that maybe that kind of stigma would sway me a bit but having driven this yes, its cheaper than the ionic five, yes, its cheaper than teslas or even the nissan leaf, and that you know that feels that way with the build quality and Especially the loading time of the sat nav, which is a bug, bear, but you know what it drives really well, it feels as if its not going to fall apart, so its the right kind of cheap. If that makes sense – and as i said, these are used extensively as taxis, but theyve already been put through very grueling paces by cleveley ev. Did you put my heated seat on? I was wondering james is a mobile mechanic with cleveland eevee mobile cleveland eevee mobile got in a number of mg5s converted them to vans. They ripped out the back seats put in some kind of sliding tool, trays that pull out from the boot. His mg5 has covered over 30 000 miles in about six and a half months. Nothings gone wrong with it. The tires are in brilliant condition. The brakes look as if theyve hardly been used at all because of regenerative braking so youre not using the foot brake as much its just solid and it saved them hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of pounds a week. But that is the the key point with electric vehicles. People do say theyre so expensive. I cant afford one, but youve got to look at the the big picture: the lack of maintenance needing an electric car youre, very rarely replacing your brakes because of the regen youre.

Very rarely replacing anything to do with the engine, because youve only got an electric motor theres. Hardly anything needed to run that so look at the big picture and i think, once youve driven an ev youll, suddenly realize how much more fun uh, how much easier it is on maintenance and just how straightforward it is to be an ev driver. Exactly even when this car gets old and its done well, over 160 000 kilometers 100 000 miles the point where a petrol or a diesel car starting to get silly things going wrong with it. The motor on this is going to be fine, pretty much guaranteed. The battery is made by catl, who ive mentioned before, are the biggest cell manufacturers in the world renowned for the quality of what they do. Massive chinese manufacturer, incidentally, their sichuan gigafactory – has just been given zero accreditation because theyre using on site, renewables and obviously getting low carbon energy. So this is actually a surprisingly ethical car, ethical, practical, not beautiful, but its, not all about beauty is it. So i think that kind of wraps things up for for this, this review and if you have been watching, thank you for for tuning in to the faster project, and i hope this is giving you guys a bit of an overview of the car that might suit You or your lifestyle or your business, and thanks for tuning in and listening to me and you and talking about cars Music.